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Low Fat Diet – A Health Perspective

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I just wanted to give everyone an update on my super low fat diet experiments.

As you may or may not know, since about June (4 months,) I have been trying to have only 20g fat a day, (10% of my 1,800 calories,) which was spurred on by the desire to lose about 5kgs (10lbs) within a Ray Peat diet framework.

(10% of calories was deemed to be the magic level where weight loss was more likely, along with a wider margin of calories allowed to no adverse effect.)

After reading some pretty compelling evidence of past scientific ‘people’ studies (not just rats or mice,) where adherence resulted in the desired weight loss and other health improvements such as heart, kidney and diabetes type issues, and even Ray saying that a lot of fat isn’t actually necessary in the diet as we can produce our own, I thought it was worth a shot. The promise of more flexibility in calories with super low fat was appealing as well.

Sticking to the diet was the tripping point for most in the studies, however I didn’t find it hard to do in terms of hunger or variety of food, but the slow development of a few negative effects had my alarm bells ringing.

One is dry skin. Even when I was keto I still had dry skin, but this is more than that, it seemed like skin was losing elasticity! So perhaps people who genetically have oily skin may fair better on super low fat, but for me this is a big negative. (As fats are utilised in cell structure, it makes sense.)

Belly Fat. Certain weeks and days it appears the low fat is improving this area but then other days I’m not impressed. It has reduced somewhat but not completely.

(One other confounding point may be my increased dairy intake, even if it’s the skim or the low fat kind. So since going low fat I have increased my intake of skim milk, low fat yoghurt and cottage cheese – so I’m thinking overkill in this area maybe is throwing hormones out of whack? Again in the past I had a ‘no dairy’ phase and my belly fat was considerably less, as well as bust area. Dairy is too important to give up altogether – I realise now – but what if there is a tolerance limit and I should only have a certain amount each day which will result in more balance?)

Sleep. I always sleep through the night and as long as I keep fluids low after 6 pm, then I don’t have to get up to go to the loo. However since super low fat, I can feel a slow decline in sleep quality where maybe once a week, I wake up in the middle of the night, then twice a week. So it’s heading in the wrong direction!

Gut regularity/issues. Again no issues normally, but since super low fat, minor problems with constipation, inflammation and bloating creeping in more often. If left unchecked, this again is heading in the wrong direction and will get worse. While too much fat has negative effects on gut health, it appears it’s the same for low fat. The Goldilocks effect – not too much or too little but just right – is required.

Brain Fog/Concentration issues. This slowly crept in but was definitely getting worse in that it was stressing me out a bit, as I couldn’t focus on what I was trying to do. This was very noticeable for me as I’ve never had this issue before to this degree.

Body Temperature. This one was the death knell for me – it was going down!!! Waking up a few mornings at 36.3C then the following week 36.1C – Hey! Heading in the wrong direction!

So at this point I am super grateful to know what I know about health from the Ray Peat community and Ray himself. In the past, I would have kept heading down the wrong path, oblivious to these signs, chasing the weight loss at the expense of my health. (Also thank you to Jay Feldman Wellness for putting the doubt in my mind around super low fat as well.)

Moving forward, ultra low fat is not for me – this is what test and measure is all about right? It’s also why you can’t just believe scientific studies, as they never take a holistic view.

So I’m doubling my fat intake to 40 grams, which would be 20% of my calories – still low-ish compared to Ray who says he has 33% of each macro. Super balanced!

Even if there was more caloric freedom at the super low fat level, I didn’t find it and at the expense of all the health markers above, it wasn’t worth it.

So overall caloric intake will have to be monitored to some degree too now. (Doh!) I was hoping super low fat could free us all, but apparently not; which just goes to show that extremes of any way of eating all have their downsides.

I finally get it now. The diet must be balanced for so many different reasons and finding your own personal balance is the most important thing.

If you’ve tried super low fat, what was your experience?

Live and learn, the journey continues!


Kristy x

PS: For more discussion on this, join us in the Slim Birdy – One Ten Toned – Eating Peaty private Facebook Group.


What I eat in a day – Ray Peat Inspired

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I frequently get asked – so what does a day of eating look like for you? So I thought I would document it, to help others out.

  • Note I have updated this to reflect the fact that I am not doing super low fat of 20g a day (or 10% of calories any more.) Click here to read why this came about.

So overall I aim for 1,800 calories – 100g protein, 40g of fat and the rest carbs per day. I won’t always hit these targets, as measuring and counting every ounce of food I eat is not conducive to a balanced, happy life for me. However every quarter or so, I plug everything into to see what’s what, and if anything needs adjusting.

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Rice Slice – Vege Moko

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This dish was created due to the outrageously long-term summer heat in Brisbane and my laziness!

I just don’t want to cook elaborate meals every day, especially after a workday, so we needed to be able to cook something once and eat it for the rest of the week. We do add other things to switch it up, but at least half the cooking and thinking about it is already done.

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Dr Ray Peat beginners guide to high metabolic eating & exercise

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I’m coming across more and more people who are health damaged by keto, low carb, paleo, veganism, intermittent fasting and even excess exercise, so I just wanted to make a summary post of all my articles so far, that talk about my journey back to health via the Dr Ray Peat guidelines.

