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Weight loss goals part 2


Making sure our great intentions and weight loss goals stay top of mind, here are the five other ways to keep you on the road to success! (If you missed the last five find them here.)

No. 5 – Feel good at every opportunity

Why wait until your goal weight before you start feeling good? Take every opportunity to focus on things you love and enjoy while you are on your way. That sexy red lipstick, fun at the movies, sharing your new healthy sweet treats with others – whatever floats your boat – do it now, as it helps to change your mindset about a whole bunch of things including your body and weight.

No. 4 – Don’t weigh yourself

If there is one way to set yourself up for continual disappointment and feeling bad, it’s constantly weighing yourself. Healthy weight loss is 500g (1lb) a week so if you are weighing yourself daily, six days out the seven nothing’s happening! Which bums you out. Just focus on how you feel physically, then point your mind to feeling good as in No. 6 and enjoy your life!

No. 3 Surround yourself with supportive influences

Similar to No.9 but perhaps in human form, keep in touch with the ones who are on the same wavelength with what you are trying to achieve. Maybe they walk with you or share awesome fruity recipes. Don’t talk about this stuff to friends/family who always bring you down or unwittingly sabotage you. Friends that try to drag you out for drinks when you would really rather not. Family members who cook unhealthy food and make you feel guilty if you don’t eat it. Or just say offhand comments like, “low PUFA how ridiculous, it’s everything in moderation you know.” Says the overweight Auntie!

No. 2 – Exercise – do what you want to do, not what you think you should do

There is so much guilt flying around about what we think we should be doing. In society it appears as if everyone loves to run or attend boot camp sessions or can’t wait to get to the gym. The reality is only about 10% of the population are doing this and the rest of us know we hate it but somehow feel undisciplined, unmotivated, unworthy and feel like we should like it for some reason. Forget all that hooey and just do something. Exercise is required for the body to function properly however what form that exercise takes is entirely up to you – guilt free!! This is the one that works best for me – One Ten Toned.

No. 1 –  Let go of past beliefs that are not serving you

You may not be losing weight because you are all kinds of bound up by a lifetime of conditioning and hanging on to past beliefs that are keeping you overweight. For example here are some past beliefs that I threw out the window to get to my happy weight.

You must eat bread and grains – no I don’t
You must eat meat, where will you get your protein? – no I don’t
Moderation is the key – no it isn’t, not for me anyway
Sugar is bad for you – no it isn’t, it’s actually pro metabolic if you eat it correctly
Only 3 meals a day and no snacking – totally bombed for me

Your weight loss goals should be personalised to you.

If you have been on the weight loss treadmill for some time, break out and do something different, it’s probably that most of the information out there just doesn’t work for you. Just as it didn’t for me!

Your goal weight is waiting for you; it’s just waiting for you to figure out the puzzle.

Fun & games,

Kristy x

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