Coconut Protein Chews

coconut protein chews

So following on from last week’s blog I wanted to give you a sweet treat recipe removing as many polyunsaturated fats as possible but still have it taste amazing and here it is! Coconut Protein Chews.

The coconut oil still has some but as we saw last week it’s the lowest of the oils you can get, cacao butter still has some as well about 5% with the rest being either saturated fat or monosaturated. So we’re doing pretty well with this type of white chocolate fix!

The protein powder adds this super chewy texture that reminds me of the milk shake lollies of my childhood, more than anything I’ve made before.

Love it!

Coconut Protein Chews

2 TBS butter
¼ cup coconut oil
2 TBS honey
1 cup shredded coconut
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 TBS vanilla protein powder


Lightly toast the coconut on a tray in the oven. I usually put it on 200C (392F) and cook for about 10 mins – check every few minutes and give it a stir.

In a saucepan on medium heat melt the butter, coconut oil, vanilla and rice malt syrup. Watch it carefully and allow it to bubble and simmer for about a minute.

Take off the heat and add the coconut, then half of the protein powder – mix thoroughly with a spoon, then add the rest of the protein powder and ensure all powder is wet and blended.

Press into silicon shapes or a small tray and chill in fridge overnight.

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Just so yum. Keep in the fridge or freezer for high protein sweet treat that really hits the spot,  as well as keeping your body happy with all the good fats.

Coconut bliss,

Kristy x

2020 Update: I wrote this recipe prior to changing to the Dr Ray Peat style of eating and so I no longer eat protein powder or as much fat in my diet as I did before. (I was keto until it trashed my health after 10 years on it.) So while it is delicious I don’t make this treat as often. To learn more about what I do eat and for current Sweet Treat recipes, read more in my books here.

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