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Pro metabolic snack ideas


I had a question on Instagram recently – “why are you trying to eat so much fruit?”

This was in response to one of my snack pics and caption explaining how I am trying to eat 10 cups of fruit a day.

Of course this flies in the face of current recommendations, which prefer veges over fruit – I think everyone know the 5 veges and 2 fruit rule offered by the Australian Government Dietary Guidelines.

The Ray Peat way of eating offers the following benefits of ripe fruits:-

– awesome balance of carbs, protein and fats

(when I looked into it further I had no idea that fruit actually had fat and protein, I thought it was all sugar as we’ve been told)

– easily digestible

– full of easily accessible nutrients

– softer soluble fibre (if the skins are removed)

– full of hydrating water

– less anti-nutrients

– metabolism stimulating

Before it’s ripe, fruit has negative compounds in it that prevent insects and birds eating it, however once ripened, all of these disappear. (Or course good quality fruit, organic if possible is always preferred.)

Leafy Green and other Vegetables on the other hand have:-

– indigestible cellulose – which may cause gut issues and bacterial overgrowth

– phytates – blocking mineral absorption

– lignans – cause gastrointestinal distress

– lectins – which damage the gastro intestinal lining and cause inflammation

– oxalates – which cause kidney stones

– pufas – causing thyroid and carbohydrate digestion issues

– goitrogens – disrupting the production of the thyroid hormone eg: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli

So while veges do have some nutrients, they also have some or all of these anti-nutrients in them which cause all kinds of issues as well as block many of the nutrients anyway. Often the amount of nutrients in the vegetables are small, so you have to eat a lot to get any where near the RDA – like a cow chewing all day, except for the fact that we don’t have the four stomachs to handle all that cellulose. And it just means you are getting lots of the anti-nutrients too.

So veges really should be super well cooked and relegated to a little bit of decoration on the plate, rather than the whole meal or snack being based around vegetables only.

(The exception to this is fruit-like veges such as zucchini, cucumber, tomato and root veges like carrots, pumpkin & potato which have the least anti-nutrients like fruit.)

So this is why I’m getting into more fruit lately and here are some Peaty snack ideas to keep you going…

  1. Grapes, nectarine & Camembert cheese
  2. Raw carrot salad, with fresh lemon juice & Himalayan rock salt
  3. Two medjool dates & a glass of organic skim milk
  4. Half a cup each of blueberries, rice puffs, organic skim milk with a squirt of honey and shake of Himalayan rock salt
  5. Sliced nectarine & pear with fruit dip made from ¼ cup cottage cheese, dash of skim milk, shake of salt and 1 TBS honey
  6. Fried egg with mushroom, tomato and a glass of OJ with ¼ tsp bicarb soda
  7. Cottage cheesy, olive dip with, apple slices, capsicum & carrot sticks
  8. Cherries, kiwi fruit, and orange with a few cubes of feta cheese
  9. Applesauce with cottage cheese cream
  10. Fruit smoothie – any left over fruit you have in the house, with some coconut water – optional extras – hydrolysed gelatin, honey, skim milk

Note: make sure you get olives in brine and not sunflower oil.

Tell me your favourite Peaty style snack, so I can add to the list.

Happy, healthy snacking.


Kristy x

Low fat custard (Ray Peat Inspired)

ray peat, protein, low fat, metabolism, hormones

So given my latest direction of Ray Peat inspired eating, custard would have to be one of the most perfect dessert foods. Milk, sugar, maybe eggs, maybe gelatin – they’re all on the preferred foods list for optimal health in Ray’s book. So it’s not like you are cheating in any way when you eat this – you’re supposed to be!

So perhaps I should put ‘guilt free’ in the title?

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Chewy Milky Fudge (Nut Free)

ray peat, milk, metabolic, healthy treat,

Given that we know that balanced sugar is actually fuel for all cells in the body – so long as it’s accompanied by adequate nutrients – I set out to make a fudge that ticked all the boxes. (And left out nuts – see previous post.)

The Indian Burfi sweet treat was actually an inspiration for this; it seems to be made in many different ways – including nuts, but one version with milk powder started the creative neurons firing. (In some cases it’s also called Barfi however that’s not such a great word in English to associate with cooking and eating!)

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White Choc Fruity Bites & FYI on Teeth Remineralisation & Phytic Acid

coconut, coconut butter, dates, prunes, healthy snack, dessert

So since I’ve been eating a little more along the Dr Ray Peat principles, read what that is here. I’ve found that drinking sweetened tea or coffee with honey and not rinsing between, has affected my teeth. A bit of sensitivity and lingering dull pain here and there.

Cut straight to the end – I’ve fixed it – however it started me looking into the remineralisation of teeth.

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The switch from very Low Carb/Keto to Pro Metabolic eating.

metabolism, hormones, loose skin, Dr Ray Peat, low carb, keto, metabolic

Ok, so I’ve mentioned a few times now that I have changed how I am eating.

The reason:

…my holy grail – low sugar and low carb – stopped working for me and the weight started to pile back on!

Oh no!

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Cherry & Blueberry Popsicles


What happened to the cherries this year? Hardly any in the stores and still so expensive. Just as well there are frozen options handy at all times.

Have been loving these fruity popsicles (or Icy Poles for the Aussies!) just as an after dinner ‘cool me down’ and little sweet hit.

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Coffee Gummies

coffee, gelatin, gummies, gut health, ray peat, gelatin australiaNow that coffee has crept back into my life a little, it was inevitable that it would appear in some recipes. Added here, it gives a brilliant taste to the gummie lolly, which ends up all creamy, sweet and bursting with flavour.

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Healthy Chocolate Paddle Pops

I’ve been reading lots of recipes for banana ice-cream lately with some peeps even making whole recipe books about it! And most others declaring that it is soooo good. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while, but I don’t usually eat bananas as I find them too starchy and just all too much really.

I’ve bought bananas a few times and cut it up and whacked it in the freezer with the intention of giving it a go, to see if it is ‘just like normal ice-cream’ as they say but every time I would forget and 3 months later – oops the frozen bananas are a bit too rank to do anything other than throw them away. (Sorry food waste police!)

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Crunchy Raw Protein Cookies

adrian alford photography, paleo, vegan, coconutContinuing the theme of ‘lunchbox or travel snacks,’ another recipe evolved and this may be my current favourite!

It just astounds me how a raw cookie can be crunchy. Totally tastes like it’s cooked, only it’s not!

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Rich Chocolate Travel Bars

dates, chocolate, cacao, healthy, snacks, weightloss

Image by

While I totally love my normal fudge/chocolate creations, they are strictly fridge to mouth options only, as they melt into a gooey mess within half an hour of being out of the chilly environment.

Not so practical for the lunchbox or if you want to take travel snacks.

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