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Ray Peat Weight Loss

ray peat weight loss


Ray Peat weight loss is elusive for many, mainly due to following wrong advice. Hopefully by the end of this article you may figure out where you are going wrong.

Interesting reading in the Ray Peat groups recently and the study where a bunch of guys were given 6,000 calories and no exercise. It demonstrated that while their metabolism increased, so too did their fat and other, not so great, health markers.

While the study was extreme, I think it was a great example of how too many people emphasise the increase of calories as the only way to get to health and a higher metabolism using Dr Ray Peat principles. (Anything under 2,500 calories was deemed to be an eating disorder! What?)

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ray peat beginners guide

Ray Peat beginners guide to eating for a fast metabolism

A fast metabolism is one of the key factors that improves overall health no matter what your specific ailment.

I’m coming across more and more people who are health damaged by keto, low carb, paleo, veganism, intermittent fasting and even excess exercise, so I just wanted to make a summary post of all my articles so far, that talk about my journey back to health via the Dr Ray Peat guidelines.  A fast metabolism is a really big part of the solution.

Examples of issues

Just this past week a friend with weight issues tested her waking temperature and came in at 36.1C (97F) – so it’s not diabolical but whatever she is doing is contributing to her metabolism decline, which will only get worse if she doesn’t address it now.

Another follower on IG complained about not being able to lose weight any more, she had lost and regained a few times in the past but just couldn’t budge it any more, despite still eating the recommended balanced diet with low calories and doing heaps of cardio. Her temperature – 35.0C (95F) and pulse 60 bpm – which is pretty bad and the level I was when I realised I was heading down the wrong path.

Then two other people where a dietitian and an obesity specialist both recommended low carb/keto diets!

So there is no surprise that the US currently has a thyroid dysfunction epidemic and Australia will soon follow. Already world wide nearly 20% of all women have PCOS! Given the popularity of keto/low carb and quitting sugar, these issues are no surprise.

What controls the metabolism? The Thyroid gland!

So if you are already in the damaged state, these articles will give you an insight as to what you may be doing wrong and the steps required to fix it.


Understanding PUFAs

Why knowing your waking body temperature is so important.

Fast metabolism

Sugar is actually good for you

The switch from Low Carb to Pro Metabolic – what to eat

The switch from Low Carb to Pro Metabolic – what NOT to eat

Low Carb and hair loss

Hair loss, low calories and excessive exercise

Carb loading to restore metabolism

Testing your thyroid

Drinking coffee correctly

Where you may be sabotaging your metabolism

Pro-metabolic snack ideas

Weight loss troubles with standard advice

Exercise that preserves your metabolism

Dr Ray Peat Inspired Weight Loss

Dr Ray Peat inspired recipes

So this is a snapshot of the pro-metabolic direction for optimising your health and hormones with food and exercise. (I don’t know anything about the supplementation side of things because I didn’t need to do that. I do take about 2000mg of non acidic Vitamin C a day though, just because it makes me feel better and it actually reduces cortisol.)

After two years now my body temperature has increased from:

A waking temperature of 35.3C (95.5F) – and after exercise/walking was 34.3C  (93.7C).

To now, just in the last few weeks, I’ve reached 36.7C (98F) waking and goes right up to 37.7C (99.9F) after food. (I credit my new light weights exercise program for this last boost.)

weight loss


When my body fell into a heap two years ago with a pile of hypothyroid symptoms, I had also put on about 6kgs (12lbs) since my lowest low carbing weight, but I didn’t put on any more while switching to Peaty foods. This was because I ignored most of the advice to drastically increase calories to help the body heal. I researched the forums first and everyone who said they did this put on loads of weight. Honestly I don’t think it gets you there any faster. Your body needs time to learn how to process carbs again properly, and clearing the fat out of the way via a lower fat diet was probably the most effective tool for me.

4 years on

Now I am four years into committing to a Ray Peat style lifestyle, the weight I want to be and thriving. A few more recent articles may be helpful:-

What I eat in a day

Low Fat Diet – A Health Perspective

Cheeses Protein vs Fat

Dairy, Big Boobs & Belly Fat

You learn so much along the way and lowering fat and actually dairy too has been a big factor in my success. The above articles will explain why.

