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Fat Burner HIIT

Fat Burner HIIT

Recent research and a few other influences piqued my interest to read a little about Fat Burner HIIT and test it to see if it actually works.

Fat Burner HIIT is actually recommended to those with PCOS, which seems like a huge mistake as it would raise stress in a person who’s health is already compromised.  Realistically most HIIT programs out there would be a mistake for most people – it’s brutal.

 So for those who don’t know,  HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. Think fast sprints, trying to do fast burpees non stop for 15 minutes, and cycle sprints. Cross Fit peeps go to a whole new level of HIIT craziness and incorporate weights in amongst all that, at a fast pace in circuits of different exercises. It’s a sure way to wreck your thyroid, slow your metabolism, completely stress your body out. For some, it leads to illnesses like chronic fatigue and Hashimotos disease.

So you might be wondering why I’m even bothering to talk about this if it’s so bad for your health!

Well as with most things, it’s the dosage makes the poison. It’s also a bit of a warning for those who think it’s actually good for you and a subtle point – OVER HERE – in the right direction of what to do instead!

So for the last month, I’ve been trialling a super easy version of FAT Burner HIIT. After reading a really interesting study on it, I created a more practical sequence for the rebounder and one without any equipment, so we could all do it at home.

Two things are critical to its success:

– the brevity of the session and how often you do it.

The results have been a trimming of fat around the mid section, which is often a difficult area to move for most. And the true test as to whether this activity is good for your health or not, I’ve been measuring my body temperature throughout and it has been staying at its recovered high levels.

So this is a fantastic indicator that it is actually beneficial for health as well.

Just a quick recap for those who are new to my blog, a low body temperature often means your metabolism is low and thyroid function is compromised. All of these things lowered my body temperature:

  • Keto
  • Low carb
  • Low calories
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Exercising on an empty stomach
  • Coffee first thing in the morning
  • Running
  • Excessive exercise

So getting your temperature to 36.7C (98F) when you wake up and up to 37.7C (99.8F) after food is where it should be. Anything that lowers your temperature on an ongoing basis is bad for your health. It will lead to increasingly worse health issues, if you continue down that path.

FREE Bonus FAT Burner HIIT Guide

 I have written a little guide of exactly what to do in this new Fat Burner HIIT approach and I am giving it away for FREE to everyone who has purchased two or more of my Ray Peat Inspired books. It details the studies, the moves, the timing and a bonus study on when to do your walking for best health benefits and improving digestion.

Simply purchase any two of the Zen Beach Diet, One Ten Toned or Sweet Treats and the HIIT guide will be sent through.  It’s really important to be on board with all aspects of your metabolic health, rather than just trying to pursue weight loss. It encompasses eating, your habits, stress reduction, importance of sunlight, nutrient rich foods, the right exercise and more. You can learn all about this in my books, which are each under AU$9.95 (US$6.50 & GBP 5.15.)

Buy books here.

If you have purchased one book already (thank you!), then just buy another and the FREE guide will be sent through as well.

Let’s all get healthy and trim in the easiest, safest way.

Kristy x

PS: Images by

Zen Beach Diet

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Daily exercise for health


Do you know how much daily exercise for health we are supposed to be doing? How much is too much, where it starts to negatively impact your health?

I was visiting my parents who live two states away and I have a running joke with my father, where I ask – “Dad have you been lifting your weights a little?” He always replies, “I’ll start tomorrow.” He has said this for the last 30 years!

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Cardio Workout at Home – High Metabolism

home cardio workout

This little cardio workout at home is about the limit of what needs to be done for health. Did you know that intense cardio can actually damage your health?

There is no exercise that can actually increase your metabolism per se, only exercise that can lower it – when it’s too hard and extreme it may damage your thyroid and engage stress hormones too often.

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Home Workout for a Fast Metabolism – One Ten Toned

home workout, exercise, muscles, weight loss, metabolism, belly fat

I’m so excited to advise that I’ve created a new home workout for a fast metabolism called…

One Ten Toned

– An easy exercise plan for a fast metabolism and a healthy toned body.

It’s been a labour of love and there are a few people to thank, but first you may be wondering, “Why exercise, isn’t food your thing?

Yes indeed it is, but for real health, exercise is part of it too. However just like extreme diets, people have been going whacko over extreme exercise like Cross Fit, marathon running, super heavy weights or exercising twice a day for an hour at a time, and all it’s doing is breaking people down and damaging their bodies. They think it’s healthy or helps with weight loss and actually for most, it’s not true.

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eat less exercise more

You hear this line thrown out everywhere – “Just eat less and exercise more” – as the magical answer to everyone’s weight issues. The problem is it doesn’t actually work if you do it incorrectly (which most people do) and makes the issues worse, as you will see in this story…

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Kayla Itsines – BBG – thinning hair & stretch marks

kayla itsines, bbg, bikini body guide

So interestingly, after my last blog post – Does low carb dieting making your hair fall out? – all over the news in the same week, there was this confession from workout queen Kayla Itsines:-

“My natural hair is actually super short. I have genetically really thin hair,” she wrote, adding that her grandmother and her mom have thin hair as well, and that there is a family history of female pattern baldness. “I can see my hair getting thinner and thinner the older I get.” See articles below.; Cosmopolitan;

And in most of these similar stories, the reason given for it is Female Pattern Baldness that runs in Kayla Itsines family. The message of being happy and proud no matter what your issue is commendable. (I learned long ago that worrying what other people think is a waste of a happy life.)

So far so good.

However then in another two articles, there is a mention of hypothyroidism….

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Making slim a lifestyle change

lifestyle change

When I was overweight I never really understood what a complete lifestyle change meant, when it came to losing weight. It turns out others don’t either.

So I was chatting to a social media follower, let’s call her Betty and we got to talking after she commented on one of my posts where the theme was ‘I walk because I hate running.’

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Five weight loss mistakes


I have been reading a few health books lately mostly specifically about grains and weight loss. The interesting thing is that they exactly mirror my beliefs on this subject and reveal at least five weight loss mistakes that people make. My beliefs of course stem from my own experience but also of witnessing the plight of others who keep trying to do the ‘diet and exercise’ advice and fail spectacularly for years, some never succeeding and spending most of their lives miserable. (After dishing out hundreds of dollars on programs that can never work.)

So let’s take a look at what is wrong here…

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Set yourself up to win at weight loss

win at weight lossHaving experienced many failed attempts to lose weight over the years, there is one important snippet of advice I wish I knew way back then. Set yourself up to win at weight loss.

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Basal metabolic rate and weight loss


Do you know how many calories a day you use just living? That is, your basal metabolic rate?

When researching the post on exercise for weight loss, I came across this piece which showed why the hour a day or three times a week exercise regime that most of us are doing, isn’t doing much for our weight loss goals.

It’s partly to do with what happens for the rest of our 23 hours per day. Also the fact that poor eating choices do far more damage than can be rectified by moderate exercise.

It has to be something like 90 mins of intense exercise daily to have any effect on your weight and many of us can’t keep that up.  Or like me, I don’t want to, it’s just not the life I want to lead. Not to mention the fact that it lowers your metabolism.

So let’s check out this daily calorie usage just by living, basal metabolic rate thing…

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