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If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I really should do some exercise” but that was 10 years ago, then ONE TEN TONED is the program for you.

Short, fun, super simple, yet effective to develop long lean muscles without the bulk. Avoiding all those hurtful, hateful exercises like burpees, jump squats, sit ups, straight leg lifts, planks and running, which can be really damaging to the knees, back and neck.

Go at your own pace and build up slowly.

Why it’s great…

  • only 10 minutes of light weights a day
  • clearly explains why this method works for muscle tone
  • 30 day planner of exercises
  • pictures showing each exercise
  • explains why cardio may be damaging your health
  • explains the link between the right exercise & weight loss & how we’ve been doing it wrong
  • song playlist to make it fun
  • suitable for beginners

“It’s the only exercise I’ve ever looked forward to doing every day!” – Kristy Alford

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One Ten Toned – An easy exercise plan for a fast metabolism and a healthy toned body.   eBook AU$9.95 available here.

Further information:

86 pages, 22 mg PDF, available for immediate download after purchase.

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