How to drink coffee for a fast metabolism

Did you know there is a wrong way to drink coffee? There is a particular way to drink coffee for a fast metabolism and health benefits, so read on to learn how it’s done.

I’m back on coffee!

What??!!!! I hear you collectively scream.

What the hell?

I know, I know. I’ve written more than once, here and here about how coffee gives me migraines, listed all the bad effects it has and have sworn off it dozens of times. But in my new pro metabolic direction, I’ve read a few articles now listing the benefits but also describing how to drink it properly to receive those benefits; things that I totally didn’t know.

So my past fight with coffee may have been a result of my ignorance and drinking it incorrectly, rather than it being universally bad for us. (A theme incidentally which also applies to sugar, but more on that another time.)

So here’s how it works:-

  • it should be taken with or after a meal
  • or if not with a meal, it should be with real sugar/honey and milk/cream/coconut milk
  • adding gelatin to it is highly beneficial
  • ideally it shouldn’t be the first thing you have in the morning as it raises cortisol in the body (stress hormone) which adversely affects many bodily functions including weight loss. So food should be before coffee.

Why is it necessary?

So the reason behind having it with a meal and/or sugar and milk, is that it then provides the fuel required to match the increase in metabolism that coffee generates.

So in the absence of adequate fuel, that’s when it raises cortisol in the body (stress hormones), basically to break down your muscle tissue for glycogen that it needs to fuel the increase in metabolism.

Ever get the jitters after too much coffee?

That’s what it’s all about – not enough glycogen fuel and basically your body is highly stressed, desperately working hard to do this conversion thing, just to get enough fuel to survive and not blow up your adrenals!

So all those who drink a great big double shot whatever and then put in stevia or some other artificial non-sugar that your body can’t use, are just asking for trouble. (Read more about Stevia and Belly Fat here.)

Then those who do that and go and work out?

Great way to cause thyroid damage, and slow down your metabolism long term.

coffee fast metabolism

And how do I know this is true?

Because I used to do it myself – if you’ve read my first book, where I describe going for an hour walk on an empty stomach no less, then stopping at the coffee shop to have a great big chai latte without sugar and then walking for another hour after that. It’s no wonder that my body temperature ended up at a low 35.2C (95.4F) waking temp and weight started to come back on! I was constantly activating my stress hormones, which eventually trashed my thyroid.

Also I couldn’t drink coffee because it would smash me down with a massive migraine every few weeks. However now 6 months back on drinking coffee the right way and guess what? No migraines. No jitters. And body temperature is back to the 36.7C (98F) it should be.

So coffee for a fast metabolism is totally true, if you do it the right way!

Live and learn and coffee’s back baby!

How do you drink your coffee?

Buzz, buzz,

Kristy x


No matter what I, or anyone says about coffee, you know your body best. Some people are just naturally more wired, sensitive to stimulants and have a million things racing through their minds already, and so coffee would tip them over the edge and not be beneficial at all, no matter how they drink it. So no matter what, listen to your own body.


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  1. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by! Yes gelatin is all the rage in health and sports circles now with people preferring it to protein powder. One form of it is the powder you make jello from so it solidifies when you make desserts and another form called hydrolyzed gelatin doesn’t gel but is still beneficial – and that’s the one i use in my coffee. You can’t taste it. This is the one I get here in Australia:

  2. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi There, I think it’s the same thing. It’s just gelatin which has been hydrolyzed to be finer particles and can dissolve in water better. Just check the ingredients list for any you buy. Grass fed beef collagen is usually the best. Cheers Kristy

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