Cherry & Blueberry Popsicles


What happened to the cherries this year? Hardly any in the stores and still so expensive. Just as well there are frozen options handy at all times.

Have been loving these fruity popsicles (or Icy Poles for the Aussies!) just as an after dinner ‘cool me down’ and little sweet hit.

Adding the coconut water replenishes lost electrolytes from all the perspiring in this heat and magic gelatin helps with the digestion of your dinner as well as being a fantastic way to take the supplement for your hair, skin, joints etc .

(For those who don’t know – the Hydrolysate version of gelatin is the non-gelling kind. It mixes clear in plain water and adds no taste, so is perfect to sneak in everywhere. I use the blue tub of Peptipro and get it here. )

On with the recipe….

Cherry & Blueberry Popsicles

1 cup frozen cherries/blueberries

1 cup freshly squeezed OJ

2 TBS raw honey

1 TBS potato starch


½ cup coconut water

2 TBS Gelatin Hydrolysate

How you do it…

In a small saucepan add the frozen fruit and honey, bring to a simmer and bubble for about 20 mins so it cooks into a nice thick texture.

Stir occasionally and squash the whole cherries to break them up a bit.

Mix through the potato starch, then add the OJ.

(Add the coconut water and gelatin now if using.)

Stir most of the time to disperse the starch and thicken the batch, bring to a slight simmer then switch off the heat.

Allow to cool a little before pouring into popsicle moulds.

Freeze overnight.

I use the potato starch as a little thickener, which makes the end result a little more porous and bite-able, rather than freezing into a solid block. It’s so fresh and yum.

In the picture I did ones with straight OJ and just threw in a few blueberries to see what it would taste like and it’s ok, but not as nice as making them into a jam first.

I wonder what other flavours I can make?


Kristy x


What I’ve learned… was mostly wrong!

happyny2017It’s been an eye opening last 6 months for me on the healthy food front!

I’ve discovered a whole different angle of nutrition based on nourishing, healing and nurturing your body. It supports healthy hormones, regulates your blood sugar, encourages repair and rejuvenation and is basically everything you need for a super healthy body, fast metabolism and easy weight loss/maintenance.

The scary part – it’s the complete opposite of what most healthy types currently bang on about! And in many ways, contradicts some of what I have written previously. (Sorry about that!)

However my aim has always been to find my optimal way of eating/being that is easy to maintain, makes you feel amazing and let’s you enjoy the rest of your life.

pro metabolic, ray peat, metabolism, sugar burner

And if what I was previously doing (mostly low carb, high fat, low sugar, no caffeine, lots of veges and greens etc)) is no longer working for me – weight coming back on, body temps ridiculously low (35.2C!) – then I’m going to tell you about it and risk an awkward few minutes of contraction (ego be damned,) because our health is just too important.

Here’s some examples of what may not actually be true:-

  • – lots of veges are better
  • – avoiding sugar altogether is better
  • – substituting nuts for everything is better
  • – minimising fruit is better
  • – avoiding coffee is better
  • – avoiding dairy is better
  • – drinking lots of water is better
  • – low carb is the best way to lose weight

And the list could continue on but I think you get the drift.

Nearly everything I believed to be true has been challenged again, only this time, I’m more open minded about it all – I am used to doing the opposite of what ends up in the mainstream. And it’s still an exciting ride!

So buckle up for 2017, we are going on a mind bending new direction, where I will explain all – in tiny bite sized pieces. We’re headed for our ultimate healthy body with fun, sugar (balanced of course) and coffee along the way! (Can you believe it?)

Whoo hoo! And Happy New Year!

Kristy x

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Christmas Round Up

healthy, cacao butter, coconut oil, raw honey

Not sure what it is about December but as soon as it hits, the panic sets in!

I always feel like I have more time than I do to get things organised and it freaks me out when I realise I don’t! How about you?

One year, I’d love to go away for all of December and January and just skip it. Bask on a beach maybe?

As you can imagine, I haven’t been adding to the stress by trying to create new treats – the imagination is still running wild with new options I want to try, but I’m being kind to myself.

So I thought I would leave you with a few suggestions on nibbles and sweets from my past recipe pursuits, that may work for our hot weather Chrissy and keep everyone healthy at the same time.

And even better, at the end of my list, Sonia from Natural New Age Mum has compiled a fantastic resource of Christmas wholefood recipes from other healthy writers – lots of great ideas there. Totally saved me the work and more stress! Cheers Sonia!

grainfree, prometabolic, prothyroid

Starters & Snacks

Cheesy Chips

Olive & Feta Party Sticks

Tahini Dip with Celery

Avocado Dip

cacao butter, orange, cherry, christmas

Slices & sweet treats

Cherry & Orange Festive Slice

Healthy White Christmas

Coconut Snaps

Gummies – Coffee, Lemon, Coconut Cream & Lemon

Vanilla Coconut Bliss Ice-Cream

Lemoni Slice

A great wholefood Christmas resource:

I think I’ll be trying a few of these myself!


Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday break where ever you venture.

Wishing you fun, love, laughter and, of course – amazing health.

Jingle bells,


Kristy x

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Pro Metabolic Orange Popsicles

pro metabolic, ray peat, metabolism, sugar burner

Image by

Apparently real orange juice is quite the recovery wonder food. We always knew it had lots of Vitamin C but it also has magnesium and when combined with sea salt, hydrolysed gelatin and coconut water it’s better for electrolyte replacement after strenuous exercise, than the chemical laden sports drinks.

Sounds good to me.

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Cherry Orange Festive Slice


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So this slice started out as something a little different.

I had just whacked together a few things in my pantry and fridge and was expecting to work miracles again without too much effort. Unfortunately this time… not so lucky.

My taste testers said “yeah it’s ok, but a bit bland.” And I had to agree. Not sweet enough or flavoursome at all really. It was kind of like my White Christmas Slice but no where near as good.

So luckily with these melt and mix type creations, you can melt it down again and add more things. So that’s what I did.

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What’s your temperature? And what does it have to do with weight loss?

temperature, pro thyroid, pro metabolic, healing, nourishing, metabolism, ray peat

Do you know what your resting temperature is?

How about 30 mins after you eat food?

Why does it matter anyway?

Well turns out your body temperature and heart rate are like a little window into your metabolic system and gives a good indication if it’s cranking properly or spluttering to a halt. Health professionals are using these measures along with blood work and checking a list of symptoms, to give a true picture of what’s working, what’s not and if your hormones and thyroid may be out of whack.

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Coffee Gummies

coffee, gelatin, gummies, gut health, ray peat, gelatin australiaNow that coffee has crept back into my life a little, it was inevitable that it would appear in some recipes. Added here, it gives a brilliant taste to the gummie lolly, which ends up all creamy, sweet and bursting with flavour.

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Healthy Chocolate Paddle Pops

I’ve been reading lots of recipes for banana ice-cream lately with some peeps even making whole recipe books about it! And most others declaring that it is soooo good. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while, but I don’t usually eat bananas as I find them too starchy and just all too much really.

I’ve bought bananas a few times and cut it up and whacked it in the freezer with the intention of giving it a go, to see if it is ‘just like normal ice-cream’ as they say but every time I would forget and 3 months later – oops the frozen bananas are a bit too rank to do anything other than throw them away. (Sorry food waste police!)

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Crunchy Raw Protein Cookies

adrian alford photography, paleo, vegan, coconutContinuing the theme of ‘lunchbox or travel snacks,’ another recipe evolved and this may be my current favourite!

It just astounds me how a raw cookie can be crunchy. Totally tastes like it’s cooked, only it’s not!

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