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Chewy Milk Fudge Recipe – Nut Free

We now know that balanced sugar is actually fuel for all cells in the body, and is good for you so long as it’s accompanied by adequate nutrients. I set out to make a milk fudge recipe that ticked all the boxes for taste and nutrition, and left out nuts – see previous post as to why this is important.)

The Indian Burfi sweet treat was actually an inspiration for this. Burfi seems to be made in many different ways – including nuts, but one version with milk powder started the creative neurons firing. (In some cases it’s also called Barfi however that’s not such a great word in English to associate with cooking and eating!)

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Lemon Noodle Salad

lemon noodle saladI just wanted to share with you my current favourite salad – the Lemon Noodle Salad. I could eat this at least four days in the week, as it’s just so light and tasty and really hits the spot. The best part is that it’s super easy (I don’t cook any other way) and is really adaptable to whatever you have in your fridge.

So there are only a couple of essential ingredients to make it taste similar to mine and these are:-

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites

One of my favourite things about simple recipes is that you can sometimes just add one more ingredient to the mix and it completely changes it to a new taste sensation. And this is what happened here for these Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Bites.

I had Philly cheese in the house for some reason and was making my PB Protein Balls and my usual weekly batch of Homemade Chocolate and decided to mix it in and the result was a decadent ‘to-die-for’ dessert that’s super healthy!

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White Chocolate Fudge

Healthy Fudge, White Chocolate, Slim Birdy

So I was remembering my younger days and my preference in chocolate was always the milk chocolate type, not dark as that seemed too bitter. Super sweet white chocolate inspired this Healthy White Chocolate Fudge and luckily when you make it yourself, you can adjust the sweetness to suit.

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Homemade Sesame Snaps

Homemade sesame snapsSuper crunchy and delicious, I think these Homemade Sesame Snaps are better than store bought. Big call!

Do you remember Sesame Snaps in the tiny little packet that you always had trouble opening? Then when it was open the little slices of goodness were all stuck together so rarely if ever, you managed to break them apart without snapping it in half? It didn’t seem to matter though as they were sweet and crunchy – so sticky, crunchy and rock hard in fact that it seemed like your teeth would break! Despite all that, they were yum!

So I don’t know what the ingredients are in the original – might take a peek when I am next at the supermarket – however I wondered if I could recreate the taste with honey or rice malt syrup. It turns out I can! Yahoo!

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