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From a Low Carb Diet to Pro Metabolic Part 2 – The OUT list.

pro metabolic low carbSo in the last post I detailed all the foods I’m including to switch from a low carb diet to eat in a pro metabolic way, if you need a refresher of what they were, then click here.

Now here is the ‘perhaps they are not as healthy as we thought’ list.

Some entries may shock you as they did me… approach with an open mind…

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health shaming

Stop health shaming

I was unknowingly participating in health shaming myself. I thought I was helping.

“Don’t eat that, it’s no good for you.”

You know that ice-cream will go straight to your hips.”

“What are you doing? Another cookie? You know you shouldn’t be doing that!”

Aaagghhh! The health nag, don’t you just hate them? Health shaming and unsolicited advice from people who don’t even know your situation, your issues, your dramas or anything about you really. Continue reading