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The Zen Beach Diet – New Book!

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First of all I just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased my books in the past. It means the world to me and enables me to keep researching, experimenting and sharing health discoveries that hopefully help everyone else as well on their journey.

To that end, after months of hard work and my kitchen/household turned upside down, I am excited to reveal my latest book – The Zen Beach Diet!

It’s based on my experiences with the Dr Ray Peat style of eating and solves the many questions about what to eat, how much to eat, how exactly to lose weight with this diet, what does a day of eating look life for you, how to formulate a meal, exact macros, calories and how to balance your starch and fat intake.

It features information, what types of food to eat, how to measure your food without counting calories, a basic meal plan and a 7-day meal plan as a guide.

Delicious new recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner are also included like Tangy Beef Stir Fry, Bacon Cheesy Breakfast Scramble, Cucumber Cracker Stacks and more.

The major takeaway is how to incorporate so much fruit into your meals, which seems to be what people struggle with the most and yet is an important feature of this style of eating.

Not only is it full of great information, it is also features some stunning beaches around the world taken by my husband and professional photographer Adrian Alford. Enjoy the amazing view as you learn how to finally get your health and weight on track and into the Zen Beach vibe.

Priced at only AU$9.95, it’s a PDF file of 34 mb and is available for immediate download here.

To your health!


Kristy x