Further resources

Anyway, please join us in the private Facebook group where we discuss more about this and share ideas and experiences:-


Please start on the super easy One Ten Toned exercise program to make sure whatever exercise you are doing now, is not sabotaging your healing efforts:

One Ten Toned

I show some of the exercises on my YouTube channel:


Having muscle tone helps your body burn fat at rest, shifts around the belly fat, and just helps with circulation, posture, and puts the spring in your step.

Also I have now completed the ZEN Beach Diet book which summarises all of the above and gives you a meal plan, macros and recipes to get started on right now. Available here.

And please share this post with anyone you feel is suffering the effects of wrong diet and punishing exercise, so we can help as many people as possible get on the right track.

A big thank you to Dr Ray Peat whose wisdom is helping so many people regain their health.

Happy, healthy and now on the right track.

Kristy x

Zen Beach Diet

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skim milk

Skim Milk is good for you

Skim Milk is good for you. Do you believe me?

I’ve seen it a couple of times now on social media where health bloggers and even a famous, healthy living personality have dissed skim milk, labelling it as highly processed, devoid of nutrients, not real food blah, blah, blah. And they took pride in saying they don’t drink milk anymore anyway!

Despite wanting to answer on those posts and give a different view explaining how skim milk is good for you, my response would be too long.  So I’ll come over here and have a rant on my blog instead!

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weight loss

At first I was losing weight, now it’s coming back!

I had lunch with a friend recently, who like me, has been into the whole losing weight, trying to be healthy thing for years. She had tried everything too but had been in a good place for quite a while. She believed she had found her perfect mix of exercise and eating without too much drama, and she had maintained her 20kg (40lb) weight loss for the longest time.

Until now.

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Ray Peat Inspired Diet

happyny2017It’s been an eye opening last 6 months for me on the healthy food front and I’ve discovered most health information is wrong!

I’ve found a whole different angle of nutrition in a Ray Peat inspired diet. It’s based on nourishing, healing and nurturing your body. It supports healthy hormones, regulates your blood sugar, encourages repair and rejuvenation and is basically everything you need for a super healthy body, fast metabolism and easy weight loss/maintenance.

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ray peat healthy hormones

Dr Ray Peat – fast metabolism & healthy hormones.

Just reading some new information from Dr Ray Peat and it really interested me from a number of angles. It encourages a healthy high metabolism, supports healthy thyroid function and healthy hormones.

There were stories of low carb dieters who had been low carbing for some years and their health had started to deteriorate.

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easy breakfast casserole

Easy Breakfast Casserole

I had no idea that in the USA they call an egg and zucchini style slice a Breakfast Casserole! Well now that I have the name right, let’s throw together an easy Breakfast Casserole recipe.

I had attempted the traditional recipes of this type of slice from ones found online however, firstly I don’t eat flour, so I baulked at that ingredient.

One attempt was with coconut flour. Allowing for the 1/3 cup to 1 cup of normal flour ratio as coconut flour is a whole other animal. The result was too cakey, too dry, too sweet for a savoury dish and totally not the taste for which I was aiming.

I remember from my childhood days my cousins used to make this and I remember it being the same cakey texture. Nice for cake but not for this.

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homemade chocolate

Homemade Chocolate…and a new buttery twist.

Homemade chocolate is so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before!

One of my big revelations when I finally worked out how to lose weight was that you don’t have to completely give up the taste of the stuff you like to eat. You just need to tweak it and make it at home. So it goes from being junk food, with no nutritional value, toxins, and chemicals that your body can’t recognise, to something so amazingly good for you. It still tastes fantastic, but now with amazing nutrition as well so it has an automatic off switch, making binge eating or over eating a thing of the past.

So one of the foods that most people absolutely love is chocolate.

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Ray Peat Recipes


Zen Beach Diet





Ray Peat recipes to keep your diet inspired.

