Low fat custard (Ray Peat Inspired)

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So given my latest direction of Ray Peat inspired eating, custard would have to be one of the most perfect dessert foods. Milk, sugar, maybe eggs, maybe gelatin – they’re all on the preferred foods list for optimal health in Ray’s book. So it’s not like you are cheating in any way when you eat this – you’re supposed to be!

So perhaps I should put ‘guilt free’ in the title?

Anyway, my focus has been reducing my fat intake a bit lately because coming out of low-carb eating, this seems to be my last stumbling block. Normal ‘healthy’ foods that I should be eating like eggs, cheese, butter were adding up to a crap load of total fats – healthy to be sure, but excess of anything soon becomes unhealthy.

So my first custard experiment didn’t work. I tried egg yolks in it and it soon became clear that I would need to add more egg yolks if that was to be the only thickening agent. I opted for a bit of gelatin instead and it worked and tasted fine, but it was not the desired texture; a little rubbery. Shelve that idea for another time, as I wanted to go lower fat anyway.

Next step – potato starch and jackpot first go!

This is creamy, not quite pouring custard but stays a little soft even after refrigeration. It would be amazing over fruit or in a trifle.

Anyway, let’s cook!

Low Fat Custard

(makes 3 small serves)

1 cup skim milk (grass-fed)

1/3 cup skim sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch himalayan rock salt

1 heaped TBS potato starch + ¼ cup skim milk to dissolve

How you do it…

Mix the potato starch with ¼ cup of milk & set aside

Place milk & vanilla in a saucepan over medium heat.

Add the sweetened condensed milk and stir for a few minutes while heating slowly.

Mix the starch mixture again to smooth any lumps and gradually add the starch mix to the milk mixture while continuing to stir.

Keep stirring until it becomes a thick and creamy. (About a minute or so.) Do not boil.

Pour and eat or pour into individual portions and refrigerate.

For the cherry or blueberry jam recipe see here.


  1. you can substitute honey or other real sweeteners for the sweetened condensed milk, I am just loving the flavour of it at the moment.
  2. Also corn flour or any other flour you are using will work as well, except nut flours. I just like the fine texture of potato starch and it’s not a grain, or GMO like corn – so bonus there.
  3. You could add 1 TBS or two of hydrolysed gelatin for extra protein – this won’t affect the set of the custard in any way – just don’t use the gelling one!

Total fat only 2.7g for the whole thing, so 0.9g per serve.

Compare that to a full fat version with at least 4 eggs you need to set it and it would be 9g whole milk, 20g eggs, 9g full fat sweetened condensed milk – total fat – 38g. Per serve 12.7g.

It’s a big difference.

Now the keto/low carbers wouldn’t care about the fat, they would sweeten with something artificial and move right along. However when you have adequate carb fuel from the fruit, honey and sugar in your life, sometimes you don’t need the extra fat, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

So this way you can still have dessert and fire up that metabolism. Yay!

One last thing –   if anyone is thinking, ‘no I’m dairy-free.’ What I’ve also come to learn is that with the protein, fat, carb and calcium balance in milk, it’s actually a super nutritious food if it is grass-fed.

Those with a lactose intolerance – unless they are genetic predisposed – actually have issues with their gut that require fixing, because if they don’t, it gets worse and soon enough they will develop intolerance to many more things. We’ve been led astray again!

So many things to un-learn about health – it’s a riot!

Eat and be truly healthy!


Kristy x

Mushroom Cottage Cheese Dip (or Sauce)

ray peat, dairy, cottage cheese, hormones, health, easy recipes, healthy

While I am exploring all things Ray Peat and now low fat in particular, one food I needed to make peace with is Cottage Cheese. (Note on dairy intolerance at the end.)

Real cheese is fine, but the fat content really blows your daily limit of fat in one mouthful, so it needs to revert to ‘a taste adding condiment’ of 1 or 2 tablespoons only, not the half cup or full cup normally added to a dish.

