Stevia causes Belly Fat

steviaIs it true that stevia causes belly fat?

In this whole weight loss and health game, I like to be my own grand experiment to see what works for me and makes me feel amazing, hopefully all the time.

So I read up on different healthy food related topics, try them on for size, then make up my own mind as to whether what is written is true for me. Which is why I might be in favour of a product at a point in time, but after using for six months or more, I will change my mind because of the effects it has on me.

One of these products for which I have had a recent switch-o change-o is Stevia.

Stevia is a green plant that looks like this…

stevia causes belly fat

And if you grew this in your backyard and popped a few leaves in your tea every now and then, we probably wouldn’t be having this chat.

Highly processed

However after various amounts of processing (did anyone say highly processed refined sweetener?) it ends up looking like green powder at first. I tried it at one point and it was quite yuk. So yuk in fact that I couldn’t finish the packet and threw it away. I hate wasting food but I just couldn’t stand this.

So that means it undergoes even more processing to become a more palatable white powder with a knock out sweetness factor of 1 teaspoon being equivalent to 1 cup of sugar. A little goes a very long way.

stevia, sugar, natural,

I was the champion of Stevia for quite a while there – it has no calories, didn’t seem to have any of the normal negative effects of artificial sweeteners, supposed to be all natural. The Japanese have been using it for centuries without any ill effects and yet in two different instances something curious happened for me.

Curious effects

When away on our recent Hawaiian holiday, I didn’t have Stevia for the whole two weeks. I ate other foods I normally didn’t eat and we were pretty active the whole time. After the first week though, I started to notice that my stomach and mid section started to reduce. With the way I eat now, I am pretty slim all over but still had a bit of stubborn belly fat and seemed to be bloated most of the time. I don’t eat grains, so it definitely wasn’t a wheat belly but whatever it was, not having Stevia seemed to make it go away.

When I got back home, I just resumed having Stevia in my tea or hot chocolate as I normally do. I didn’t think much of it until I was doing a 3 day detox with Schkinny Maninny, which meant no Stevia again, and the same mid section reducing happened again.

weight loss


Other opinions

So is it possible that stevia causes belly fat? I thought I would look into it a little more and found some information on other blogs and this is what they had to say…

“Stevia contributes to abdominal weight gain and messes with your hormones” – eeek!

Read more here.

From a study done it said “Both the stevia leaves and stevioside diets significantly increased abdominal fat content.”

Read more here.

Making it worse

I think for me, the way I was eating it was exacerbating the problem. It was in my tea on an empty stomach and pretty much all day. Here is an explanation of what happens from the Detox Diva:-

“The problem with this point is that stevia, being a “sweet” taste to the body, tricks the body into believing there will be glucose (the body’s preferred fuel.) So the body clears the way for this glucose by lowering blood sugar in the body clearing the way for glucose to be released. When it isn’t released, and it won’t be because stevia doesn’t contain glucose, adrenaline and cortisol surge to mobilize  (it from body stores.) Or worse (for those on low to no carb diets) it creates sugar from tissues like liver, muscle tissue, other body tissues, glands like the thymus, or proteins geared to create muscle tissue.”

So it leads to being hypoglycaemic (not enough glucose), which stresses the body and affects more hormones. Now when I think about it, when I did have it like this, I felt like I needed more of the tea. One cup after the other as the body was trying to find fuel but it wasn’t getting any. By continuing to drink it, I was just making it worse.

stevia causes belly fat

Some people use Stevia in cooking where there are already other sweeteners present. It’s just to elevate the sweetness a little more without all the calories. Used in this way, all the above may not be as pronounced.

I can tell by the effects it had on increasing my mid section, that it is not something I should be eating regularly or long term. The stories from others just confirm it too, even if it’s not scientifically proven.

Other issues

Belly fat is one thing however the most concerning part for me is any possible damage or effects to hormones. My mother and grandmother both had breast cancer caused by oestrogen dominance. So anything I eat that may mess with that, is definitely off the table for me. It’s just not worth it.

I have been about a month off it again and when I have my hot chocolate, I am just having a teaspoon of honey in it. It doesn’t taste as sweet but I’m getting used to that and it definitely feels like it’s feeding my brain. I feel more alert and less spacey. Also my mid section is continuing to reduce again with only this small change and still never being hungry. Just picking the right things to eat.

