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Gelatin…the new superfood…and gummy lollies – yay!


So last week I mentioned one other food I was researching and experimenting with along with the psyllium husk disaster zone and that is gelatin.

So you mean that stuff that makes jelly and is made from horses hooves, cows and pigs carcass and everything else scraped off the killing room floor? Well…yes sort of and yes all animal. So if you are vegetarian or vegan, you might want to stop reading right now however as I have explained before, my approach to the food I eat is what feels good to me in terms of physical effects – energy levels, no pain, bloating, tiredness, nothing that is addictive to me, preferring anything that makes me feel refreshed, nourished, alive and sometimes that extends to animals and animal products like fish, eggs, occasional dairy and now gelatin.

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Psyllium Husk or silly yuk more like it?

Always interested in feeling marvellous I set off to investigate a couple of food stuffs that I don’t eat. One was psyllium husk to make sure all is happening as it should – go fibre, go!

And the other was gelatin – made from horses hooves or the old wives tales we’ve been told but still animals – I know, I know, however I do eat fish and eggs and some dairy, so I’m an advocate of doing what works for me and often that means picking the best of the different ways to eat – nothing is off limits if it works for me and makes me feel good. However more on gelatin the wonder food at another time, today it’s about psyllium.

Now right off the bat I found two conflicting bits of information, well actually three. Which is just so typical of everything to do with weight loss, health and actually most things. As Esther Hicks says, “the experts disagree on almost everything in the world, so don’t listen to them.” I have found this to be true for everything I have encountered on weight loss, which is why I had to forge my own way. So onward though with an open mind as best we can!

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The quest for a flat stomach…

I don’t know about you but I have always admired the bodies with a flat stomach. Doesn’t have to be super muscly, just some nice soft definition looks lovely and shape where it’s supposed to be is great.

So when I was overweight, my stomach always seemed to be huge. I think I am one of those apple shaped people when I am overweight and put the weight on around my middle. I actually read an article once (wish I had kept the reference) but it was a review on a European spa where this journalist was to experience it for a few days and write the story. She was having a consultation with a dietician there and he said “you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat as it causes people to get fat in the middle, you know, like a monk.” This one sentence jumped off the page and totally hit me right between the eyes. How profound! “Wow perhaps that is my problem,” I thought. Hold that thought! Continue reading