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The Full Thyroid Panel & other blood tests – the easy way.

thyroid, t3, t4, reverse T3, blood test, health check, thyroid panel, hypothyroidism

As readers of my ramblings know, I am interested in my health, that’s why I read about it, write about it and see how things work for me by testing it out and gauging how I feel.

I can also measure if things are working by taking temperature and pulse, see how my weight is tracking, how energetic I feel as well but sometimes, you need a blood test to reveal more – like your cholesterol levels, iron levels, B12 levels and things like that. And only then, it reveals a complete and more accurate picture of what’s really happening in your body.

Hands up all those who have a cooperative doctor who will 100% test everything you would like to test? Or who doesn’t try to talk you out of it or have an argument about why you don’t really need it.

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Dieting, weight loss, health and what I’ve learned this year…

ray peat, diet, healthy, hormones, hypothyroidism

It’s been a big year.

A big shift in beliefs around food for me, and what it actually means to be healthy.

Here are the big clangers…

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Applesauce Four ingredient Brownies – Ray Peat Inspired


I am slowly working my way through my recipes and tweaking them to be less full of nuts, less fats and introducing more Ray Peat friendly ingredients to offer maximum nutrition, even if it is a sweet treat.

Good fats are great like cacao butter, coconut oil, even grass-fed normal butter, however when the fudge you are eating is equivalent to a tablespoon of fat each mouthful, well ‘the too much of a good thing’ rule may very well apply.

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Chewy Milky Fudge (Nut Free)

ray peat, milk, metabolic, healthy treat,

Given that we know that balanced sugar is actually fuel for all cells in the body – so long as it’s accompanied by adequate nutrients – I set out to make a fudge that ticked all the boxes. (And left out nuts – see previous post.)

The Indian Burfi sweet treat was actually an inspiration for this; it seems to be made in many different ways – including nuts, but one version with milk powder started the creative neurons firing. (In some cases it’s also called Barfi however that’s not such a great word in English to associate with cooking and eating!)

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Nut Free Bliss Balls

nut free, bliss balls, ray peat

We healthy types are a bit bonkers!

(I hear my friends saying “I’ve been trying to tell you that for years!” Bahaha.)

While the heart is in the right place – just trying to be healthy, and help others attain this mystical level of nirvana – this pursuit of health kind of sneaks into extremes very easily, and before you know it, you slip into ‘not healthy’ because of it.

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Holiday eating and accidental Rrarfing (a kind of Carb loading)


So I’m back from the wilds of Iceland and Scotland!

Seriously, if you’ve ever thought you may like to visit Iceland one day, please do yourself a favour and do it.

It is totally like another planet with variations in landscape that are mind-blowing. You can drive 5 km and see green rolling hills with waterfalls, trees and mountains, then jet black bare volcanic dirt as far as the eye can see, then the jet black dirt has rocks on it, then the rocks have tufts of grass, then it’s these round rocks with fluorescent green thick moss all over them. But the strange part is – it’s one or the other – there is never a mixture. Really bizarre. And ice lagoons, and the black beach with chunks of ice on it and of course the aurora – just wow!

Anyway, to see some stunning photos check out my hubby’s instagram page here.

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Chocolate Caramel Chews


By the time you read this I will be in the wilds of Iceland, just spellbound by my surroundings and marveling how great it is to be alive.

Leading up to the trip, I’d been trying a few new slices and fudges, but I either managed to eat it all before taking a picture, or misplaced the recipe.

Just a little distracted by the impending adventure no doubt!

So in the meantime, here is one delicious chewy bite, where I managed to keep it all together.

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Sweetened condensed milk sorbet (light ice cream)

milk , thyroid, fast metabolism, dairy, sugar

Did you know that sugar is actually a powerful metabolic food that feeds every cell in your body? The biggest problem though, is that we all eat it incorrectly, then blame the sugar for being bad for us. Anyway, that’s a thought bubble for another post!

So for those who still allow a little sugar in your life, here is a super easy vanilla ice cream that easily trumps store bought chemical-filled options, and tastes amazing!

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