So this whole health thing is a journey of discovery. If I change my mind about something I am certainly going to tell you. I want you to feel fantastic too!

Live & learn,

Kristy x


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61 thoughts on “Stevia causes Belly Fat

  1. Pam

    Really interesting article Kristy. I won’t be buying stevia any time soon, but it was not something I used anyway. Like you, I always thought it was okay to use as a replacement sweetener.

  2. Polly

    I use stevia like crazy while trying to give up sugar, not working at all by the way. I have noticed major belly fat that I’ve never had before. I thought maybe it was just my pre-menopausal age (48). But then while eating my special K with stevia this morning I decided to google stevia and belly fat and now I think I’ve found my answer. I’m going to quit right now and see what happens. Thanks so much for the info!!!

  3. LC

    Started using stevia powder from good organic company… great stuff, only used a little and have had a huge increase in belly fat in 3 months, even around the kidneys which is uncomfortable when I walk. I am relatively slim and do isometrics so this is the first time I have had such gain in only one area.
    I suspected the stevia which I had started using in coffee in the spring and then over the summer switched to tea and using it in smoothies in the morning.
    I am ditching all the stevia. I just do not trust any white processed powders. As a diabetic I should know better and just keep the sweet level to no higher than apple.
    Thanks for your blog.

  4. slimbirdy Post author

    Thanks for your comment! Yes I’ve changed my mind on quite a few ‘health’ products over the years. Your body always knows best.

  5. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Polly, I hope it has helped! I think I learn more from what everyone tries and writes about, then I do from ‘official’ health information which is all contradictory anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. KIm

    Thank you for this article.

    I started using a stevia blend containing: organic erythritol 99.20% (from organic corn) and organic steviol glycosides 0.73%.

    I had never used an artificial sweetner before. For the first time, I was adding it to my coffee and cups of hot water to warm me up during the winter, as my water intake. I would have averaged eight-twelve teaspoons of this product a day.

    Straight away I started gaining lower belly fat that I had never had before and my breasts became humongous and tender. My face also looked bloated and unhealthy. So I started dieting, specifically, eating very clean, and I couldn’t shift the weight. I am always in shape and lean, especially as a bodybuilder, and after two months of hardcore dieting, I still was fat. This was not my body type patterning of gaining weight. If I gained weight, it would be my legs and buttocks. Suddenly, my fat patterns were completely different, and I did not think I was close to menopause as a reason, etc.

    I never suspected that it could be this product as it was organic plant based and contained no calories – healthy.

    As soon as I found your article I knew this product was the problem.

    According to an article I read, stevia glycosides have a dramatic effect on estrogen and progesterone. As a result, the body can suffer from estrogen dominance. One of the main culprits responsible for infertility issues. Estrogen dominance is extremely dangerous in women and can even lead to breast cancer. It can be just as merciless in men and leads to a host of undesirable effects. Lower sex drive, insomnia, and of course, excess body fat. Particularly in the belly and certain areas of the chest.

    Bingo. Apparently, it is stevia glycosides that are the culprit.

    I have quit cold turkey. Never again. It also makes me question the use of any other chemicals and chemical formulations that while touted as organic or natural, are far from their natural state and may be having heinous affects on the body also.

  7. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by! My family has a history of estrogen dominant breast cancer – so thanks for that extra information – I’m super totally keeping away now! Cheers Kristy x

  8. Kim

    Dear Kristy

    Just to follow-up. It is one month since I quit the product I was taking comprised of a blend of erythritol and steviol glycosides and I have dropped weight significantly from all over my body. I gained weight from taking this product, all without increasing calories! Not only is stevia the culprit, but so is erythritol – many studies have it linked to weight gain all over and especially in the abdominal region.

    To gain weight, all I did was take this product for four months in my water and to sweeten some food like Greek yoghurt, thinking it was low GI and had nil calories. It is incredible it made me fat without increasing calories! And now, removing the product, I am loosing weight, but I am having to work for it to facilitate the weight loss by extra cardio, on top of diet and weight training.

    Forget this artificial stuff. It should be illegal.

