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Calorie intake a day. What I eat in a day updated 2021.

One of the most visited articles on the website is this one – What I eat in a day. People are trying to see what others eat on a Ray Peat style diet as well as their calorie intake a day. Just to see how it differs from what they are doing, to get the results they want.

I totally understand and did the same thing myself when I was just starting out. I’m finding that many people struggle with changes though. They have many factors and other people to account for in their lives, and can’t always completely do what they want.

Just do the best you can do.

So an update was warranted because the past article above was from 2019 when I was coming out of a Keto Diet. At that time I had to eat ALL the time, so as not to feel dizzy, weak or get the urgent hunger that felt quite alarming.

Now my glycogen stores are better. My body can process carbs no problem. I can space out my meals more and just drink an OJ by itself and feel good and energetic. Rather than having to try and balance out macros at each meal all the time.

Please bear this in mind as you read the menu below. Be mindful of where you are in your journey as well. If you try some of these things and it doesn’t feel good, it may just be your stage in the journey.

So all my food choices now are basically just variations of the meal plans I put together in the ZEN Beach Diet and the 3 Day Summer RESTART. And they all hover around the same calorie intake a day, which I’ve added this time as well.

Here is a basic menu including Calorie Intake a Day:

Upon rising—approx. 8am

1 cup fruit juice

1 banana

1 large cup coffee with 2 TBS skim sweetened condensed milk

11.00am  Second breakfast

2 eggs

2 rashers lean bacon middle

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup cottage cheese mixed with 1 TBS tomato sauce

1 cup fruit juice

1:30pm Second Coffee

1 large cup coffee with 2 TBS skim sweetened condensed milk

3:00pm Lunch – ish

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1 cup chopped papaya, tinned pineapple

1 TBS honey

5:30pm Carrot salad – while making dinner

6:00pm Dinner

1 cup baked chicken breast

1 chopped fresh mango

1 cup fruit juice


Totals: Calories: 1796 cal   Protein – 110g Carbs – 233g Fat – 44g


Further notes on all of this:-

1. Coffee before main breakfast

Breaks the rules, I know. However here is an article that explains why I do this now and why it suits me better:

2. No starch

On this particular day there was no starch and probably 5 out of my 7 days I eat this way. Occasionally I will make oven potato fries with coconut oil. Or have a 1/4 cup of white rice or a gluten free tortilla that I stuff with cheese, turkey breast, & scrambled egg. But these are usually toward the end of the week when the fruit runs out and I’m due for another shop!

For those trying to lose weight, the preference of fruit over starch will help. To learn why, sign up to my FREE 7 day email course here: – you can unsubscribe again at any time.

3. Carrot salad

How to make it and FAQs around it here:

4. Hey that’s not enough dairy!

For those who can tolerate 4 cups of milk and more cheese a day, I salute you! Ray Peat says it’s the best option for protein with it’s calcium balancing the phosphorus. That’s not me though, and here is where I explain what happens when I exceed my dairy limit.

5. I thought chicken was full of PUFA?

I started to write an explanation on this but it got too long, so it deserves an article of its own. See here: Baked Chicken Breast – is it full of Pufa?

6. Bicarb soda & salt

I add a pinch of both to my coffee and juices.

Did you know these are metabolism boosting substances? The bicarb also reduces the acidity in these drinks.

7. Macro split

Now this is normally a little more protein than usual as I aim for 100g a day for correct liver function. But as long as your carbs are at least double your protein, then all is well.

This calorie intake in a day won’t suit everyone but it suits me. It’s a good start point especially for those having weight loss issues on a Peaty diet which is 90% of us!

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Happy, healthy.

Kristy  x

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