Ray Peat Inspired Diet

ray peat dietIt’s been an eye opening last 6 months for me on the healthy food front and I’ve discovered most health information is wrong!

I’ve found a whole different angle of nutrition in a Ray Peat inspired diet. It’s based on nourishing, healing and nurturing your body. It supports healthy hormones, regulates your blood sugar, encourages repair and rejuvenation and is basically everything you need for a super healthy body, fast metabolism and easy weight loss/maintenance.

The scary part – it’s the complete opposite of what most healthy types currently bang on about! And in many ways, contradicts some of what I have written previously. (Sorry about that!)

However my aim has always been to find my optimal way of eating/being that is easy to maintain, makes you feel amazing and let’s you enjoy the rest of your life.

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And if what I was previously doing (mostly low carb, high fat, low sugar, no caffeine, lots of veges and greens etc) is no longer working for me – weight coming back on, body temps ridiculously low (35.2C!) – then I’m going to tell you about it.

I’ll risk an awkward few minutes of contradiction (ego be damned,) and tell you most health information is wrong because our health is just too important.

Here’s some examples of what may NOT actually be true:-

  • lots of veges are better
  • avoiding sugar altogether is better
  • substituting nuts for everything is better
  • minimising fruit is better
  • avoiding coffee is better
  • avoiding dairy is better
  • drinking lots of water is better
  • low carb is the best way to lose weight

And the list could continue on but I think you get the drift.

Nearly everything I believed to be true has been challenged again and most health information is wrong. Only this time, I’m more open minded about it all – I am used to doing the opposite of what ends up in the mainstream. And it’s still an exciting ride!

So buckle up for 2017, we are going on a mind bending new direction with a Ray Peat inspired diet, where I will explain all in tiny bite sized pieces. We’re headed for our ultimate healthy body with fun, sugar (balanced of course) and coffee along the way! (Can you believe it?)

Whoo hoo! And Happy New Year!

Kristy x

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2021 update:

After four years now on this style of eating I can honestly say it is the only truly healthy way to go. I explain how to exercise for a fast metabolism and how to eat in my two books One Ten Toned and the Zen Beach Diet, both available here.

Zen Beach Diet