New year goals

new year goalsHappy New Year Goals!

I’m excited again at the start of a new year, it does it to me every time. Not sure why, maybe it’s the holidays and so you are more relaxed and actually have time to think about your life and make plans. Or maybe it’s time to brush yourself off and start again.

What ever it is, I like it!

For me there was lots of joy, fun and travel in the past year, which I plan to continue thanks to my hubby who is the consummate travel planner, organiser and photographer. How lucky am I?

My little wish list for my new year goals:-

More yoga – twice a week at home and at least one class a month
Get healthy food prepping down to a fine art to minimise time in the kitchen
Massages – at least once a quarter

And just continue the happy!

And I’ve also learned lots more about food and nutrition and amazing things this past year that I will apply to my own life and tell you more about over the next few months as well.

But just one thing, for those of you who are still overweight and looking for solutions, if you do one thing for yourself this year, please I beg you, take a look at your consumption of these two things in your diet:-

Polyunsaturated fats & Grains

Between them they are the cause of most of the health problems in the world today.

I have just finished reading the second book by Dr William Davis called Wheat Belly Total Health and the amount of diseases caused by grains is mind blowing. It’s even more shocking given that the mainstream health professionals encourage the consumption of grains as ‘healthy’ and encourage you to eat lots of them!

Did you know that whole wheat bread increases your blood sugar levels higher than white bread and higher than sugar?

Grains are far from healthy. They’re partially responsible for the diabetes epidemic, the obesity epidemic and loads more things that you wouldn’t even think were related. I will give you a full run down in a future blog post.  But seriously you don’t need to go to a gym, you don’t need to sign up to boot camp, you don’t even need to feel guilty about the exercise you are not doing, because it has very little to do with weight loss.

And even if you don’t cut out grains and poly unsaturated fats altogether like I do, at least look into it more. Maybe reduce how much of both of these things you do eat on a daily basis, and watch the magic happen. Being open minded about this one thing, just may completely change your life forever.

And speaking of life changing, what’s in your plan for 2016?

Happy, healthy new year!

Kristy x

NB: To learn how to exercise to get and maintain a fast metabolism, check out my book One Ten Toned.