loose skin, skin firming, vsg, wlsLoose skin is a universal problem. Women after baby, nearly everyone after major weight loss and while there are many kooky things to try – how about just trying the two things that worked for me? Sensible, practical and super easy to implement. And it’s definitely not wraps! Only AU$2.95

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weightloss, losing weight, diet, healthy, natural weight loss, healthy eatingA story of struggle, binge eating and overweight nightmare to understanding, awareness and the complete joy when I figured it all out. Funny stories & a-ha moments. Easy to read and beautifully photographed. Based on keto/low carb which is not my current eating style. AU$14.95

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belly fat, exercise, home workout, weight loss, losing weight, muscle tone, weights workoutFinally an exercise program for health and for life. Dr Ray Peat Inpired – One Ten Toned. Understanding that exercise is actually a stress to the body and not all exercise is actually healthy. Based around light weights, building to moderate and little walking, it is easy on the knees, back and neck. Perfect for beginners. YouTube videos to show you how it’s done here.

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