Cardio Workout at Home – Fast Metabolism

This little cardio workout at home is about the limit of what needs to be done for health. Did you know that intense cardio can actually damage your health?

There is no exercise that can actually increase your metabolism per se, only exercise that can lower it. When it’s too hard and extreme it may damage your thyroid and engage stress hormones too often.

Weight bearing exercise creates muscle which in turn increases your metabolism. However it’s not the exercise itself, but the result of it, that creates the metabolic benefit.

So when it comes to cardio, we need to do a little to keep the blood pumping and benefit the heart and cardio vascular system. But not so much that it stresses us out and negatively impacts health. This is why walking is perfect, however sometimes it’s not suitable to get outside and walk. This video shows three things you can do instead for your cardio workout at home, at the office or even in your hotel room while travelling.

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