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EzySafe Can Opener

EzySafe solves can opener problems

Who else has can opener problems?

I don’t eat much canned food; just tuna & coconut cream, which both have a ring pull thingy, so no can opener problems there. And the only other food is canned beetroot, which I love to flavour up a salad and add a bit of tang. So I need to open a small can about once a week.

But seriously of late, it’s become a massive ordeal. I bought one cheapo can opener and it lasted about 4 cans. I could still pierce the can but the wheel was rotating on the spot and not going anywhere.

Super frustrating when you don’t have an alternative on hand, a partially opened can and no way to get in there any time soon.

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low polyunsaturated fat skincare

Low polyunsaturated fat skincare


Do you know why finding a low polyunsaturated fat skincare is important? What even am I talking about?

Quick quiz….

(*Also note update at the end.)

What is a PUFA?  –  Why is it a problem?  –  How does it relate to my skin and ageing?

Ok, PUFAs are Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and despite many a traditional dietitian still espousing that it’s the healthier oil – think nut oil, seed oil, grain oil – like sunflower, canola, rice bran – others like Biologist Dr Ray Peat say that due to its unstable nature – ie: easily breaks down in heat and light – it actually may be toxic and inflammatory and cause a whole host of issues like this:-

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coconut water

Coconut water and why it’s awesome.

So hydration – quite important right? The story goes – three days without water and you’re cactus.

In recent times though the fit and healthy crew have gone a bit overboard with DRINK ALL THE WATER!

But more than you actually need is not better at all. It in fact can slow your metabolism down, overtax your kidneys and dilute the minerals and electrolytes your body actually needs to function correctly. More on that whole hullabaloo another time.

However that last point about electrolytes… leads me to coconut water.

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Natural Deodorant Review

slim bodyFinding a natural deodorant that actually works has been a life long quest. In this natural deodorant review, see if I finally make the discovery.

We all use different products every day and reviews are gaining more traction these days, so you know what to try and what to avoid. That is – if they are honest.

I will always give my honest opinion whether the product was provided by the company or not, as there is this little issue of integrity! Totally important to me.

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Juice Cleanse

3 Day Juice Cleanse

3 day juice cleanse

A 3 Day Juice Cleanse called Schkinny Maninny – sounds like a dance doesn’t it? Or at the very least a fad product in the weight loss world, of which you should steer clear.

However I am pleased to report that Schkinny Maninny is none of those things.

When I first heard of it, I was totally sceptical. These are the thoughts that popped in my head…

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