Cooking and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it when I am in the mood and making something I love to eat. I hate it when I’m hungry and can’t be bothered. So this means my cooking style is easy, easy, easy. Too many ingredients and it’s out, too many steps and it’s out and to be considered Sim Birdy approved it needs to meet the following criteria:-

1. Super easy

2. Pro Metabolic ingredients

3. Super yum

4. Healthy to the max

As my eating style has changed somewhat since I started this journey, I have divided my recipes so that my newer Ray Peat Inspired followers can easily find what they need to keep meals lower fat and on a health and weight loss track.

So I have moved my keto recipes to a different page. Here all the Ray Peat inspired recipes will be kept in two categories – one lower in fat and the other higher in fat as follows:

One – Ray Peat Inspired – lower fat   

Two – Ray Peat Inspired – higher fat

(Also right at the end of the page, I have now put an alphabetical list of all recipes on this website, so we can all find them more easily. Happy cooking!)

Lower Fat

Easy Coconut Fish Curry

Easy Curry Recipe with Coconut and Fish

Veggie Burger Ray Peat Inspired

Veggie Burger Recipe – Ray Peat Inspired


Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

High Protein Rice Salad

High Protein Rice Salad

High Protein Ice Cream

Chewy Plum Fudge

Low Fat Chewy Plum Fudge

Rice Slice

Rice Bake

fruity cake

Gluten Free Fruit Cake

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken with Vegetables


Sweet Paprika Cod Recipe

potato, potato starch, gluten free, 4 ingredients

Potato Shortbread


Banana Buzz Smoothie

ray peat, low fat, chocolate, peanut butter, metabolism

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

ray peat, protein, low fat, metabolism, hormones

Low fat custard

gelatin, gummies, snacks

Lemon Gummie Lollies

coffee, gelatin, gummies, gut health, ray peat, gelatin australia

Coffee Gummies

ray peat, dairy, cottage cheese, hormones, health, easy recipes, healthy

Mushroom Cottage Cheese Dip

nut free, bliss balls, ray peat, healthy

Nut Free Power Balls

sweet potato, frosting, icing, healthy,

Vanilla Sweet Potato Frosting

milk , thyroid, fast metabolism, dairy, sugar

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

healthy lunch, paleo, vegetarian, weight loss

Easy Frittata Recipe

zucchini, healthy, grainfree, paleo, dairy free, ray peat, recipe,

Easy Breakfast Casserole


Healthy Chocolate Paddlepops


Passionfruit/Blueberry Gummies & Popsicles


Cherry, Orange, Blueberry Pops

ray peat, milk, metabolic, healthy treat,

Chewy Milky Fudge


Brownie Recipe with Applesauce

pro metabolic, ray peat, metabolism, sugar burner

Fruit Popsicles

Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie

Ray Peat Inspired 

Higher Fat

gut healthy, salad, healthy, dairy free,

Gut healthy potato salad

sweet potato, frosting, icing, healthy, party food

Chocolate Frosting made with Sweet Potato

Finished Product_Shot 722000px

Macadamia Biscuits

low carb, snacks, savoury, weight loss,

Cheesy Chips

healthy lemon slice

Lemon Bars Gluten Free

macadamiabrittle612sbMacadamia Chocolate Toffee

Healthy Baked CheesecakeEasy Cheesecake Recipe

Healthy Fudge, White ChocolateHealthy White Chocolate Fudge

healthy top deck slicePeanut Butter Bars

vanilla coconut bliss ice cream

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

healthy white christmasHealthy White Christmas Slice

healthy peppermint sliceHealthy Peppermint Slice

Peanut Butter Cheesecake BitesPeanut Butter Cheesecake Bites

Oat Snap CookiesSnappy Oatmeal Cookies

Gluten Free Coconut SnapsGluten Free Coconut Snaps

Chocolate Protein ChewsProtein Bar Chewy Chocolate

Protein Chocolate Blocs

Protein Choc Blocs

macadamia protein bites

Macadamia Protein Bites

white chocolate nut fudge

White Chocolate Nut FudgeChocolate Cheesecake FudgeChocolate Cheesecake Fudge

Healthy Savoury Party Snacks

Savoury Healthy Party Snacks

White Choc BlocsWhite Choc Blocs

coco loco protein shakeCoco Loco Protein Shake

Sweet Potato BrowniesSweet Potato Brownies

Healthy Savoury Snacks

Easy appetizers

Healthy Party Snacks

Healthy Party Snacks

White Chocolate Coconut SliceWhite Chocolate Coconut SliceCoconut Protein ChewsCoconut Protein Chews