  9. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Kim

    Thanks for the update and wonderful that you found your answer! It should be illegal for sure along with a whole pile of other stuff that is really detrimental to our health. How is that that so many people who make these things have no conscience? Thanks again for stopping by and all the best.

  10. Claire J Schooley

    Ok so stevia isn’t good to use for weighloss! Are any of the artificial sweeteners decent to use for weighloss?

  11. karen doreen druchok

    I too, have been eating Stevia in my 2 cups of coffee in the morning and also in my yogurt for about a year and wondering why I feel so bloated and my stomach getting larger all the time. I eat a healthy diet, so I will eliminate Stevia and see what happens. Thanks so much for the article. Also, my bra has been very uncomfortable and tight. It’s been a puzzle to me, why I’m gaining weight. Stevia stops today, and I’m hoping for a reduction in my stomach!

  12. slimbirdy Post author

    Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by! I find that most of the truth is revealed when everyone shares their experiences, because most of the information we read is from the people selling the product – and they are not likely to tell you the possible downsides. So yes Stevia is definitely one of the culprits with bloating and so is too many green leafy and other vegetables like kale, spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. Turns out humans don’t digest cellulose and when we eat too much it negatively impacts our gut flora and causes all kinds of issues like bloating too. But then everyone pushes us to eat more vegetables under the guise of being ‘healthy.’ It’s really hard to know what to believe any more! Good luck with avoiding stevia and look forward to hearing how it’s going for you. Cheers Kristy

  13. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Claire, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately nothing artificial is ever going to be better than anything natural. In terms of weight loss though, the whole diet and activity level needs to be taken into account. The funny thing is that now after the low carb and no sugar phase, you have a whole bunch of people who were doing that for years (me included) who have developed other health issues (like hypothyroidism) while trying to lose weight and be healthy. Turns out you actually need some sugar and certain levels of carbs in your diet or else your body relies too much on stress hormones just to fuel your body. And it can’t do this forever. So the only things really to avoid are polyunsaturated fats – which damage your cells, chemicals in processed foods which cause all kinds of issues and if you are trying to lose weight your carbs should mostly be coming from sugar like fruit and honey instead of starch like bread, potatoes and rice. Turns out that sugars increase the metabolism when eaten with adequate nutrients and so it helps the body fuel up more easily, reduce stress and release the fat. Lots more to it as you can imagine but sugar is actually not the enemy. I will be writing more about it in future blog posts. Cheers Kristy

  14. Cara

    I agree, the best way to learn about these issues is from the experiences of others! The pattern seems to be that there will always be the “next best thing” that comes out (remember when Splenda was hailed as the savior to anyone trying to lose weight and popped up in EVERYTHING?). Of course it wasn’t natural at all, but before long all the accounts of side effects started coming out and we THEN realized that this stuff was poison! Anyway, thanks for sharing this valuable information. I’m wondering if Monk Fruit would be a good alternative. I would love to hear if you’ve found anything mentioning it.

  15. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Cara, thanks for stopping by! I just had a quick look up about Monk Fruit and unfortunately I think it would have the same negative impacts as stevia. Still highly processed too and perhaps the worst trait of it is the fact that it has no calories. When you taste sweet, your body is expecting nutritious energy from glucose or fructose to feed the cells. When nothing is coming, your body goes into stress mode, activates cortisol and starts to break down your muscles to convert to glucose. So it’s better to eat your whole fruit, honey or sugar, count it in your diet plan and keep your body in happy stress-free mode for optimal health. All the best on your health journey! Cheers Kristy

  16. AJ


    I really am thankful for the article. I found it by googling Stevia and weight gain. Funny thing is I noticed after having gone on vacation for a week in Oahu. I ate normally and came home to have lost 3 lbs. I had started weighing myself before I left because I was going to lose this stomach weight that I had gained that was making me self conscious in my swimsuit. After a few days of getting back I had gained back the 3 lbs and gained 1 more, and I was barely eating anything but salads and lemonade I made with Stevia. It was such a revelation. I knew it was true when I read your article.

    I have been a healthy eater and in shape and active my whole life and never had a belly. Now I do and I think I started to feel signs of hypoglycemia. I’ve been using Stevia for at least a few years. No more. Also, during this time was when we were trying to get pregnant, which didn’t happen. Lots to learn here.

