Sweet Treats


Kristy Alford has been eating according to Dr Ray Peat principles for about three years and has successfully increased her body temperature, metabolism and cleared all of her hypothyroidism symptoms caused by a low carb/keto diet.

Central to that success is the use of fruit and sugar correctly as a main carbohydrate source, and this book is a small collection of beautiful dessert recipes that she created.

It features puddings, cakes, a parfait, ice cream, custard and more. There are just over twenty recipes and is spectacularly photographed by her husband, Adrian Alford, bringing the dessert creations to life.

There are also snippets of information and stories of finding the right ingredients when just sticking everything together with nuts is no longer permitted!

It’s priced at only AU$9.95, which works out to be under $0.50 a recipe and is a 32 page PDF file of 35 mb.

Cook, eat & enjoy; it’s available now for immediate download HERE.

(Note: a majority of these recipes are new and will not be published on the www.slimbirdy.com website.)