Lemon Coconut GummiesLemon & Coconut Cream Gummies

Raw Coconut CookiesRaw Coconut Cookies

Macadamia Date SliceMacDate Slice with Coconut Cream Icing

Chocolate Travel Bars

Choc Travel Bars

Raw Coconut CookiesRaw Coconut Cookies

Raw Protein CookiesCrunchy Raw Protein Cookies

cherry orange slice

Cherry Orange Festive Slice

White Chocolate Fruit Bites

White Chocolate Fruity Bites

buzz buzz banana smoothie

Banana Buzz Smoothie

Potato Shortbread Cookies

Potato Shortbread Cookies

healthy chocolate chips

DIY Healthy Chocolate Chips

Nut free CheescakeChocolate Cheesecake


Chocolate Caramel Chews

For more recipes and meal/snack suggestions, find them in my books The Zen Beach Diet and Sweet Treats, only Au$9.95 (US$6.50 & GBP 5.15) available for immediate download.


Alphabetical List of Recipes on Slimbirdy.com

Australian Gelatin and gummy lollies
Brownie Recipe with Applesauce – Ray Peat Inspired
Butter Chicken Recipe using Vegetables
Buzz Buzz Banana Smoothie – hint, hint – coffee!
Cheese Chips
Cherry & Blueberry Popsicles
Cherry Chocolate Jelly Slice
Cherry Orange Festive Slice
Chewy Milk Fudge Recipe – Nut Free
Chocolate Brownies with Sweet Potato
Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake Fudge
Chocolate Frosting made with Sweet Potato
Chocolate Fudge Super Rich
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie
Christmas Recipe Ideas
Coco Loco Protein Shake
Coconut Cookies No Bake
Coconut Ice Cream Recipe
Coconut Protein Chews
Coconut water and why it’s awesome.
Cottage Cheese Dip with Mushrooms
Dairy Free Chocolate Chips
Dark Chocolate Healthy Bars
Easy Appetizers
Easy Breakfast Casserole
Easy Cheesecake Recipe
Easy Curry Recipe with Coconut and Fish
Easy Custard Recipe – Ray Peat Inspired
Easy Frittata Recipe
Fast metabolism snacks
Fruit Popsicles
Fruity Gluten Free Fruit Cake
Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins – Ray Peat Inspired
Gluten Free Coconut Snaps
Gut Healthy Potato Salad
Healthy Chocolate Caramel Candy
Healthy Chocolate Paddle Pops
Healthy Party Snacks
Healthy White Christmas Slice..
High Protein Ice Cream
High Protein Rice Salad
High Protein Snack
Homemade Almond Joy
Homemade Chocolate…and a new buttery twist.
Homemade Peppermint Patties
Homemade Sesame Snaps
How to make gummy bears.
In search of savoury crackers…
Keto Fudge
Lemon and Coconut Gummies
Lemon Baked Salmon
Lemon Bars Gluten Free
Lemon Noodle Salad
Low Fat Chewy Plum Fudge Recipe
Macadamia ‘ooh ahh’ Biscuits
Macadamia Chocolate Toffee
Macadamia Date Slice with Coconut Cream Icing
Macadamia Protein Bites
Nut Free Power Balls
Orange Cupcakes Recipe
Peanut butter bars
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Bites
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups
Peanut butter chocolate slice
Peanut Butter Fudge
Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Peanut Slab Bar
Potato Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies
Protein Bar Chewy Chocolate
Protein Chocolate Bars
Raw Protein Cookies
Rice Bake Recipe – Ray Peat Inspired
Sesame Candy
Snappy Oatmeal Cookies
Sweet Paprika Cod Recipe
Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding
Vanilla ice cream recipe
Vanilla Sweet Potato Frosting
Veggie Burger Recipe – Ray Peat Inspired
White Chocolate Coconut Slice
White Chocolate Fruit Fudge Recipe
White Chocolate Fudge
White Chocolate Snacks
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Health Books

