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How to tighten loose skin

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Exactly how to tighten loose skin has been a puzzle for nearly everyone!

Nearly all women who have had children encounter loose skin. So does anyone who has lost weight. The same with the rest of us who may have trashed our skin by alcohol, smoking, junk food, lack of nutrients and many more reasons.

So that probably is about 80% of the population who has this issue!

Loose skin.

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Loose Skin Solution

loose skin, skin firming,The loose skin solution in my new book has never been seen before. You’ve heard all the crazy ways out there to tighten loose skin – wraps, special creams, rub egg whites on yourself, skin brushing, exercise, weight training – the list goes on and on.

Let me just get one thing clear – this book is not about wraps.

It’s something much more sensible, practical, actionable and once you read the book and know what it is, you can start Part 1 immediately, right now. No further purchase required. No equipment required. Nothing. Just you; with a bit of determination and consistent, persistent, easy action.

You can even do it in bed!

So many stories I have read where people have done all the work, lost a lot of weight and even have amazing visible muscles under the loose skin but the exercise and weight training didn’t fix the problem.

This is because this issue is skin specifically and so the the loose skin solution must be specifically targeted too.

I have discovered something that worked for me – totally by accident. I haven’t seen any solution like it before, so the technique and application may very well be a world first!

And I’m very excited to think that it potentially may work for you too.

At only AU$9.95 for the book – what are you waiting for??!!

Loose Skin – The Answer contains:-

60 page PDF

Size = 8 MB

18 x 18cm (7 x 7 inches) high-resolution pages, ready for viewing on your tablet, laptop or computer monitor.

Buy Now Here.

AU$9.95 (US$6.50, GBP 5.15.)

ZEN Beach Design

Since writing my book The Zen Beach Diet, it just reinforced my love for a seaside lifestyle.

I’ve been really enjoying creating some beach house design products and just immersing myself in the ocean colours and images. It really takes away from all the negativity in the world and back to my happy place.

Heading into 2022 and my fascination has morphed into fluid art and flow design. I’m still experimenting but loving what I’m creating so far. After creating a design for a friend in pinks, purples and acid green, it has expanded my colour palette! I’m loving the colour explosion of pastel pink, watermelon, and tangerine! There’s over 100 different ZEN Beach designs now!

Bringing the feel of the beach and nature home on pillows, clocks, coasters, mugs, bath mats, light blankets and shower curtains. Other products in the line up include tote bags, backpacks, travel mugs, notepads, leggings and more.  If I have missed a colour you would like, let me know and I will happily create a design to suit your tastes.

zen beach design pipeline

Everything is ethically sourced and nothing is made until you order it – how’s that for environmentally friendly? Products are available worldwide and often are produced in the country of purchase.

So take a look around at the store and see what you like. Click here…


(If you have any trouble at all navigating the store, please get in touch at email slimbirdy @ and I’ll help you out.)

Testimonials from customers

Peace, love & Byron Bay

Happy memories of Byron Bay….met my friend there when we were backpacking…this is a Christmas present for her to remind us of our favourite place. – Barnstaple, United Kingdom

I’m a North Coast girl and I love this, reminds me so much of my homeland xxNewtown, Australia

Great Ocean Road

Love this! – Antibutt3rfly

Had a great bike trip here, thanks for the memory! Woonona, Australia

I am going to Great Ocean Road in a few days so I had to get this…!Mornington, Australia

Yoga, Love & Byron Bay

Well you’ve made my day!!!!! Love this design!!!! My two most favourite things. Going straight on my water bottle. Thank you for your awesomeness!!!!! xxxBasildon, United Kingdom


Zen Beach Design

Worlds first selfie wedding

Worlds First Selfie Wedding

What a whirlwind week! The release of our worlds first selfie wedding photos on the Today Show last Monday has sparked interest around the world and I am proud as punch of my hubby and his amazing photographic skill.

We just wanted a stress free wedding and could think of nothing better than to be high on a mountain in a beautiful part of the world – Queenstown New Zealand.

The lovely journalists at the Today Show thought it was a fantastic story given that Adrian (my husband) took all the photos himself.  The researching and planning of how to do it and the practice was a lot of hard work, but the results were stunning.  We do travel together to beautiful spots for photography quite often, so this was just another really meaningful adventure!

Today Show

Here are a couple behind the scenes shots of filming with the delightful Aislin Kriukelis who was the consummate professional. My knees were shaking and I swear I could hear the quiver in my voice – luckily they cut that part out!

wedding filming

ABC 612 Radio

Then we received a call from ABC 612 Radio and next thing we know we are in the studio with the lovely Rebecca Levingston having a chat about why and how we photographed the worlds first selfie wedding. Wouldn’t be complete without a selfie!


Adrian also did an interview for the ABC Open website on technical details of the photography and how he actually did what he did and the equipment he used.

As for me, I am just in awe of the way Adrian captured the amazing scenery.  How he made me look good (certain angles and all that, it’s an art I tell you!) How he had all these ideas for different shots and what he wanted to capture. The colour in the flowers, sunlight through the forest, our joy on the day, all from in front of the camera instead of behind it!

Daily Mail

So then we did a phone interview with the Daily Mail and that kind of spread like wildfire a little bit. See the article here and the video here.