    Thank so much for sharing. It has been a real blessing. I stopped the Stevia 3 days ago and I’ve lost the 4 lbs I gained when I got back. This knowledge changes so much.

  17. Kim

    I figured out a while ago that Stevia makes me gain weight so I always avoid it. I recently started taking a vitamin supplement powder after reviewing the label and not seeing any Stevia listed. However, after a couple of weeks on the stuff, I put on 5 pounds without changing my diet or exercise. I initially attributed it to getting older and metabolism slowing down until I did a little more research about the product and yep, there’s Stevia in it. So bummed as I really liked that stuff. I stopped taking it three days ago and am starting to see the weight drop back down. I don’t understand why so many websites proclaim the wonder of Stevia.

  18. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Kim. thanks for stopping by and thanks for telling your experience with Stevia. I guess I was one of the ones who thought it was great too until my own experience taught me otherwise. I think we are so brainwashed now by the anti sugar crusade that we believe anything that avoids sugar must be good. But our poor body gets confused. I think too much of the information on it is put out by the companies selling it, so they are not likely to be objective. We have to keep looking after ourselves! Cheers Kristy

  19. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Aurellia, great story and so glad I could help. I think I have personally received the most health benefit by reading about other people’s experiences more so than “experts” who often have a hidden agenda anyway. We’re all helping each other to good health and feeling good. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers Kristy

  20. Janet

    This is very interesting. I wondered if Stevia was the reason I could not lose weight. I truly believe I have my answer. I’m so over it! Thank you!

  21. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Janet, yes it was interesting when I discovered it for myself too! When I was low carbing, stevia was my best friend – until I discovered that it wasn’t and neither was low carb any good for me either. Thanks for reading and glad I could help! Cheers Kristy

  22. Lynn

    YES! I agree with you! I began to use it like crazy and am noticing belly fat galore despite trying to exercise and tone. Giving it up!

  23. slimbirdy Post author

    Good on you Lynn! Yes no-one seems to discuss the potential downsides of any food and they all have them. Did you know that kale and the cruciferous veges like cauliflower are potential goitrogens and so eating too many of them negatively impact the thyroid? Not so alarming for those of us who may eat a bit of steamed cauliflower like once a week but now they are trying to make whole cakes out of cauliflower and the smoothies with loads of kale, tip many into the not so healthy category. It’s like tiptoeing your way through a mine field.

  24. Leonie

    This is really interesting! I have used stevia for about 10yrs & have struggled with weight gain, particularly over the last few years when I have been doing LCHF (low carb, high fat). I haven’t been able to lose any weight(mainly around my middle) & have not been able to work out why! I LOVE my stevia(my family call me the “stevia Queen”!) but will try to get off it after reading all this! I have been putting stevia in all my drinks(including red wine, scotch etc) so this won’t be easy… but if I can lose the weight, I will be thrilled! (I don’t eat ANY sugar….read all the labels etc). So here goes!

  25. slimbirdy Post author

    Hey Leonie, thanks for stopping by! I know – I loved stevia too. I thought it was brilliant. I had to unlearn lots I thought was true about health. Another clanger for you too though – LCHF is not all its cracked up to be. I was on LCHF for 10 years and it did lose weight for me but it also slowed down my metabolism and was on the way to trashing my thyroid. I’ve written a few posts about it like this one: – worth considering especially since it seems like its not working for weight loss for you either? Happy to answer questions if you have any. Happy days. Kristy

  26. Margaret Birnie

    I am so happy to find this article
    I have been using Dtevia for some time now. I have been gaining weight after quitting smoking but without over eating it was still getting way out of control and I have developed crazy belly fat. Tonight it dawned on me for some reason, to question the use of stevia. Bingo !! Your article makes perfect sense to me. Thank you so very much !!

  27. slimbirdy Post author

    Hey Maggie, you’re welcome! It took me a while to work it out too. Your body needs real glucose to work with, not the fake stuff or else it gets into all kinds of trouble. I hope you are well. Cheers Kristy

  28. Valerie

    Wow! I’ve been eating Stevia for 10 years and have been bloated every since. I’ve gone to doctors (and naturopaths), allergy testing, changed my diet, workout 5 days a week…and I still look 5 months pregnant. I never made the connection. I just assumed it was better than sugar and the other substitutes. I never thought it could be Stevia! I use it everyday – in my morning coffee (s) and in my tea at night.

