how to make gummie bears

How to make gummy bears.

The first step in How to make Gummy Bears is to ensure you have a bear mould. I don’t, so we are making stars instead! Same method, same ingredients, just a different shape.

Now that coffee has crept back into my life a little, it was inevitable that it would appear in some recipes. Added here in this Coffee Gummies recipe, it gives a brilliant taste to the gummie lolly, which ends up all creamy, sweet and bursting with flavour.

Not a bad way to get your gut healthy gelatin in each day! (If you haven’t come across why gelatin is brilliant for your health yet, take a read of this.)

How to make Gummy Bears

½ cup milk (or coconut cream)
3 TBS honey
3 TBS CollagenX Beef Gelatin (Orange top)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Add ins:-

1 TBS PB2 powder*

(or normal Peanut Butter would be fine too if you don’t mind the PUFA)

¼ cup of coffee

(either 1 tsp of instant mixed in ¼ cup of boiling water – or however you get your coffee.)

How you do it:-

Place the milk, 2 TBS of honey, vanilla extract in a pot and sprinkle over the gelatin. Mix thoroughly giving the gelatin a bit of time to bloom in the cold liquid. (2-3 mins)

Heat slowly in a pot over medium heat. Pour one layer in moulds and put in the freezer to set.

For the 2nd layer – add PB2 powder to make a peanut butter layer. Pour a little over the set milk layer and back in the freezer to set.

For the 3rd layer – ¼ cup coffee & 1 TBS honey – mix through. Then pour remaining batch over the PB layer and in the fridge this time to set completely.

coffee gummies

Before I eat them, I like to keep them out of the fridge for about 10 mins first as they soften a little and taste better.

So this is a little more fiddly than I like to cook, but the end result is so pretty and the taste – just lovely. It’s not like you have to wash the pot and start again each time, we’re just adding bits to the existing mix – so it’s not too bad.

Other flavours?

I’ll have to think of some other layers – maybe lemon, orange and watermelon? What are your favourites?

To your gut health!

Kristy x


Gelatin: I get my gelatin from CollagenX – the Beef Gelatin in the bag with the ORANGE top is from pasture raised beef and is the one that gels. If you are using gelatin as a supplement in your coffee or OJ, the best one is the Hydrolysate which is in the bag with the yellow top. 

PB2: This is peanut butter powder which has had nearly all the PUFA oils removed. While not strictly Peaty, I enjoy the taste and so will indulge once and a while. Now in Australia the plain PB2 brand has all but disappeared which was disappointing because any other brands are about 3 times the price. However I’ve found an Australian supplier who says they will have it on going – hooray! Get in touch with Talia at Health Nuts and tell them Slimbirdy sent you!

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