Coffee Alternative


Guess what I’ve found???

Something that tastes like coffee but isn’t coffee and is in fact pretty darn good for you! A fantastic coffee alternative.

I was just going for the taste without the side effects of caffeine (de-caf was never an option due to the chemical process they use to get the caffeine out of there.) And I have tried other herbal concoctions like Dandelion Roast Coffee where even if you use your imagination it’s not even close!

Great taste!

After having enjoyed this stuff for quite a few months now, full coffee taste with no side effects and in fact feeling pretty good after having a couple of cups a day, I knew I had to tell you guys about it!

My parents actually bought it to my attention first, as my father can’t go anywhere near caffeine as even a small amount gives him heart palpitations and sends him off into weakness and dizzy spells. (Even Rooibos tea supposedly doesn’t have any caffeine yet sends him off the deep end.)

My mother used to love coffee too but since her breast cancer a few years back, doesn’t touch anything now that is acidic to her body or messes with her adrenals. So she especially was pleased to find a coffee alternative with a similar taste that she can enjoy again.

The product is Nature’s Cuppa Rich Roast, which is made in Germany from Roasted Barley, Rye, Chicory and Malt. And to me it tastes exactly like Nescafe Instant coffee used to taste. So coffee connoisseurs who must only have the right coffee beans preferably from a café may not agree with my taste assessment, but I’m loving it, so you won’t know until you give it a go.


Given that it’s made from roasted grains, unfortunately it won’t appeal to the gluten-free crew – sorry guys! And depending on how strictly you may stick to the Paleo guidelines, it may not be your cup of coffee either! However as a gluten and grain sensitive person (I get the bloating and mildly unpleasant effects of it but not the full blown knock you out type of effects that severe sufferers experience,) I have experienced none of the normal grain issues with this. Maybe because it’s roasted. Maybe because you are having one or two teaspoons full of it and not a whole bowlful like pasta. I’m not sure. So it’s passing all my tests with flying colours.

Coffee Alternative Health Benefits

Then as a double bonus, not only do I get to enjoy that amazing coffee taste again, (I always loved the taste of coffee, it’s just that my body couldn’t handle the caffeine – read my previous stories about this here and here,) I started to research a bit about the health benefits of Chicory, and Malt and get a load of this…

Chicory is a good source of vitamins and minerals and may do the following…

  • – ease digestive problems
  • – prevent   heartburn
  • – reduce arthritis pain
  • – detoxify the liver & gallbladder
  • – prevent bacterial infections
  • – boost the immune system
  • – assist with weight reduction

Read more about this here. 

Powdered malt…

Contains vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as some amino acids. Drinking malt extract beverages at night might help you get to sleep more easily because of the mineral content, which relaxes your muscles.

So tastes like coffee but no caffeine, so won’t keep you awake and even has vitamins and minerals in it that help you sleep among other things! How about that!

So it gives the cup of coffee after dinner a whole new angle and appeal.

Read more about Malt here. 

So this is just another amazing discovery along the health trail of finding the tastes you love in foods that are actually good for you. My imagination is running wild right now, do you know what this means for my cooking????

Mocha drink with my cocoa

Coffee/Raw Cacao slice

Coffee tasting cake

Chocolate Coffee Tweets

Coffee tasting pudding

OMG! Have to stop writing now and head to the kitchen. Very inspired!

Love it,

Kristy x

2022 Update:

I do drink coffee again now that I’ve learned how to do it properly, see article here.

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