Now we have found it has appeared on sites in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Greece, Turkey Indonesia and one of the ones we love is our story on The Stir/Cafe Moms where she has perfectly captured the vibe behind the whole thing.

adrian alford photography

While this attention is surprising and fun while it lasts, the best part is I have found the man of my dreams who loves me back (always helpful!) He happens to have an amazing photographic talent and captured our wedding day in such a stunning way, that we will treasure forever. We plan to continue to travel together to beautiful parts of the world and just enjoy life.

Love & fairy tales,

Kristy x

PS: If you need any unique photography or video work done, please get in touch with Adrian via his YouTube channel.

Products I LOVE

Products I LOVE…

We all use SOME products in our daily lives, and I’m happy to share products I love & use myself.


Gelatin/Collagen – Australian Based

CollagenX Collagen Supplements | The World’s Most Researched Collagen

Use code: SLIMBIRDY for 10% discount

Organic Skim Milk Powder – Australian Based

Gelatin brand above Collagen X also sell this milk powder via their ebay store here.

Slimbirdy special discount still available, by offering a price at 10% lower and writing the code SLIMBIRDY in the notes.


Skincare & Ray Peat Inspired Supplements – London UK Based

Wholefood Supplements | Natural Skincare – Absolutely Pure

We do short term discounts offers from time to time via social media.


Beef Liver Capsules – Ancestral Nutrition – Australian Based

Womens & Men’s Beef Liver & Organ Capsules – see website here.

Discount code – KRISA15 for 15% off


Magic Linen – USA Based

While I haven’t discussed it yet, did you know that synthetic clothing can negatively disrupt your hormones and impact your health? Moving forward I will be purchasing 100% linen clothing, as it is the most eco-friendly and healing/healthy fabric to wear.

I love the philosophy of this company who understand the magical benefits of pure linen & they’re stylish too. Check out their website here. 



I wholeheartedly disagree with some influencers or health coaches who push products on to unsuspecting followers, claiming they NEED these to be healthy eg protein powder, heavy weightlifting courses, a myriad of supplements etc. Be aware, ask lots of questions and don’t be sucked in. 


Past Product Reviews

(I have removed some of the product reviews from this page of products/food that I no longer eat or use in my Dr Ray Peat inspired, pro metabolic lifestyle. It would be wrong of me to promote items I no longer use.)

schmidt's, deodorant, natural, organic, personal care

Natural Deodorant Review


EzySafe Can Opener

EzySafe Can Openers


CocoCoast Coconut Water

Get in touch for Product Reviews!

To let everyone know quickly what I will accept, it is always high-quality food like organic and grass fed. I am into dairy, fruit, eggs, real sour dough bread, gluten free, sugar is great, honey and all the real sweeteners. Natural skincare products, ideally with low polyunsaturated fats. Certain supplements like gelatin and good quality vitamin C. Saturated oils. If I haven’t covered it here, please get in touch and we can see if it’s a mutually beneficial fit.

All photography and videos for products are professionally done by Adrian Alford Photography see his website here and YouTube channel here.

So if you have a product that you would like me to give a test run, please get in touch.

E: slimbirdy (@)


Media Appearances


Gold Coast Get It Magazine – February 2014

Featured a story on my battles with food and how I overcame it. Read the article here.


Oxygen Magazine Australia – April 2014

Four page article called Navigating Through the Nutrition Confusion,  featuring three of my recipes as well as the brilliant photography of Adrian Alford Photography.

Style Hunter Home – April 2014

Feature recipe – OMG! Philly Chocolate Bites.

Women Get Inspired Magazine – April 2014

Feature article – Know thy self a little.

I’m Not Fussy Website – May 2014

Feature recipe – Macadamia ‘Ooh Aah’ Biscuits.


I put the Fork Down Website – May 2014

Feature short story called Binge No More. 

Mum’s Delivery Website – July 2014

Recipe featured – Peanut Butter Chocolate Tweet Cups.

Boom and Bloom NZ Website – July 2014

Recipe featured – Macadamia ‘Ooh Aah’ Biscuits.

I Am  Woman Digital Magazine – from July 2014 – July 2015

Contributing writer.

Dr Joes DIY Health Blog – August 2014

Feature article – Chocolate for Breakfast. See it here. 

Wedding Buzz – October 2014

Blog article – Bootylicious Bride.

savoury snacks, party food, healthy,  Stylehunter Home Food – November 2014

Healthy Party Food – Feta Olive sticks & Peanut Butter Dip. 

 MemybestandI Blog – November 2014

Feature – My Day on a Plate & Giveaway of Lite as a Feather.

mediaOxygen Magazine Australia Issue #72 – Dec/Jan 2015

Lite as a Feather book appeared on the Neat Things page.

Habits for Wellbeing Blog – Dec 2014

Feature – Christmas Treats – Planning to splurge or stay on track.

MyWellbeing Online Magazine – Jan 2015

Feature – Are you a sugarholic? – Written by Jennifer Morton and featuring me!

Love to hear from you!

Love to hear from all forms of media, blogs and websites to feature one of my recipes or articles or utilise my story in your writing . Contact me on E: slimbirdy (@)

Read more about my books here.