How to tighten loose skin

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Exactly how to tighten loose skin has been a puzzle for nearly everyone!

Nearly all women who have had children encounter loose skin. So does anyone who has lost weight. The same with the rest of us who may have trashed our skin by alcohol, smoking, junk food, lack of nutrients and many more reasons.

So that probably is about 80% of the population who has this issue!

Loose skin.

And the worst part of it is, the body’s ability to produce the necessary collagen to maintain firmness and elasticity declines with age. Like only over 30 years old!


However all is not lost, as I have discovered something. Well two things actually, quite by accident, that solved the problem for me!

Ignore the bad advice

There is so much confusion with all the articles telling you to do 10 different things to fix loose skin. Things like skin brushing, rubbing egg whites on yourself, hot/cold showers, certain magic creams, weight training, wraps etc all have one or more issues.

  1. Some are so impractical that it is almost impossible to keep it up – so you don’t and so it doesn’t work.
  2. Or it doesn’t actually get to the core of the issue which is that the skin is replenished from within.

loose skin, skin firming, post partum,

Weight training

So take weight training for example, it’s great for muscles, brings blood flow to the muscle. However muscle lies under the fat under the skin, so does it actually bring the blood flow to the skin where you need it?

I don’t think it does.

I have seen case after case on social media where people are working their guts out lifting weights and developing amazing visible muscles. However the loose skin on top is still loose and they are mega disappointed. So weight training is great for other things but for loose skin, it is not the solution. (See my light to moderate weights program for a fast metabolism here .)

So I have found the answer to how to tighten loose skin that worked for me. There are two simple actions that need to be taken every day and I have written a short book about it to share with everyone.

The practicality of the application is what makes it so effective.  You can even do it in bed! I haven’t seen any solution like it anywhere – so it may very well be a world first!

It’s available now as a PDF download for only AU$9.95 (US$6.50, GBP 5.15.)

Click here to read more and buy now.

Kristy x

NB: 2023 update – I have now also completed five more books following the Dr Ray Peat inspired  lifestyle I am following. Read more about them here.


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