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Daily exercise for health


Do you know how much daily exercise for health we are supposed to be doing? How much is too much, where it starts to negatively impact your health?

I was visiting my parents who live two states away and I have a running joke with my father, where I ask – “Dad have you been lifting your weights a little?” He always replies, “I’ll start tomorrow.” He has said this for the last 30 years!

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Making slim a lifestyle change

lifestyle change

When I was overweight I never really understood what a complete lifestyle change meant, when it came to losing weight. It turns out others don’t either.

So I was chatting to a social media follower, let’s call her Betty and we got to talking after she commented on one of my posts where the theme was ‘I walk because I hate running.’

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Have I found the only low PUFA skincare in the world?

low pufa skincare

Do you know why finding a low pufa skincare is important? What even am I talking about?

Quick quiz….

(*Also note update at the end.)

What is a PUFA?  –  Why is it a problem?  –  How does it relate to my skin and ageing?

Ok, PUFAs are Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids and despite many a traditional dietitian still espousing that it’s the healthier oil – think nut oil, seed oil, grain oil – like sunflower, canola, rice bran – others like Biologist Dr Ray Peat say that due to its unstable nature – ie: easily breaks down in heat and light – it actually may be toxic and inflammatory and cause a whole host of issues like this:-

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Most health information is wrong

happyny2017It’s been an eye opening last 6 months for me on the healthy food front and I’ve discovered most health information is wrong!

I’ve found a whole different angle of nutrition based on nourishing, healing and nurturing your body. It supports healthy hormones, regulates your blood sugar, encourages repair and rejuvenation and is basically everything you need for a super healthy body, fast metabolism and easy weight loss/maintenance.

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How to tighten loose skin

How to tighten loose skin

Exactly how to tighten loose skin has been a puzzle for nearly everyone!

Nearly all women who have had children encounter loose skin. So does anyone who has lost weight. The same with the rest of us who may have trashed our skin by alcohol, smoking, junk food, lack of nutrients and many more reasons.

So that probably is about 80% of the population who has this issue!

Loose skin.

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New year goals

new year goalsHappy New Year Goals!

I’m excited again at the start of a new year, it does it to me every time. Not sure why, maybe it’s the holidays and so you are more relaxed and actually have time to think about your life and make plans. Or maybe it’s time to brush yourself off and start again.

What ever it is, I like it!

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The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle – so awesome!


When news of this ‘Australian first’ wellness offer popped in my inbox, I was a little unsure of what it was about and skeptical as to whether I, or you guys, would be interested.

But then I saw who was involved and my eyes nearly popped out of my head!

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Set yourself up to win at weight loss

win at weight lossHaving experienced many failed attempts to lose weight over the years, there is one important snippet of advice I wish I knew way back then. Set yourself up to win at weight loss.

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Exercise for weight loss? Not quite the remedy we’ve been led to believe.

exercise for weight loss

The articles published recently about the questionable effective relationship of exercise for weight loss mirror my experiences.

It’s funny because I have worked things out for myself for a long time now regarding weight loss based on how it feels for my body. It has led me to the place I am now – happy, healthy the weight I want to be without much effort at all.

It helped me wade through the information overwhelm which is mostly conflicting and arrive at my truth.

The new paradigm is…

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Worlds First Selfie Wedding

elopement, wedding photography,

What a whirlwind week! The release of our worlds first selfie wedding photos on the Today Show last Monday has sparked interest around the world and I am proud as punch of my hubby and his amazing photographic skill.

We just wanted a stress free wedding and could think of nothing better than to be high on a mountain in a beautiful part of the world.

The lovely journalists at the Today Show thought it was a fantastic story given that Adrian (my husband) took all the photos himself.  The researching and planning of how to do it and the practice was a lot of hard work, but the results were stunning.  We do travel together to beautiful spots for photography quite often, so this was just another really meaningful adventure!

Today Show

Here are a couple behind the scenes shots of filming with the delightful Aislin Kriukelis who was the consummate professional. My knees were shaking and I swear I could hear the quiver in my voice – luckily they cut that part out!


ABC 612 Radio

Then we received a call from ABC 612 Radio and next thing we know we are in the studio with the lovely Rebecca Levingston having a chat about why and how we photographed the worlds first selfie wedding. Wouldn’t be complete without a selfie!


Adrian also did an interview for the ABC Open website on technical details of the photography and how he actually did what he did and the equipment he used.

As for me, I am just in awe of the way Adrian captured the amazing scenery.  How he made me look good (certain angles and all that, it’s an art I tell you!) How he had all these ideas for different shots and what he wanted to capture. The colour in the flowers, sunlight through the forest, our joy on the day, all from in front of the camera instead of behind it!

Daily Mail

So then we did a phone interview with the Daily Mail and that kind of spread like wildfire a little bit. See the article here.

Now we have found it has appeared on sites in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Greece, Turkey Indonesia and one of the ones we love is our story on The Stir/Cafe Moms where she has perfectly captured the vibe behind the whole thing.

adrian alford photography,

To see some more of the photos of the day, head to

While this attention is surprising and fun while it lasts, the best part is I have found the man of my dreams who loves me back (always helpful!) He happens to have an amazing photographic talent and captured our wedding day in such a stunning way, that we will treasure forever. We plan to continue to travel together to beautiful parts of the world and just enjoy life.

Love & fairy tales,

Kristy x

PS: If you need any unique photography or video work done, please get in touch with Adrian via his YouTube channel.

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