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Food Addiction – a scientific finding…not that I needed science.

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One of my favourite nutritionists Cindy O’Meara featured Dr Pamela Peeke on her blog who was responsible for writing the book The Hunger Fix, which is all about overeating and food addiction.

See! I knew food addiction was a real thing that was affecting me!

I knew even before someone else had to tell me, because I figured it out for myself. This is why how you feel has so much more credence than scientific stuff, which can take years to catch up with what people are experiencing. If I waited for a study to tell me how to fix myself, I would still be overweight and miserable now. That means I could have potentially wasted 10 years of my life waiting for someone else to figure it out for me. No thanks!

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Jingle Bells…

Best wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season. I hope you have a chance to rest, have fun, recharge and be ready for an exciting year ahead.

I just wanted to mention that a 5-year dream of mine came true this year with the release of my weight loss/feel good ebook: Slim Birdy – Lite as a Feather.

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