Is dietary advice causing food stress?

dietary advice causing food stressIt is interesting reading, tripping through other people’s blogs and everyone’s responses when it comes to eating, body image and food stress.

There are unrealistic ideals in terms of thinness, eating disorders, people who believe one thing bagging anyone else who has a different view. A myriad of ways to eat – paleo, vegetarian, vegan, high protein, fruitarian, bananas only, raw food only, low carb, junk food only, low carb high fat.  A combination of the above, eat some things but leave other things out. As well as the whole ‘a little bit of everything in moderation’ camp.

So really to find your way through the murky depths of the many views, concepts, programs and guidelines, there is only one true shining light of guidance for you. And that is…

…does it feel good and work for you?

Consider this…

Can you eat the foods you eat and not want to eat the whole packet or have to summon some kind of super human willpower to resist the urge to eat the rest?

 Can you eat the foods you eat and weigh what you want to weigh, with no effort?

 Can you eat the foods you eat and eat whenever you are hungry?

 Can you eat the foods you eat and not have to weigh, measure or restrict the volume of food when you would really prefer to be able to eat more?

 Do the foods you eat result in any physical discomfort like gas, pain in the stomach or gut, constipation or other pains?

Do the foods you eat make you feel alert, bright, and energetic and leave you in a great mood?

When I tried to stick to the conventional route of ‘everything in moderation’ and not leaving any food group out, I was a complete mess. Overeating certain foods because I just couldn’t stop, I was overweight, always hungry, trying to restrict the quantity of food, all kinds of pains and issues and tired, listless and lethargic.

So clearly the common eating advice didn’t work for me.

Everyone kept shoving the ‘everything in moderation’ in my face. For years I tried to do it and it doesn’t work for me. How do you think it made me feel? Pretty hopeless, useless and bad because according to everyone else that is the only way to do it.

I have found my way of eating that suits me perfectly and I can be the weight I want to be without any effort. So the only thing I can do is ignore everyone else. As well meaning as their advice is – it doesn’t work for me.

Dietary advice – Food Stress

So when I see articles from dietitians praising lots of vegetables or beans…sorry but I’m not going to do it. It’s not wrong for everyone but it’s wrong for me.

So if not eating sugar makes you binge eat – then don’t do it.

 If leaving meat out of your diet makes you tired and listless – don’t do it.

 If leaving any food group out gives you any kind of food disorder at all – then don’t do it.

Live and let live and forget about food stress. March to the beat of your own drum. Have fun exploring to find your unique way of eating that works for you.

More macadamia coconut yum bites anyone?


Kristy x

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