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Snappy Oatmeal Cookies

Oat Snap CookiesOk so it’s true, I don’t eat grains. So you may be thinking, what the hell is she doing with Oatmeal Cookies then?

Before you say hypocrite with a capital H, let me explain.

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Oatmeal – healthy or not?

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Aaaahhhhh! Oats and oatmeal are coming at me from everywhere – instagram recipe images, friends, daily health snippets and they are touting them as the healthiest breakfast to eat EVER.

From the nutrition facts I can see a bit of Iron and a bit of magnesium, some protein and fibre and a whopping lot of carbs. Apparently they help reduce cholesterol in the arteries, something to do with the fibre.

More claims are that they digest slowly, making you feel more full for longer.

Then why is my experience with oats completely the opposite? Tell me that?

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