Products I LOVE

Products I LOVE…

We all use SOME products in our daily lives, and I’m happy to share products I love & use myself.


Gelatin/Collagen – Australian Based

CollagenX Collagen Supplements | The World’s Most Researched Collagen

Use code: SLIMBIRDY for 10% discount

Organic Skim Milk Powder – Australian Based

Gelatin brand above Collagen X also sell this milk powder via their ebay store here.

Slimbirdy special discount still available, by offering a price at 10% lower and writing the code SLIMBIRDY in the notes.


Skincare & Ray Peat Inspired Supplements – London UK Based

Wholefood Supplements | Natural Skincare – Absolutely Pure

We do short term discounts offers from time to time via social media.


Beef Liver Capsules – Ancestral Nutrition – Australian Based

Womens & Men’s Beef Liver & Organ Capsules – see website here.

Discount code – KRISA15 for 15% off


Magic Linen – USA Based

While I haven’t discussed it yet, did you know that synthetic clothing can negatively disrupt your hormones and impact your health? Moving forward I will be purchasing 100% linen clothing, as it is the most eco-friendly and healing/healthy fabric to wear.

I love the philosophy of this company who understand the magical benefits of pure linen & they’re stylish too. Check out their website here. 



I wholeheartedly disagree with some influencers or health coaches who push products on to unsuspecting followers, claiming they NEED these to be healthy eg protein powder, heavy weightlifting courses, a myriad of supplements etc. Be aware, ask lots of questions and don’t be sucked in. 


Past Product Reviews

(I have removed some of the product reviews from this page of products/food that I no longer eat or use in my Dr Ray Peat inspired, pro metabolic lifestyle. It would be wrong of me to promote items I no longer use.)

schmidt's, deodorant, natural, organic, personal care

Natural Deodorant Review


EzySafe Can Opener

EzySafe Can Openers


CocoCoast Coconut Water

Get in touch for Product Reviews!

To let everyone know quickly what I will accept, it is always high-quality food like organic and grass fed. I am into dairy, fruit, eggs, real sour dough bread, gluten free, sugar is great, honey and all the real sweeteners. Natural skincare products, ideally with low polyunsaturated fats. Certain supplements like gelatin and good quality vitamin C. Saturated oils. If I haven’t covered it here, please get in touch and we can see if it’s a mutually beneficial fit.

All photography and videos for products are professionally done by Adrian Alford Photography see his website here and YouTube channel here.

So if you have a product that you would like me to give a test run, please get in touch.

E: slimbirdy (@)

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