Lemon Coffee Weight Loss

Lemon Coffee weight loss was a Tik Tok viral hit that I came across by accident.

I’m always curious to see if these things like Lemon Coffee weight loss have any merit . After all it WAS coffee, which we love in the pro metabolic world. And lemon is a citrus fruit like oranges, which Dr Ray Peat loved so much. So it was worth a further look.

I spent the last 6 months drinking it (Started beginning of September 2022) and looking further into it’s benefits, from a pro metabolic health point of view.

Bottom line – Lemon Coffee DOES actually work. It especially loses weight around the mid section/belly by improving liver function and many more processes in the body. I’m so impressed I’m going to keep drinking my coffee like this ongoing.

When I looked into how other people were approaching Lemon Coffee weight loss, as usual, they were doing it all incorrectly. They were using the usual stress based weight loss methods, which can never last long term.

When you eat a Pro metabolic Diet, this is the base foundation people need to get them 80% of the way to their healthiest state. At that point, this is where a slight change in habit like Lemon Coffee instead of the regular way you used to have coffee, can make all the difference.

Lemon Coffee weight loss is not a magic weight loss pill by itself, but when you combine it with a pro metabolic diet, that’s when the magic happens.

In this book, Lemon Coffee plus Pro Metabolic Diet – Weight Loss Dynamite, you will learn:

  • A new way to have Lemon Coffee that tastes better & still works
  • When to have it for optimal health and weight loss
  • All the ways coffee, lemon and ginger benefit your health and weight loss
  • How it improves liver function which is a key in weight loss
  • An easy introduction to a pro metabolic diet
  • How to structure a meal plan
  • Meal suggestions
  • A handful of my favourite meat & fruit recipes
  • My experience with Lemon Coffee and what to watch out for on the way

As my husband Adrian is an amazing photographer, all of our books are visually beautiful. While putting this one together though, I have to say, this is the most spectacular so far. It’s a visual delight that just makes you feel good, while you’re learning about the magic of Lemon Coffee with a pro metabolic diet.

Lemon Coffee plus Pro Metabolic Diet—Weight Loss Dynamite is available worldwide for immediate download.


Only AU$9.95 (US$6.65 & GBP 5.45)

It’s a 112 page PDF file of 11mb.

Best downloaded onto a laptop or computer, then right click and save to your files.

Note: As at the date of release of this Lemon Coffee book, all those who have purchased 4 or more of my books in the past, will receive this new book FREE of charge.

Also with the addition of this new book my FREE Bonus policy will change to the following:

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