Peanut Butter Protein Balls

OMG! I’m love with these things.

Something so simple to make yet hits the sweet, savoury, satisfying rich taste that only peanut butter can do, all at once. And it’s low carb too, a healthy weight loss miracle!

And if it doesn’t have enough going for it already, I have found this base recipe to be so versatile, it can morph into other things such as a base for a slice, add dried fruit and nuts and they become bliss balls, cover in healthy chocolate and it turns into heaven… with many more adaptations to discover I’m sure, so let’s get mixing…

Slim Birdy – PB Protein Balls

What’s in it…

2 TBS vanilla protein powder

2 TBS peanut butter

2 TBS organic maple syrup

How you do it…

Combine, roll into balls, chill.

And that’s it! Bliss.

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Feature in Oxygen Magazine March 2014

I’ve tried it with other nut butters too and while it’s good, it’s slightly different because PB has more of a savoury taste, so to balance it all out, you need to add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt or else it’s all too sweet.

So this mix is the middle of my PB Chocolate Tweet Cups and the base for my PB Choc slice so it’s a good one to commit to memory, which is super easy to do with only three ingredients – yahoo!



Kristy xxx

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PS: I’ve finally discovered Pinterest! If you’re a keen pinner look me up – – it looks like fun but I have lots  to learn!

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