Pro Metabolic Orange Popsicles

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Apparently real orange juice is quite the recovery wonder food. We always knew it had lots of Vitamin C but it also has magnesium and when combined with sea salt, hydrolysed gelatin and coconut water it’s better for electrolyte replacement after strenuous exercise, than the chemical laden sports drinks.

Sounds good to me.

Especially since I am changing into more fruity/sugary snack options to heal my metabolism Dr Ray Peat style. This is to replace the fat bomb, nut based options of the past, which are yummy (and I’m sure I will still eat occasionally) but they are unfortunately harder for the tummy to digest and slow down metabolism due to the high PUFA levels and generally high fat levels. Read more about PUFAs here.

So with summer coming on, I thought why not freeze it and make a pro metabolic, metabolism-healing Popsicle! Yum!

Just a note too about one ingredient – potato starch! In a popsicle?

Weird right?

I know, but the potato starch binds it together a little to stop it from freezing as a solid block, and makes it more melty, juicy, & bite-able.

So let’s get to it…


Orange Popsicles

1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

½ cup coconut water

2 TBS raw honey

1 tsp potato starch

Optional (But highly recommended)

1 TBS hydrolysed gelatin

How you do it…

Melt the honey in a pot over low heat and sprinkle over the potato starch. Mix together. Then add the OJ and coconut water while continuing to stir, then sprinkle the gelatin on top (if using.) Continue to stir.

Heat the mixture, so it starts to thicken but do not bring to simmer or boil.

Take off heat and allow to cool a bit before pouring into Popsicle moulds.

Freeze overnight.

Depending on the size of your moulds, it will make about 4 popsicles, so if you have a bigger family, then double the recipe.

I put a little bit of watermelon at the base of mine because I had filled 6 and needed a bit more to finish them off. I can’t wait to experiment with more fruity flavours.


Just a note too about Gelatin Hydrolysate – this is added purely for the amino acid supplement benefit. It does not gel like regular gelatin, it dissolves completely in liquid with no trace or taste and just leaves the goodness. If you substitute regular gelatin in this recipe it will make the Popsicle hard like rubber – so not recommended!)

This is where I get my gelatin in Australia – Peptipro – because it’s the best available in this country. However if you don’t have any, still make them but add the gelatin next time around to take advantage of all the goodness!

I’m thinking mango/orange might be nice next or what about cherry/orange?

So good!


Kristy x



Cherry Orange Festive Slice


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So this slice started out as something a little different.

I had just whacked together a few things in my pantry and fridge and was expecting to work miracles again without too much effort. Unfortunately this time… not so lucky.

My taste testers said “yeah it’s ok, but a bit bland.” And I had to agree. Not sweet enough or flavoursome at all really. It was kind of like my White Christmas Slice but no where near as good.

So luckily with these melt and mix type creations, you can melt it down again and add more things. So that’s what I did.

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What’s your temperature? And what does it have to do with weight loss?

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Do you know what your resting temperature is?

How about 30 mins after you eat food?

Why does it matter anyway?

Well turns out your body temperature and heart rate are like a little window into your metabolic system and gives a good indication if it’s cranking properly or spluttering to a halt. Health professionals are using these measures along with blood work and checking a list of symptoms, to give a true picture of what’s working, what’s not and if your hormones and thyroid may be out of whack.

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Coffee Gummies

coffee, gelatin, gummies, gut health, ray peat, gelatin australiaNow that coffee has crept back into my life a little, it was inevitable that it would appear in some recipes. Added here, it gives a brilliant taste to the gummie lolly, which ends up all creamy, sweet and bursting with flavour.

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Healthy Chocolate Paddle Pops

I’ve been reading lots of recipes for banana ice-cream lately with some peeps even making whole recipe books about it! And most others declaring that it is soooo good. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while, but I don’t usually eat bananas as I find them too starchy and just all too much really.

I’ve bought bananas a few times and cut it up and whacked it in the freezer with the intention of giving it a go, to see if it is ‘just like normal ice-cream’ as they say but every time I would forget and 3 months later – oops the frozen bananas are a bit too rank to do anything other than throw them away. (Sorry food waste police!)

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Crunchy Raw Protein Cookies

adrian alford photography, paleo, vegan, coconutContinuing the theme of ‘lunchbox or travel snacks,’ another recipe evolved and this may be my current favourite!

It just astounds me how a raw cookie can be crunchy. Totally tastes like it’s cooked, only it’s not!

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Rich Chocolate Travel Bars

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While I totally love my normal fudge/chocolate creations, they are strictly fridge to mouth options only, as they melt into a gooey mess within half an hour of being out of the chilly environment.

Not so practical for the lunchbox or if you want to take travel snacks.

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Go metabolism go!

metabolism, bmr, slimbirdy, loose skin, weight loss, losing weightSo just an update on how this ‘Go Metabolism Go’ trial was working for me and what if anything, has tripped me up so far. The original story here.

So I’m about 2 months in and yes I have noticed some changes.

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Raw ‘Coconut Butter’ Bounty Cookies

coconut butter, paleo, raw diet, healthy, ketoAfter I nixed the peanut butter for peanut powder – less damaging unsaturated fat – I ventured to try Coconut Butter. So that’s not the oil but just the coconut meat mixed together to make a kind of butter.

So brought the jar home from my local health shop and was excited to try it. Open it up and… it is as hard as a rock! What the…

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