Kristy Alford has now written six health books tackling different areas of health based on her studies and experiences. Covering diet, exercise, loose skin and one on dessert recipes, her last four health books are now based on the teachings of Dr Ray Peat. She has found this was the best way to optimal health and a fast metabolism and has cleared all her health issues caused by the Keto diet.

Anyone who purchases two or more of The Zen Beach Diet, One Ten Toned and/or Sweet Treats will receive the Bonus FAT Burner HIIT Guide for FREE!

Anyone who purchases three Slimbirdy Ray Peat Inspired books will receive the FAT Burner HIIT Guide and the new 3 Day Summer RESTART for FREE!

Diet restart

The 3 Day Summer RESTART

The new 3 Day Summer RESTART is a refreshingly easy way to get your eating back on track.

We all have times when events, parties, birthdays, holidays get in the way. Or life is just so hectic that you can’t get organised. Well here is a way to draw a line in the sand, and make everything a whole lot easier.

Based on the Ray Peat principles outlined in the Zen Beach Diet, which already features an easy way to portion your food so you don’t have to count calories or macros. This RESTART makes it even easier – if that’s at all possible!

Just tune into your body and bliss out.

Only AU$9.95 (US$6.50, GBP 5.15.)

Read more and buy book here.



FAT Burner HIIT Guide – Free with purchase of two books.

This guide is based on recent research showing that fat loss can be accelerated in doing this action daily. With the overlay of Ray Peat principles, Kristy has formulated and tested it out to ensure that it doesn’t decrease body temperature or pulse, which we know are signs of a decreasing metabolic rate. The Guide will be sent by Kristy manually once the sale of two or more books are registered in her ebook distribution system. Just more help to get you to your goals.


Zen Beach Diet Ray Peat Inspired

The Zen Beach Diet

Based on the Dr Ray Peat style of eating, The Zen Beach Diet details Kristy Alford’s approach to the diet, particularly tackling weight loss while maintaining your health. It features a 7-day meal plan, a guide on how to build your own meal plan, recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner and basic information on the style of eating. Only AU$9.95 (US$6.50, GBP 5.15.)

Read more here.

Buy book here.



Sweet Treats

Based on the Dr Ray Peat style of eating, the book features over twenty dessert recipes mostly fruit based. Sugar and fruit are an important part of a healthy diet, however learning to eat it correctly is the key. Beautifully photographed by Adrian Alford Photography.  Only AU$9.95 (US$6.50, GBP 5.15.)

Read more here.

Buy here – Bookstore


home workout for women

One Ten Toned

Finally an exercise program for health and for life – Dr Ray Peat Inspired – One Ten Toned. Understanding that exercise is actually a stress to the body and not all exercise is healthy. Based around light weights, building to moderate and little walking, it is easy on the knees, back and neck. Perfect for beginners. Only AU$9.95 (US$6.50, GBP 5.15.)

YouTube videos to show you how it’s done here.

Read more here.

Buy book here.


how do I fix loose skin

Loose Skin The Answer

Loose skin is a universal problem. Women after baby, nearly everyone after major weight loss and while there are many kooky things to try – how about just trying the two things that worked for me? Sensible, practical and super easy to implement. And it’s definitely not wraps! Only AU$4.95 (US$3.85, GBP 2.80.)

Read more here. 

Buy book here.


the secret to losing weight

Lite as a Feather

A story of struggle, binge eating and overweight nightmare to understanding, awareness and the complete joy when I figured it all out. Funny stories & a-ha moments. Easy to read and beautifully photographed by Adrian Alford Photography. Based on Keto/Low carb which is not my current eating style. (Pre Dr Ray Peat style diet.) AU$14.95 (US$11.60 , GBP 8.35.)

Read more here. 

Buy here – Bookstore