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Cherry & Blueberry Popsicles

Have been loving these cherry and blueberry popsicles (or Icy Poles for the Aussies!) just as an after dinner ‘cool me down’ and little sweet hit.

What happened to the cherries this year? Hardly any in the stores and still so expensive. Just as well there are frozen options handy at all times.

Adding the coconut water replenishes lost electrolytes from all the perspiring in this heat and magic gelatin helps with the digestion of your dinner as well as being a fantastic way to take the supplement for your hair, skin, joints etc .

(For those who don’t know – the Hydrolysate version of gelatin is the non-gelling kind. It mixes clear in plain water and adds no taste, so is perfect to sneak in everywhere. I use the yellow top bag of CollagenX and get it here. )

On with the recipe….

Cherry & Blueberry Popsicles

1 cup frozen cherries/blueberries

1 cup freshly squeezed OJ

2 TBS raw honey

1 TBS potato starch


½ cup coconut water

2 TBS CollagenX Gelatin Hydrolysate

How you do it…

In a small saucepan add the frozen fruit and honey, bring to a simmer and bubble for about 20 mins so it cooks into a nice thick texture.

Stir occasionally and squash the whole cherries to break them up a bit.

Mix through the potato starch, then add the OJ.

(Add the coconut water and gelatin now if using.)

Stir most of the time to disperse the starch and thicken the batch, bring to a slight simmer then switch off the heat.

Allow to cool a little before pouring into popsicle moulds.

Freeze overnight.

I use the potato starch as a little thickener, which makes the end result a little more porous and bite-able, rather than freezing into a solid block. It’s so fresh and yum.

In the picture I did ones with straight OJ and just threw in a few blueberries to see what it would taste like and it’s ok, but not as nice as making them into a jam first.

I wonder what other flavours I can make?

Kristy x

NB: For more fruity recipes check out my book – Sweet Treats – available for immediate download.

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