Coco Loco Protein Shake

protein shake, protein powder, coconut cream

So how was your protein intake from last week’s blog? Are you getting enough or too much maybe? As promised though, here is my protein shake recipe that I use to boost my protein if it’s looking a bit on the low side.

Coco Loco Protein Shake

1 TBS vanilla protein powder

1 TBS gelatin (CollagenX yellow top)

¼ cup coconut cream

½ cup coconut water (or filtered water)

½ tsp vanilla extract

(optional sweetener 1 TBS honey – my protein powder is already quite sweet, so I didn’t need any more.)

Mix the gelatin powder and water first with a spoon to allow the gelatin to bloom and not leave clumps. Add the rest of the ingredients, whiz in a blender and enjoy.

(If you don’t have access to a blender you could just shake it up in a sealed jar.)

Total protein: 26g

Here is a little list of some of my other recipes that are protein primed as well:-

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That’s what I love about this type of cooking, not only does it taste amazing, it’s full of good fats and protein and all the healthy things that make us feel fantastic.


Kristy x

2021 Update:

Since writing this post, I am no longer vegetarian, I don’t eat protein powder any more and I do eat a bit of dairy. So I could use that instead of coconut cream to boost the protein a little more.

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