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Who I am
Hi, I’m Kristy Alford (Zenk). An Aussie of Lithuanian descent (thanks mum & dad for my good genes), a writer, a sales & marketing professional, yoga lover and fan of food (obviously!) and I just seemed to battle with my weight for most of my life; overeating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting and exercising to exhaustion, what seemed like forever. I spent some of the best years of my life obsessing, being miserable, trying to find the ‘right’ way to lose weight rather than focusing on the most important thing – being happy. Stupid huh?

My life
So my life completely turned around when I decided enough was enough, no more obsessing over calories, portion control and driving myself crazy. Enough! I decided to forget about all the advice out there that didn’t work for me and instead to tune into my own body and listen to what it was telling me. It’s quite clever you know. This awareness led me to the way I eat and exercise today and enables me to have the body I want with no effort at all. The double bonus is clarity of mind, boundless energy, sweet treats, no health issues and a love of life.

Gimme some of that I hear you say!

My aim is to be a weight loss cheerleader for those desiring change in their lives and who have tried everything like I did, with no success. It’s a bitch, I know. I hate to see people suffer like I did. Just so unnecessary! The one big lesson I have learned along the way, is that there is no one way to do this, no one absolute right way. Different methods suit different people and if I had to calorie count to this day, I’m sure I would be frustrated to distraction, still overweight and ready to throttle someone!

My passions
I am passionate about helping those who are open minded and ready for change. No one can make you do it; it has to come from you. Watching and helping people find their way is thrilling beyond belief. Other passions are healthy, organic food and finding the easiest possible way to lose weight and cook healthy food. Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Law of Attraction
I’m a huge fan of Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction. This approach to the universal power, positive thoughts/stories and using feelings as your guide, just resonates with me and you will see it come up through my writing, blog posts and other snippets, as it just makes sense to me. As I hope it will for you too.

What I like
My whole approach is centred on having fun, pretty things, crazy easy recipes, sharing food I love to eat that helped me lose weight, easy exercise and feeling good at every possible opportunity.

My approach to food
I’m currently following the Dr Ray Peat guidelines and tweaking it to suit my body to reach a new balance that works for me. Practically it is low PUFA, low grain, meat free except for seafood, bone broth and gelatin. I love coconut oil, root & fruit like veges, coffee, tea, cacao chocolate, natural sweeteners like raw honey, coconut sugar and fresh fruit. You will see what else I eat through my blog posts, book and social media pages. Eating enough is definitely a part of a healthy life, starving to lose weight is so 80s – not to mention damaging to the metabolism.

My books!
When I found the answer for myself I was just bursting to let everyone know what I had discovered and I wanted everyone to be as happy too. However some people are not ready for change, different methods suit different people and I found myself annoying more people than I was helping! Not the desired effect! So I wrote it all down, and the result is called Lite as a Feather. Complete with funny stories, a-ha moments, a step by step guide of how I worked it all out, a few favourite dessert recipes and beautifully photographed and graphically designed by the best in the business. It is a delightful easy read with the aim to get you thinking differently about your approach to weight loss and to help you find your easy way to get there. This book was based on keto/low carb which is not my current eating style.

Loose skin –  the answer:  Another short book followed tackling a problem we all face. Targeted circulation and the building blocks of new skin regeneration are at play here.

One Ten Toned – is my new super easy exercise program. Is your current exercise program preserving your metabolism or damaging it? You’ll find out in this refreshing approach to exercise. Find out more about all three books on the Book tab.


I am so lucky and blessed that my husband is a professional photographer, with a fantastic eye for telling a story. All my books are full of his magical shots and this site too except for a few of my food shots taken with my trusty iPhone! So if you get a chance, check out his amazing travels around the world at www.adrianalfordphotography.com

Love exploring opportunities
Reviews, giveaways, advertising, guest posts, featuring in other blogs, magazines, media – love to hear from you. Followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and my blog – love to hear your questions, stories and comments too.

Finding me
Email: slimbirdy (a) ymail.com

Let’s go find your happy body.

Twinkles & sparkles,

Kristy x

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  1. Effie

    HI there, I having been adding more Peat ideas to my diet with much success. But after a year of doing milk, coffee, collagen and sugar as a morning smoothie, I think the dairy is not sitting well with me and want a break. In one of your blogs/posts I recall you saying you use a dairy alternative. Would you mind sharing that with me. I believe you said coconut milk…do you mean the one form the can, or what is more likely coconut beverage (as long as it has not carrageen?)

    1. slimbirdy Post author

      Hi Effie, yes it’s good to experiment a little as I am finding too much coffee, especially first thing in the morning is giving me a combination of belly fat and weird lower belly bloating, so I feel like I have an inflated tyre just below my belly button! So I’m cutting back the coffee and only having one later in the day. Apparently coffee can affect your gut much like gluten and cause all kinds issues. Anyway back to your milk question, there is no healthy substitute for real milk in terms of giving you similar nutrients. I used to use coconut milk in the can until I realised it’s pure fat with no other nutrients. So some options: in your smoothie have coconut water and just do a dash of coconut milk or real cream to give it a creamy taste. I put a banana in there too and it’s amazing. I have backed off the quantity of milk I was having too as it was just too much. I now have 2 glasses of milk in the day and some cottage or normal cheese. Where as I was having 4 glasses of milk, plus a cup of cottage cheese and normal cheese! Cheers Kristy


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