Running for weight loss



I was just checking out some other weight loss blogs and some on social media and about half of them said something about finding a new love of running. I will bet anything that none of them have a clue that running actually lowers your metabolism.

Sorry but I hate running. Jogging as well.

It all hurts too much from my boobs bouncing and hurting (even with a super dooper hold ‘em up, squish ‘em in sports bra. Two sometimes.)

Are we having fun yet?

Then my lower back starts to ache (have been under chiropractic care for my back for some years now. All pain free now but why choose to do something that aggravates it?)

Knees and other joints hurt, I have heard of friends who get shin splints and have to stop; foot injuries, ankles. What about the stress and strain on your whole body thumping the ground and jarring every organ with every step? Not to mention the wheezing, gasping for breath, pain in your lungs, bright red face, sweating, legs feel like jelly and nearly collapsing in a heap. To me it feels like total crap. Are we having fun yet?

Not for me, no way!

Now some people love it, it makes them feel alive. They love to push physical boundaries and test and challenge themselves. It makes them feel like they are doing something, achieving something – look at all the people who participate in fun runs and marathons etc.

My friend Kirsten is like this, any physical challenge and she is up for it. She and a bunch of her friends started training for a 10km run and then the marathon. I would rather break my own leg than do this. Funnily enough knee trouble side-lined her progress but such is her nature that this didn’t stop her either and she bought a bike! Some people are just like that.

Not me and maybe not you either, and you know what? That’s fine.

It’s ok to maybe have tried it in your life at some point and realise – I don’t actually like that and it’s why I don’t do it. I am not unmotivated or lazy, or lacking something, it’s not that I am not as good as those who do it. To hell with all of that. I just don’t like it, plain and simple and I will find something I do like.

Also it’s important to be informed about what running does to your body. When your resting pulse rate decreases everyone knows it’s a sign of cardio vascular fitness. But what most people don’t know is that it is also a sign of the body slowing down the metabolism and conserving energy. Here is another thing that running does:-

“Many factors, including poor nutrition, climate, emotional or physical stress (even excessive running) and toxins, can cause a progesterone deficiency.”

-Dr Ray Peat

Which also leads to other health issues. While it sometimes appears at the beginning that running works for weight loss, long term is the issue. Or when you stop running. So no point counting the calories burned while running, as the body is busy down regulating your metabolism to conserve energy and cope with the next round of stress.

It feels right

For me leisurely walking after food is beneficial – it assists digestion, helps the lymphatic system, gets me outside in the fresh air and sunshine – which is also important in itself for weight loss. It’s not about the calories it burns because you utilise far more calories just living than with exercise. You can also ramp up this ‘usage of calories by just living thing‘ via muscle tone and this requires some kind of weight lifting.

The combination of leisurely walking and lighter to moderate weights just all feels right to me. It all feels calm and nice, dignified and gentle somehow, like you are in tune with yourself and your surroundings and at peace. No stress on your body, no pushing or straining. All flow.

So how about you? Thump, thump, jar, jar, puff, wheeze, push and strain or calm and flow? Now that you know running lowers your metabolism, and may cause other issues are you as keen to do it?


Kristy x

Update: I have created a workout program based on Dr Ray Peat principles for a fast metabolism and a healthy body called One Ten Toned. It includes only walking and light to moderate weights that you do at home for a limited time only to preserve your metabolism. Read more here.

Note: Image by Adrian Alford Photography. See more of his work on his website here and follow his YouTube channel for photography tips and landscape adventures here.

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