best diet for weight loss

Best diet for weight loss

If you want to be successful at health and weight loss, the best diet for weight loss is one you can keep up long term.

I was having a chat with some Instagram peeps on their weight loss journey.  Some are going it alone, others are on weight watchers, some on slimming world, others lite ‘n easy. Some have facebook support groups and some are helping each other out, which is great. Then you get bombarded with crazy wraps, herbalife, shakeology and lots of other stuff, but you just ignore those.

People post the food they are eating and the old food police in me wants to grab them and shake them!!!! I have to remind myself that they are on their own path and if they need my help they will come and ask for it.

One though was funny and there was a motivational post where she was working out at the gym, reminding herself to drink her water and a few other things. Then in further posts she was showing the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream she was eating, cookies she was baking, pizza and cinnamon scrolls. And I am screaming to myself, “Nooooooooo!!!!” Oh dear. The quote comes to mind…

“You can’t out exercise a bad diet.”

However she had lost some weight compared to where she was at the start, so good on her for that. All I can do is be encouraging.  If she is stuck at some point, she may look at my posts and learn something different to lose more.

Another one had plateaued in her quest and therefore was open to all kinds of information. She was really grateful that I was able to point out in her meals posting for the day, that she probably had about 100g of fat.  So no wonder she had stalled in her weight loss. Of course I asked permission to give information in the first place, as unsolicited advice is just a pain in the ass!

Another one was now on weight watchers and again her lunch alone was about 30g fat. Again from my experience, not going to lose weight doing that. However in further discussions she advised that she tried a really low fat diet in the past and did lose lots of weight. Unfortunately she put it all back on again because she couldn’t stick to it in the long haul. She preferred WW she said and the slow but steady progress she was making, and felt that it was something she could keep up. I wished her well, gave her a cyber hug and a sprinkle of feel good dust. We were both satisfied that we were both on the right path, even though it differed.

Something she could keep up

And this is one of the points I wanted to make in this article.  It doesn’t actually matter which method you use as long as you love it and it seems to work for you without too much effort. You should be happy, progressing, having fun, and don’t feel like you are missing anything. If you’re not going hungry and don’t have to work out like a maniac to support the quantity/type of food you eat, then all is well. (Working out like a maniac will lower your metabolism anyway, so it’s one of the worse bits of weight loss advice ever!)

The best diet for weight loss is one where you are not harming your health in the process. There is no one right way for everyone.

I don’t miss bread, pasta, alcohol or commercially made crackers, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc. Often I make my own, still get the amazing taste and feel fantastic afterwards.  I am eating pro-metabolic foods like fruit, real chocolate, eggs, milk, and cheese. The trick is to fill up on nourishing foods that satisfy. Foods that make me feel amazing and keep me at the weight I want to be.

I regard it as quite the miracle.

Did you know your miracle is just around the corner? If you’re currently lost, I can certainly help you out with the Zen Beach Diet.  Peace with eating at last.

Kristy x

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