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2015 – The year of ‘feeling’ your way…

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It’s Happy New Year time again! Are you excited?

Time to wipe the slate clean and all that.

Even after 40 odd years of happy new years, I still get excited. The same excited though as when I start a new notebook fresh and clean or start a new project. It’s somehow full of potential, possibilities and wonderful things, like feeling amazing.

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The moment I turned downstream…

I am a huge fan of Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction mainly because it makes so much sense to me. The concept is basically ‘what you think about you bring about’ and if you are all doom and gloom, then guess what? That’s mostly what shows up in your life.

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Upstream Downstream

I had a fantastic conversation with a friend Pam who has been overweight all of her adult life, tried everything to lose it as well, without success. She loves to exercise, drinks lots of water, is into alternative health and the Law of Attraction, is active, fun loving, gets out lots but still this is the one thing that has niggled her and her whole family actually, all their lives.

Then she read my book.

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‘It will be hard but it will be worth it’… really?

If I received a dollar for every instagram post with this supposed motivation quote on it, I would be a rich girly. Every time I see it though, I get a little irritated like being poked in the ribs.

My question is… why? Why does it need to be hard?

Are we talking about the same thing? I’m talking weight loss, what are you talking about?

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emotional eating

Emotional eating or something else?

I was reading an article recently (link below) talking about eating disorders and emotional eating. It covered the psychological aspect of binge eating in terms of the emotional reasons people pick up that block of chocolate and eat the whole thing.

In all the examples the type of food people were pigging out on was junk food. McDonalds, KFC, commercial chocolate, cakes, biscuits, and ice cream were some examples. Never once do you hear the story… and she was so upset she ate five bowls of salad and a whole watermelon.

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Psychological blocks to weight loss

psychological blocks to weight loss

One of the biggest life lessons that smacked me in the head is about resistance and the psychological blocks to weight loss that stop us getting to where we truly want to go. So it’s not  that we can’t have it, or that it’s impossible for me, it’s the fact that we block our own signs, signals and attempts to get there and we don’t even know it!! Crazy huh?!

I love the work of Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction theories because they simply resonate with me. I find myself going, “oh yeah, that’s what happens to me!” all the way through her stuff. The alternative ways to think are easy to apply and mostly common sense, once it’s pointed out to you.

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The sneak up on me factor…

Everyone’s lives are busy you know? Darting here and there just to keep up and fit things in so you’re not missing out on anything or leaving anything undone. Does anyone sit under a tree in the back yard and read a book any more? And if they do, can they relax and enjoy it or are they feeling guilty about not being productive and feel lazy? I know I do.

Anyway, that’s a whole other blog post but getting back to ‘the sneak’… this was a concept I only realised was happening while reflecting back on when I was overweight. You would go about your life, so busy and bam! without realising it, you were 10kgs (22lbs) overweight.  Suddenly your jeans won’t do up any more and you wonder how that happened all of a sudden? Continue reading

Chinese food, wine and feeling bad…

A follower on instagram, let’s call her IG Mary, has an account where she is losing weight and keeping herself motivated.  It’s a place where people can express how they are feeling about their journey, measure the goal posts when they lose weight and feel good when everyone posts encouraging messages. (As well as ducking and weaving between Herbalife, crazy wraps and other people trying to get you to buy stuff.)

This time however, Mary was feeling bad. She had a friend over the night before and they’d eaten Chinese food and drunk a bottle of wine and now she said she was feeling bad and unmotivated. I love this kind of stuff, as hopefully I can get people to think from another angle.   Continue reading

Weight loss mindset

weight loss mindset

Do you think your weight loss mindset is holding up your weight loss progress? What type of things come into your head around weight loss? Is it positive or negative?

Now I am not suggesting that you hear voices however it is interesting to be aware of the internal chatter that goes on inside your head.  Are you your own best friend or a mean pain in the ‘a’ who puts yourself down?

A great deal of the dialogue around this centres on the concept of ‘loving yourself’ and while I believe this is true, it can sound a bit hokey for some people and over the top. Like you are ‘up yourself’ somehow; not a great approach to an important concept.

So I like to think of it as being your own cheerleader or your own best friend, someone who is all of these things: Continue reading

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10 ways to help your weight loss resolutions stick

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Ah yes, New Year. New beginnings, a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and this time stick to those weight loss resolutions to get to your goal weight.

So it’s two weeks in and how are you travelling so far?

If you were anything like me, you would have already blown it by now. Those habits are deeply ingrained and take a little more than a fanciful thought or even signing up to a 12-week program to make a permanent change. We are talking f-o-r-e-v-e-r people, so it may take some persistent, consistent reminders and shifts to change 20/30/40 year old habits. So try this on… Continue reading

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