Chocolate Peanut Butter Sorbet

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Excited to bring you the chocolately peanut buttery version of my light ice cream!

Normally I’m not a fan of chocolate ice cream, preferring real chocolate every time. But this time it’s different, somehow I’ve managed to get the intensity just right and the combo is bliss.

I’ve made it four times since the first time already! Just as well it’s super easy to make.

 Just a note about peanut butter powder for all the strict Peatarians – most of the nasty PUFA oils have been removed with the PB powder and all that remains is a bit of monosaturated fat. So it’s not like we are going to eat 4 spoonfuls of the stuff every day, but once in a while to flavour up your desserts is fine – we   need to live a little!

(For those not sure why I’m singling out poly unsaturated oils in particular, read more here.)

So let’s get jiggy…

Chocolate PB Sorbet

1 x 400g can skim sweetened condensed milk

3 cups skim milk pasture fed

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp salt

5 heaped TBS cacao powder

5 heaped TBS PB2 Powder

In a saucepan heat up the milk over medium heat, add the rest and mix through until there are no lumps.

Remove from heat just prior to heating to a simmer.

Put in ice-cream maker or if you don’t have one, pour into shallow plastic containers and pop in freezer and mix a couple of times as it is freezing – if you remember, if you don’t, it really doesn’t matter.

A few ice crystals will form, however if you or your family are particular about that, then just melt, run through a food processor and freeze again.

I can hear Batch No 6 calling!


Kristy x

PS: Just a note about Skim Milk. I’ve seen so many articles or comments on social media lately about how Skim Milk is a highly processed food devoid of nutrients.

This is completely false and comes from the high fat low carb corner, where they seem to push unlimited fat – which is problematic in itself.

This should be a whole blog post, but briefly here are some things to think about:

  • skim milk is made with a centrifuge – you know spinning? So hardly a problem.
  • skim milk is a rich source of protein, calcium and vitamin D
  • as most of the fat is removed from skim milk it does remove some of the A and D vitamins because these are present in the fat, but if you eat butter and other sources, then you may not need it in the milk as well

So bottom line, it depends on how much milk you drink and why you drink it, as to whether you drink the fat removed versions. I drink about a litre (quart) a day for the protein and calcium, and as I am not a low carber any more, the additional fat in whole milk along with my high-ish carb plan, would only increase my body fat. (No thanks.)

So enough with the demonising of good foods, everyone is scared enough of everything they eat these days and skim milk from a good source is perfectly fine.

And actually I did write a whole post on it because it’s important! Read it here.

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    1. slimbirdy Post author

      Hey Chris, you are totally right. I only have some of the PB2 every now and then, which has most of the oil removed and therefore most of the PUFA. You’ve gotta live a little too! Thanks for stopping by. Cheers Kristy


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