ZEN Beach Design

Since writing my book The Zen Beach Diet, it just reinforced my love for a seaside lifestyle.

I’ve been really enjoying creating some beach house design products and just immersing myself in the ocean colours and images. It really takes away from all the negativity in the world and back to my happy place.

Heading into 2022 and my fascination has morphed into fluid art and flow design. I’m still experimenting but loving what I’m creating so far. After creating a design for a friend in pinks, purples and acid green, it has expanded my colour palette! I’m loving the colour explosion of pastel pink, watermelon, and tangerine! There’s over 100 different ZEN Beach designs now!

Bringing the feel of the beach and nature home on pillows, clocks, coasters, mugs, bath mats, light blankets and shower curtains. Other products in the line up include tote bags, backpacks, travel mugs, notepads, leggings and more.  If I have missed a colour you would like, let me know and I will happily create a design to suit your tastes.

zen beach design pipeline

Everything is ethically sourced and nothing is made until you order it – how’s that for environmentally friendly? Products are available worldwide and often are produced in the country of purchase.

So take a look around at the store and see what you like. Click here…


(If you have any trouble at all navigating the store, please get in touch at email slimbirdy @ ymail.com and I’ll help you out.)

Testimonials from customers

Peace, love & Byron Bay

Happy memories of Byron Bay….met my friend there when we were backpacking…this is a Christmas present for her to remind us of our favourite place. – Barnstaple, United Kingdom

I’m a North Coast girl and I love this, reminds me so much of my homeland xxNewtown, Australia

Great Ocean Road

Love this! – Antibutt3rfly

Had a great bike trip here, thanks for the memory! Woonona, Australia

I am going to Great Ocean Road in a few days so I had to get this…!Mornington, Australia

Yoga, Love & Byron Bay

Well you’ve made my day!!!!! Love this design!!!! My two most favourite things. Going straight on my water bottle. Thank you for your awesomeness!!!!! xxxBasildon, United Kingdom


Zen Beach Design