    Thank you for posting your journey…fingers crossed I have the same luck.

  29. slimbirdy Post author

    Oh Valerie! Comments like yours are why I write my blog. Thank you. There is so much mis-information out there about what is healthy, that we truly have to work it out for ourselves. Body signals like yours is what we have to be tuned into always, because no matter how great someone says something is, if it doesn’t work for your body, then it’s not right for you. A big eye opener for me in the last 18 months has been leafy green and other veges! Not so great because they are full of cellulose (which everyone says is great fibre) but it’s actually indigestible for humans and causes gut issues and bacterial overgrowth. Also they have other anti nutrients which hamper digestion and block minerals. And we’ve been brainwashed all our lives to eat more veges, but they also contribute to bloating, gas and gut issues – especially cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage! Anyway, I hope stopping the Stevia helps and I would love to hear how you go. Cheers Kristy

  30. randy

    Sorry what? Did you mean avoid saturated fat and trans fat? And sugar “is” the enemy when you’re talking about the type that is processed via junk food, soda, pies, and heaped in that pretty bowl to be scooped in coffee.

  31. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Randy, thanks for stopping by! After the whole low carb and quitting sugar phases, there is a whole new wave of people who’s bodies have broken down into illness after avoiding carbs and sugar. Apparently the thyroid needs a certain amount of carbs/sugar to function properly and it can do it for quite a while existing on stress hormones (10 years for me) before body temps drop, hair starts to fall out and a whole pile of other hypothryoid symptoms crop up. Sugar is actually a stress reducing pro metabolic food, its just how people eat it that’s wrong (should be in balance to the body’s needs and with nutrients.) Saturated fat is actually protective too, again you just don’t need much of it. It’s actually the Polyunsaturated fats that are the most damaging and when you say junk food, it’s actually not the sugar in it that’s the problem its the poly fats and all the chemicals that wreck the body. I know it’s hard to fathom at first because it’s the opposite we’ve ever learned about health, but I’ve been on it for about 2 years now, my body temp has increased, hair grown back etc I’m feeling healthier than ever! Tell me more about how you’re keeping healthy. Cheers Kristy

  32. Tanya

    I started eating low carb and higher healthy fats. In a short time I have lost dramatic weight which isn’t surprising. I eat lots of vegetables now, etc that I didn’t really eat before. I stopped using sugar and honey to sweeten and went to stevia. For years I have stayed away from Stevia because I just had this feeling that it’s probably not good for you. After finally being persuaded by a friend I gave it a go. 3 days in I noticed I was gaining weight, no longer feeling full or satisfied, when I had a glass of lemonade I immediately wanted another, and the brain fog was back. The only thing that had changed was adding stevia in. It will be moving right back out.I used to use bananas to sweeten smoothies, oatmeal, etc I will probably go back to that. Good to know about the breast cancer thing as well our family has a lot of history with that. Thanks for the article and confirmation!

  33. slimbirdy Post author

    Thanks so much for your comment! Yes the poor body gets confused when it tastes sweet but there is no energy there, so it raises stress hormones like cortisol which we know increases body fat. You are right on track there by sweetening your food with fruit – fruit is one of the most highly metabolic foods you can eat, it’s light, easily digestible and contains a balance of protein, carbs and fat – which even surprised me! The anti sugar crusaders unfortunately are a bit misguided and it is no wonder the USA in particular are experiencing a rapid increase in thyroid issues, especially in women. Carb/sugar make the thyroid function properly. To your health! Cheers Kristy

  34. Christina

    Very interesting article! Thank You very much for sharing with others!
    Can you please tell me what kind of particular brand Stevia did you use?

  35. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Christina, I actually tried all different brands while I was using it for a few years. I am in Australia, so whatever is available in health stores and supermarkets. I even tried the non processed green one, and it tasted terrible! What has your experience been with Stevia?

  36. Christina

    Unfortunately the same as yours! So I’m very happy that you’re clarifying this sad truth with others!
    Really enjoy your articles! Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes!

  37. Kate

    Was it really pure Stevia that you had or some mix with erythritol? Looking from comments of others feels like there was more erythritol involved. Can’t see that you’re mentioning some particular brand of pure stevia.

