Chocolate Sweet Potato Frosting

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Full confession: this was not my idea.

I first heard about it on Mummy Made it and because I am currently zoned in on all things icing and frosting at the moment to zshush up my creations, I thought I would explore further.

Google reveals that quite a few knew about this about 5 years ago and I’m late to the party! Better late than never right?

It is such a good idea though, because in frosting you are always looking for an alternative to replace the mountain of icing sugar you traditionally need to make up the bulk. This does it perfectly.

However the trick is to make sure that you fully mask any lingering potato flavour, otherwise the games up!! (I did try it before I added the cacao, because I thought an orange frosting on a chocolate cake would look cool provided it tasted ok – but alas no blah, quick quick where’s the cacao!)

Now because I’m a bit of a rebel, and like to make recipes my own, I did change a couple of things from the original inspiration. So if you are looking to avoid dairy and refined sugar, please go to Mummy Made it’s recipe here. Otherwise read on…

Recipe first and I’ll explain why later.

Chocolate Sweet Potato Frosting

1 cup baked sweet potato (cooled)

¼ cup melted butter*

2 TBS cacao

½ cup icing sugar*

2 tsp vanilla extract

pinch sea salt

How you do it…

In a food processor, whiz the sweet potato until smooth.

Add rest of ingredients and whiz until well combined. Probably about 20 sec.

So at this point, have a taste and see if you need to adjust it a bit.

If you need it a bit sweeter, add more sugar.

A little smoother, add more butter.

If you prefer a darker choc taste add more cacao.

sweet potato, kumera, chocolate, dessert, healthy, frosting

The texture was quite firm and amazing to work with in terms of piping etc. While I wasn’t sure at first, my taste testers said “yeah it’s great, just tastes like chocolate cream!” Which is what you want right?  Suspect nothing!

It stored well in the fridge for at least a week or more and this was another surprising thing, I had put it on a dessert that I had to warm up in the microwave for 30 secs and it totally retained it’s shape! Normal icing melts into a puddle. How cool is that?

So it’s totally a winner and worth further exploration – I have a few awesome ideas I will experiment with down the track.

So give it a go and let me know what you think!


Kristy x

*Note: I just wanted to explain why I chose to use icing sugar and butter instead of the honey and coconut oil as in the original recipe. My purpose for this first trial was to make it as close to normal frosting as I could. Sometimes when you ‘healthify’ a recipe, it tastes good for a health food, but wouldn’t substitute for the real thing.

This though kicks all the goals – and the original recipe probably does too; I will try it at some point and report back. The other thing is while I love coconut oil and honey and eat those too, real pasture fed butter actually has some awesome benefits, especially for your teeth etc and in terms of sugar, my view on it is changing as I read more of Dr Ray Peat’s work. It’s a highly metabolic substance, which when eaten correctly, is actually really beneficial. Unfortunately most don’t understand it and abuse it, which is why there are so many issues. More about that in a future post I’m sure! In the meantime Happy Chocolate Frosting!



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But seriously of late, it’s become a massive ordeal. I bought one cheapo can opener and it lasted about 4 cans. I could still pierce the can but the wheel was rotating on the spot and not going anywhere.

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With both more fruit and coffee coming back into my life, start the day with a Ka –BANGO!

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Quick quiz….

What is a PUFA?  –  Why is it a problem?  –  How does it relate to my skin and aging?

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Coconut water and why it’s pretty awesome.


So hydration – quite important right? The story goes – three days without water and you’re cactus.

In recent times though the fit and healthy crew have gone a bit overboard with DRINK ALL THE WATER!

But more than you actually need is not better at all and in fact can slow your metabolism down, overtax your kidneys and dilute the minerals and electrolytes your body actually needs to function correctly. More on that whole hullabaloo another time.

However that last point about electrolytes… leads me to coconut water.

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The switch from very Low Carb/Keto to Pro Metabolic eating.

metabolism, hormones, loose skin, Dr Ray Peat, low carb, keto, metabolic

Ok, so I’ve mentioned a few times now that I have changed how I am eating.

The reason:

…my holy grail – low sugar and low carb – stopped working for me and the weight started to pile back on!

Oh no!

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