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From a Low Carb Diet to Pro Metabolic Part 2 – The OUT list.

So in the last post I detailed all the foods I’m including to switch from a low carb diet to eat in a pro metabolic way, if you need a refresher of what they were, then click here.

Now here is the ‘perhaps they are not as healthy as we thought’ list.

Some entries may shock you as they did me… approach with an open mind…

OUT (or eat less often and not as much perhaps?)

PUFAs – Poly unsaturated Fatty Acids – eg: all seed oils, flax, canola etc

WHY? – Negatively impacts the mitochondria of the cell, hindering the ability of the cell to process sugar and create energy for the body. May be the real cause of diabetes and accelerated ageing. Suppresses the immune system. (Is in practically every processed food available in the supermarket and take away.) If you need more information on what it’s in and why they’re so bad read here.

Lots of Nuts

WHY? Full of PUFAs, see above, also full of anti-nutrients like phytic acid which not only blocks the absorption of minerals in the nuts, but also from any other food you are eating at the same time. Also hard to digest and may cause all kinds of gastric/intestinal disorders.

Lots of water

WHY? Dilutes the cells of the minerals and electrolytes they need to function optimally. Slows the metabolism. The right amount of water for your body and activity levels is necessary for optimal health, but not the litres/gallons currently promoted in health circles. More is not better.

Only muscle meat for protein.

WHY? Imbalance of amino acids, difficult to digest, causes inflammation. Commercial chicken especially is full of PUFA.  Grass-fed options are best to reduce this and eat with gelatin or bone broth if you do.

Lots of green and other veges

WHY? Too much indigestible cellulose, which causes gastric/intestinal issues. (So that’s why my stomach blows up like a balloon after a bowl of salad!!) Contain the anti-nutrients:

  • oxalates, which bind to minerals and cause kidney stones
  • goitrogens, which inhibit thyroid function
  • pufas eg: avocados

bread2Grains & legumes

WHY? Too much indigestible fibre like veges above. (Balloon stomach for me again!) Contain anti nutrients:-

  • phytates: bind to minerals and carry them out of the body
  • lectins: damage the gut lining
  • saponins: damage red blood cells, inhibit thyroid function and enzymes
  • pufas: affect the mitochondria of the cell see above

In addition, the average person does not do enough physical activity to accommodate the energy overload generated by eating lots of grains and legumes.

Fake sugar – stevia & artificial sweeteners

WHY? Your body actually needs real sugar/honey to function optimally. Fake sugars mess with blood sugar levels, sending wrong signals and messing with metabolic functions of the body. Warning, warning, danger Will Robinson!

Now I need to stop here and just say this – it’s important to be sensible about all the above – if you have an occasional piece of bread, a handful of nuts or spinach once in a while, it’s not going to adversely affect your health. In fact, prepared correctly and eaten in sensible amounts, they may even be as health giving as they are purported to be.

However in the current world of ‘more is better’, this is not how it’s being approached.

Dieters are encouraged to eat chicken and broccoli as often as possible – high pufa inflammation and potentially affecting thyroid function.

Daily green smoothies are encouraged as healthy with raw kale, spinach etc – maximising the anti nutrient effect by eating it raw and often. (The fact that it tastes vile should be a huge warning sign.)

Six portions of grains daily recommended by the Dietitians’ Association.

Keto and Vegan cakes have a cup full of ground nuts in the base and another in the middle of  the cake (then heated in the oven – oxidised PUFA overload anyone?)  Nut milk to replace other things supposedly in the name of health. (Guilty as charged in this last one! But I didn’t realise!)

Wrap up

So it seems we’ve all been given bum steer by a low carb diet by many different levels in the health industry – both traditional and alternative. It’s important to apply common sense though and not necessarily always avoid the above, but have them once or twice a week instead of every day or 5 times a day because you think they are healthy. (Water you may need every day  depending on your fruit intake but just don’t overdo it – you don’t need a 3 litre challenge!)

But don’t just listen to me, do your own research as well. I read and test on myself to find my own easy optimal eating plan that makes me feel amazing with limited exercise, but your needs may be very different.

If you would like to read on, here is a day of eating in pro metabolic way for me.

Happy, healthy learning all the way.

Kristy x

2021 Update:

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