Sweet Treats Recipe Book


While I mentioned in passing in a few social media posts that I was making a sweet treats recipe dessert book, I prefer not to say much about it while I’m doing it, because you never know when the finish line is going to be.

I’m super excited now though to announce – IT’S HERE! Ta da!

As my Mother often says “you don’t even make real food just the sweet stuff!”

Ha ha, well I do, but sweet foods just tend to be my preference and now that I know that eating sweet food the correct way (with lots of nutrients) is highly pro metabolic and actually healthier than not having sugar at all, then there’s even more reason to ‘have your cake and eat it’ too!

Well not so much traditional cake in terms of lots of flour, but fruit and sugar in particular – which is explained in the book.

But mostly it’s focused on recipes – 21 in all and only two you may have seen before on my blog exactly the same, a few re-jigged and improved, but most completely new.

My husband, Adrian, has blown me away with his amazing photography again, which really makes the Sweet Treats recipes come to life. A massive thank you to him and his creative brilliance. (www.adrianalfordphotograpy.com)

So please check it out, as we would love to create more recipes and books for you, if there is the need.

Priced at $9.95, which is less than $0.50 a recipe. It’s a 32 page PDF file of 35 mb and is available now for immediate download HERE.


Kristy x

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