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10 ways to help your weight loss resolutions stick cont…

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Making sure our great intentions and resolutions stay top of mind, here are the 5 other ways to keep you on the road to success! (If you missed the last 5 find them here.)

No. 5 – Feel good at every opportunity
Why wait until your goal weight before you start feeling good? Take every opportunity to focus on things you love and enjoy while you are on your way. That sexy red lipstick, fun at the movies, sharing your new healthy sweet treats with others – whatever floats your boat – do it now, as it helps to change your mindset about a whole bunch of things including your body and weight. Continue reading

10 ways to help your weight loss resolutions stick…

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Ah yes, New Year. New beginnings, a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and this time stick to that plan of action to get to your goal weight.

So it’s two weeks in and how are you travelling so far?

If you were anything like me, you would have already blown it by now. Those habits are deeply ingrained and take a little more than a fanciful thought or even signing up to a 12-week program to make a permanent change. We are talking f-o-r-e-v-e-r people, so it may take some persistent, consistent reminders and shifts to change 20/30/40 year old habits. So try this on… Continue reading

What’s up with NY resolutions..

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I was a diary writer from a young age and every New Years Day, I loved to get out the brand new Letts diary Christmas present.

The first day of the year, so fresh and clean like the first diary page, so full of hope and optimism. I would consider how I would like the year to unfold and invariably every single time, my weight would factor in there. I would go weigh myself and write – current weight 85kgs, this year get to 65kgs.

There was no concrete plan as to how to do this. Sometimes it was just thoughts of “I am really going to stick to xyz diet” or “I am going to run and exercise every day.” But a few days in and usually it was shot to pieces, that ice cream or chocolate being just too tempting and when you have a bit, you have ruined everything, so you might as well eat the lot; or so the crazy out of control psycho in my head told me. Continue reading