  38. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Kate, I don’t know about the others but for me it was definitely just pure stevia. Here is the brand I would normally have: The thing is the body will react the same in terms of cortisol production when it tastes sweet and no actual calories are coming from that. I’ve been back on balanced sugar and fruit for about 2 years now and my energy levels are amazing. Are you a big Stevia fan?

  39. Victoria

    Hi, Kristy!

    You’re definitely right- Live & learn!

    Thank You so much for sharing with this information!
    It really helped me to understand why I had similar issues.

    Bless You!

  40. Nova

    I have been adding stevia to my smoothies lemonade and other drinks religiously for the past year and have had unexplained bloating weight gain and belly fat I can’t get rid of not matter what I do it has been very frustrating . I am going to omit it and see what happens starting now! thanks so much for sharing your stories!

  41. Michael

    Thank you for the article. I started drinking stevia drinks about three months ago and have a new belly I could not understand. Stopping it today!

  42. slimbirdy Post author

    Good on you Michael! Yes even though they say Stevia is natural, it works the same negative way as every other artificial sugar. Your body gets tricked and then produces cortisol which is responsible for the belly fat. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning does it too. So many things to learn! Cheers Kristy

  43. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Nova, yes I think this one post of mine about belly fat is the most viewed as everyone has the same issue! I am back on sugar now for 2 years and my health has improved remarkably. I had low body temperature, low pulse, cold all the time, hair falling out etc which was due to low carb but low sugar is part of it too. It doesn’t mean it’s a free for all with sugar but there are ways to eat it with lots of nutrients that makes it pro metabolic for your body and helps with a fast metabolism. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers Kristy

  44. Jenn

    Why did I not listen when I heard about artificial sweeteners including stevia having these kinds of effects last year? I was in the thick of the fog! RA, estrogen dominance, and a slightly growing pad of fat at the base of my neck which may indicate that my almost 20 years of stevia useage may have pushed me into Cushings?! (A cortisol dominant state).

    Recently I had been able to tame down my RA via removing dairy and nightshades. Inflammation visibly went down as much as it does with NSAIDs, but now I don’t need them. That brain fog was receding and I wondered to myself if the hyper-sweetness of stevia may be contributing to my remaining food cravings and overweight. I thought that the dietary changes would have caused a shift there but I was still struggling. I decided then to stop using stevia (only used it to sweeten tea, like you, I would be drinking stevia sweetened tea all through the day). I put my box of sweetener off the counter.

    Now, I experience even more improvement in the brain fog, and I had no idea that stevia could be what was messing up my hormones and making it difficult to lose weight! I use 1 tsp of coconut sugar up to 2-3 times a day max and otherwise leave tea unsweetened, but I am drinking less of it now. Coconut sugar seems like the opposite of stevia, instead of being sweeter than sugar, it is less sweet, very mild.

    That has helped change my tastebuds, and now, I am like a new woman with the way my appetite has changed. It’s no longer a struggle, and I know now that stevia artificially inflated my appetite.

    As for the hormonal problems, I am wondering how long they may take to resolve. I’m losing weight but slowly, yet I think with gradual healing of stress and sex hormones, this will pick up. After only being able to lose a pound a month, and stalling, I finally lost a couple pounds since the steviacide. I guess I will know how I’m doing with cortisol by the state of the hump on my back! sigh. Stevia the way we use it is the devil. It messed me up bigtime! I’m in Canada… Who do I sue?

  45. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Jenn, oh my gosh! What a story. Thanks for stopping by and telling it. I wish we could sue all the stevia manufacturers because most of the information that we get is from the marketing of the stevia companies and they’re never going to tell us the downside. Actually another food stuff even worse than stevia is polyunsaturated fats – these fats/oils are in nearly everything and they prevent the cells being able to process glucose properly, as well as damage our immune systems and contribute to rapid aging. It’s a big factor in the obesity epidemic. I’m so happy that you are on the right track now, that’s so wonderful to hear. Cheers Kristy

  46. Angela Beu

    Yikes! Hi Kristie – I’m wondering if this is why I have belly fat or if it is just my perimenopause. I’m going to stop as of today (already had one pack this morning). And see what happens.

