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What I eat in a day – Ray Peat Inspired

I frequently get asked what I eat in a day. So I thought I would document it, to help others out.

  • Note I have updated this to reflect the fact that I am not doing super low fat of 20g a day (or 10% of calories any more.) Click here to read why this came about.

So overall I aim for 1,800 calories – 100g protein, 40g of fat and the rest carbs per day. I won’t always hit these targets, as measuring and counting every ounce of food I eat is not conducive to a balanced, happy life for me. However every quarter or so, I plug everything into cronometer.com to see what’s what, and if anything needs adjusting.

I also know ballpark amounts around fat intake like a teaspoon of butter is 5g, an egg has 5g, a cube of cheese is 5g. So if I want to keep to my 40 grams, I sometimes cook with water/broth instead of oil/butter, I boil my eggs instead of frying, I eat low fat cottage cheese instead of hard cheese – that type of thing. Fat intake is so easy to underestimate.

So on a work day, this is what I would typically eat:-

8am – Fruit smoothie made with 3 pieces of fruit/coconut water/gelatin

( or banana with 1 cup skim milk – if I don’t have time to whiz it)

9.30am – 2 boiled eggs, a cup of OJ, a short milky coffee with 1 tsp honey

12.30pm – Rice noodles with tuna in brine, cottage cheese, cucumbers, tomato and kalamata olives

1.30pm – short milky coffee with 1 tsp honey

3.00pm – big bunch grapes + small cube of cheese

4.00pm – cup of skim milk

5.00pm – more fruit (if hungry)

6.30pm – Baked fish with potato and zucchini, cup of OJ, cooked with 1 TBS butter

8.00pm – Cup of skim milk

9.00pm – a cup of OJ with gelatin

(note: I add bicarb soda to both OJ and coffee to reduce acidity)

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Early on in the piece I used to have dessert too after dinner but that was packing on the pounds. So now if I want dessert, I just have it in the day time instead of one of the fruit options and not at night when you don’t need as much energy and your digestion is slower.

I guess the only difference if it is not a work day, is that you get to cook more elaborate things at home for breakfast and lunch, like an egg and vege fry up with mushrooms, tomatoes and pre-boiled potatoes.

Also note that I mention short coffees – I will explain this more in another post.

So health wise I am all on track; weight wise I could lose 5kgs (10lbs) and I will keep experimenting with food and light exercise to find the easiest way to do this, without having to resort to extreme measures. I’ll report back when I find it. (I did find it – see Zen Beach Diet below.)

To your health,

Kristy x

Note 1: This article was written in 2019 when I had to eat often to counter the negative effects of coming off a Keto diet and teaching my body how to process carbs again. Here is the update of how I now eat in 2021 – http://slimbirdy.com/calorie-intake-a-day/

Note 2: to read the full 7 day recommended eating plan, information on exactly what to eat for optimal health and a fast metabolism, grab a copy of the book the Zen Beach Diet. It’s available worldwide for immediate download for under AU$10.00 (US$7.70 & GBP 5.55.)

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  1. Kyla @ A Life Adjacent

    Whenever I feel like I’m stuck in a rut or don’t know what to eat, I can count on your blog or Instagram for easy pro-metabolic ideas. To think that back in my low-carb days, I used to be afraid of fruit… it was no way to live, and certainly not a healthy mindset either!

  2. slimbirdy Post author

    Hi Kyla, I know, we were so missing out in the no-fruit days! Glad you find it all useful.I’m trying to work on a bigger list of high carb low fat options for snacks & meals because everyone seems to trip up on the fat part. I hope you are well and looking forward to your summer. Cheers Kristy

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