EzySafe Can Opener

EzySafe solves can opener problems

Who else has can opener problems?

I don’t eat much canned food; just tuna & coconut cream, which both have a ring pull thingy, so no can opener problems there. And the only other food is canned beetroot, which I love to flavour up a salad and add a bit of tang. So I need to open a small can about once a week.

But seriously of late, it’s become a massive ordeal. I bought one cheapo can opener and it lasted about 4 cans. I could still pierce the can but the wheel was rotating on the spot and not going anywhere.

Super frustrating when you don’t have an alternative on hand, a partially opened can and no way to get in there any time soon.

The 2nd can opener was a little more expensive and same thing, 5 cans in and kaput.


I didn’t want to buy a can opener every month, but I wanted my beetroot!

So I started looking online to see what other people said about can openers generally and to see if the more expensive ones were worth it and the reviews were almost comical…

Other can opener reviews…

“Useless! Plain and simple, it does not open cans lol. The name Magican says it all really, because if you actually get a can to open with this stupid can opener it would be nothing short of a magic trick!… Hands down the most frustrating kitchen implement I’ve dealt with to date…”

“Omg….what a waste of money this purchase was! Went to open a can of beetroot for an Australia Day BBQ and this piece of crap just pierced the can enough for the juice to go everywhere and then just proceeded to mangle the can’s lip so we couldn’t use any other opener on hand. After skinning 2 knuckles, we finally got to the beetroot with tin snips and a pair of pliers, and you guessed it……the Magican went straight in the bin!!!”

Source: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/culinare-magican-can-opener.html

“So you want to open a can of soup? No problem, here’s what to do. Pick up your Zyliss can opener, attach it to the lid (an easy operation), then turn the handle to complete the cutting operation (also easy). Now simply lift the detached lid away from the can. Oh dear, it doesn’t want to move? Then wiggle it a bit. Still no luck? Well get the pointy end of a knife under the lid and exert some real force. That should do it! Now for the final step – using a wet rag, clean the soup off your kitchen floor…A useless implement!”

Source: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/zyliss-safe-edge-can-opener.html

So it looks like I’m not the only one with can opener problems!

In the meantime, I had also bought a 3rd cheap one that lasted…you guessed it 4 cans… so getting a bit sick of it all, hubby bought one of those single blade manual ones people use while camping. At least this one would continue to work!

So I would pierce the can with opener number 3, then jimmy in the manual one, slicing up the metal. Very jagged edges were the result and it was super dangerous. I dreaded every time the beetroot ran out and counted myself lucky that all my fingers were still attached after each tin can battle. Whew!

(Hubby couldn’t help as he had a finger in a splint from a previous injury – not from tin cans but just in case you were wondering why he wasn’t helping!)

But nonetheless, it shouldn’t be this way!

So then like a gift from heaven, I was given the opportunity to review the EzySafe Can Opener. With a name like that, I already knew I was onto a winner.

Readers of this blog know I like my cooking easy and safety too is a real issue with jagged cans – I don’t want my cooking to be like an episode of Survivor. Especially when it doesn’t need to be.

So when you first use the Ezysafe, it feels so different.

I really wasn’t sure how to use it but thank goodness for the instructions on the back of the pack.

EzySafe Can Opener


It’s just that there is no dramatic can piercing or wild flailing required to turn the handle. You just put it in position, hold it there and turn and it’s just so smooth, it feels like nothing is happening. You can feel a bit of resistance but that’s it. I couldn’t even feel when it circled the can and I needed to stop!

So this clever little gadget stands out from the crowd in a number of ways:-

Both left handers and right handers can use it

– with my sister and hubby both being lefties, I am aware of the difficulties they sometimes face using different implements, so this is a nice surprise.

No sharp edges on either the lid or the can once opened

– is that like a miracle or what? It goes through the seam of the can – so on the outside. Does any other can opener do that? So now I am no harm to myself, or the people at the recycling place and for those who have kids around, this is a ‘must-have’ alternative.

EzySafe Can Opener


It doesn’t need washing as it doesn’t touch the food

– bonus

Large handles, easy to use.

– for those with arthritis or sore hands for any reason, what a relief. My hands are perfectly fine but every other opener I’ve used hurt my hands, so not any more!

Lastly and most importantly – a 12 month guarantee!!!

– so here’s a company who stands by their product. What a lovely change! So that’s at least 52 beetroot cans for me! Yay! Those 4 can wonders can go get nicked. No more can opener problems for me.

So happy to have found these guys – BJ Enterprises and end the kitchen carnage. There is even an EzySafe ‘3 in 1’ with a bottle, jar and can opener – how cool is that?

They also have other nifty gadgets you may want to check out too. Their tag line for this opener is… “Australia’s greatest can opener.” And you know what? I think they may be right!

So family and friends, guess what you’re getting next Christmas?!

Happy camper,

Kristy x

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