    Thank you

  47. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by! It certainly could be part of it for sure. You will feel different within 2 weeks. Cheers Kristy

  48. Dwanna

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been gaining belly fat like crazy lately and I couldn’t figure it out! Stevia was suppose to be a safe sweetner but after realizing I drink stevia sodas and consume stevia daily, I now realize the connection! I’m stopping immediately!

  49. Carmen Pena

    I have always been a little over weight; but about two years ago I stopped drinking plain water and became addicted to this “Spa water” which had a delicious cucumber and mint taste and was “all natural” because it was sweetened with stevia. I began to guzzle “spa water” daily. Now I am about 50 lbs overweight and planning to get gastric sleeve. My weight got out of control when I started drinking stevia sweetened water enhancers. I gained so much weight standing and walking for more than 5 minutes gives me terrible back pain. After reading more about stevia, and learning what it dies to your body, I decided I am going back to plain water. As Jack La Lanne once said, “If it tastes good, spit it out!”

  50. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Carmen, I know, it’s big eye opener isn’t it! Especially when they market it as a healthy, natural alternative. No-one ever talks about the side effects or that it may have a downside. Keto is the same actually. Drink water for sure just when you are thirsty, the whole 8 glasses or even more a day is wrong too. Good luck with your gastric sleeve. Cheers Kristy

  51. Hannah

    Finding this has been a life saver for me. I started taking a collagen powder sweetened with stevia 2 months ago thinking I was doing myself good. Welp my weight went from 109 up to 118 without a diet change. I have been stressing and eating healthy and started intermittent fasting trying to figure all this out. I have always been in shape and active. Then I noticed my periods have become abnormal, face breaking out and just increased body odor. I barely sleep and wake up with anxiety. I finally connected it to this one change in my diet. Just gave up this supplement yesterday and am hoping and praying I get to normal soon but feel deeply encouraged knowing others have recovered

  52. slimbirdy Post author

    Yes Hannah! Thanks for stopping by. It sure is a minefield out there with a lack of accurate nutrition information. Most information about a particular product is issued by the company that makes it, so they’re only going to focus on what may be good about it, not what may be bad. Experience has taught me that there is always a downside – so best to know what it is, so you can make an informed decision. Yes so stevia is out for all the reasons I listed in the blog article and also with collagen it’s important to get only the best you can find from grass fed sources. I take hydrolysed gelatin which is made from grass fed cows and really high quality. But a friend tried a different brand and she said she couldn’t feel the benefits she could from the brand I use – as in it helped with her arthritic joint pain – but the cheaper/poor quality brand didn’t help at all. I hope you feel better soon and well done for being open minded about it all, so many are not and they suffer longer because of it. Cheers Kristy x

  53. Mari

    I’m almost 53 and keep thinking it’s late peri-menopause which could def be contributing but I drink green powder stevia (smidge) in coffee daily as of about 6 months ago and Kevita throughout the day. And add it to other stuff randomly so consuming it daily in various amounts, small but still. Going to try this a and see what happens. Thanks.

  54. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Mari, at least the green powder you are having is the best version of it, but the body does really protest when the sweet taste doesn’t bring any glucose with it. It would be raising cortisol and getting the glucose it needs from elsewhere in your body – stores first then muscle. Would love to hear how it goes for you. Cheers Kristy

  55. Joe

    Stevia is good to use if you’re trying to lose weight…. Every once in awhile every couple of days…. You should add a couple teaspoons of regular sugar into your diet… It’s all about moderation…. You should never fully deprive your body…. Of natural sugar….

  56. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Joe, yes I think I would have been more successful to utilise stevia that way, so then at least your body has some fuel going in and stevia maybe just used to amplify the sweetness and not replace sugar altogether. But that’s not how I used it, nor do most people. The stevia companies certainly wouldn’t promote it in that way, as that would imply there is something wrong with it. My post on stevia is the most visited article on my website as it seemed to cause belly fat in most people where prior to stevia use, they didn’t have it before – or not as bad anyway. It’s interesting stuff!

  57. Daniel

    I am post menopausal and have always been thin. Since using stevia, I have put on 30 lbs. and have just found the culprit.

  58. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Daniel, I know it’s crazy right? They should warn people. Which is why I have written the blog post! Cheers Kristy

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