Just this past week a friend with weight issues tested her waking temperature and came in at 36.1C (97F) – so it’s not diabolical but whatever she is doing is contributing to her metabolism decline, which will only get worse if she doesn’t address it now.

Another follower on IG complained about not being able to lose weight any more, she had lost and regained a few times in the past but just couldn’t budge it any more, despite still eating the recommended balanced diet with low calories and doing heaps of cardio. Her temperature – 35.0C (95F) and pulse 60 bpm – which is pretty bad and the level I was when I realised I was heading down the wrong path.

Then two other people where a dietitian and an obesity specialist both recommended low carb/keto diets!

So there is no surprise that the US currently has a thyroid dysfunction epidemic and Australia will soon follow, given the popularity of keto/low carb and quitting sugar at the moment. What controls the metabolism…the thyroid gland!

So if you are already in the damaged state, these articles will give you an insight as to what you may be doing wrong and the steps required to fix it.

Understanding PUFAs

Why knowing your waking body temperature is so important.

Fast metabolism

Metabolism update

Sugar is actually good for you

The switch from Low Carb to Pro Metabolic – what to eat

The switch from Low Carb to Pro Metabolic – what NOT to eat

Low Carb and hair loss

Hair loss, low calories and excessive exercise

Carb loading to restore metabolism

Pro metabolic eating awareness

Testing your thyroid

Drinking coffee correctly

Where you may be sabotaging your metabolism

Pro-metabolic snack ideas

Weight loss troubles with standard advice

Exercise that preserves your metabolism

Dr Ray Peat Inspired Weight Loss

Dr Ray Peat inspired recipes

So this is a snapshot of the pro-metabolic direction for optimising your health and hormones with food and exercise. (I don’t know anything about the supplementation side of things because I didn’t need to do that. I do take about 4000mg of Vitamin C a day though, just because it makes me feel better and it actually reduces cortisol.)

After two years now my body temperature has increased from:

A waking temperature of 35.3C (95.5F) – and after exercise/walking was 34.3C  (93.7C).

To now, just in the last few weeks, I’ve reached 36.7C (98F) waking and goes right up to 37.7C (99.9F) after food. (I credit my new light weights exercise program for this last boost.)

When my body fell into a heap two years ago with a pile of hypothyroid symptoms, I had also put on about 6kgs (12lbs) since my lowest low carbing weight, but I didn’t put on any more while switching to Peaty foods. This was because I ignored most of the advice to drastically increase calories to help the body heal, namely because I researched the forums first and everyone who said they did this put on loads of weight. Honestly I don’t think it gets you there any faster, your body needs time to learn how to process carbs again properly, and clearing the fat out the way was probably the most effective tool for me.

Anyway, please join us in the private Facebook group where we discuss more about this and share ideas and experiences:-

Please start on the super easy One Ten Toned exercise program to make sure whatever exercise you are doing now, is not sabotaging your healing efforts:

I show some of the exercises on my YouTube channel:

Having muscle tone helps your body burn fat at rest, shifts around the belly fat, and just helps with circulation, posture, and puts the spring in your step.

And please share this post with anyone you feel is suffering the effects of wrong diet and punishing exercise, so we can help as many people as possible get on the right track.

A big thank you to Dr Ray Peat whose wisdom is helping so many people regain their health.

Happy, healthy and now on the right track.


Kristy x

Skim Milk and the haters

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I’ve seen it a couple of times now on social media where health bloggers and an even more famous, healthy living personality have dissed skim milk, labeling it as highly processed, devoid of nutrients, not real food blah, blah, blah. And they took pride in saying they don’t drink milk anymore anyway!

Despite wanting to answer on those posts and give a different view, my response would be too long, so I’ll come over here and have a rant on my blog instead!

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Pro metabolic snack ideas


I had a question on Instagram recently – “why are you trying to eat so much fruit?”

This was in response to one of my snack pics and caption explaining how I am trying to eat 10 cups of fruit a day.

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I’m not doing anything differently but I’m putting on weight!

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I had lunch with a friend recently, who like me, has been into the whole losing weight, trying to be healthy thing for years. She had tried everything too but had been in a good place for quite a while, believing she had found her perfect mix of exercise and eating without too much drama, and she had maintained her 20kg (40lb) weight loss for the longest time.

Until now.

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Low fat custard (Ray Peat Inspired)

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So given my latest direction of Ray Peat inspired eating, custard would have to be one of the most perfect dessert foods. Milk, sugar, maybe eggs, maybe gelatin – they’re all on the preferred foods list for optimal health in Ray’s book. So it’s not like you are cheating in any way when you eat this – you’re supposed to be!

So perhaps I should put ‘guilt free’ in the title?

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Mushroom Cottage Cheese Dip (or Sauce)

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While I am exploring all things Ray Peat and now low fat in particular, one food I needed to make peace with is Cottage Cheese. (Note on dairy intolerance at the end.)

Real cheese is fine, but the fat content really blows your daily limit of fat in one mouthful, so it needs to revert to ‘a taste adding condiment’ of 1 or 2 tablespoons only, not the half cup or full cup normally added to a dish.

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