White Choc Fruity Bites & FYI on Teeth Remineralisation & Phytic Acid

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So since I’ve been eating a little more along the Dr Ray Peat principles, read what that is here. I’ve found that drinking sweetened tea or coffee with honey and not rinsing between, has affected my teeth. A bit of sensitivity and lingering dull pain here and there.

Cut straight to the end – I’ve fixed it – however it started me looking into the remineralisation of teeth.

Most Dentists say it can’t be done, others say it sure can, and the methods included:-

  • Vitamin A & D from grass fed butter
  • Mineral supplements especially calcium, phosphorous and magnesium
  • Vitamin K2
  • Oil pulling
  • Using a natural toothpaste without glycerine or fluoride (controversial I know, but they say using it actually blocks remineralisation.)
  • Rinsing with bicarb soda between meals to alkalise

Anyhoo, I’m sure I’ll write more on that another time, but one thing that was also important was being conscious of foods that contain Phytic Acid.

Why is this important I can hear you ask?

Well, it’s because this substance binds to minerals, renders them useless and carries them right out of the body. So you may be really careful to supplement with minerals or choose foods for their mineral content thinking you are doing the right thing, but then eating it with Phytic Acid containing foods and ruining everything.

So these foods are:-

Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Chocolate, Coffee

In one article it said that it only limits the minerals in the food you are eating at the same time, so if people had a varied diet, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you eat grains at every meal, or coffee with breakfast and lunch then a lovely Indian bean dish for dinner – that’s all your minerals kyboshed for the day. Keep doing that for a couple of years and see how your teeth are going.

Seeds are the worst apparently, which is ironic since they are usually eaten for their mineral content. Soaking and roasting helps which is why the whole ‘activated’ nuts products went crazy a little while back. (Here is a discussion of a study that explains more.)

I was looking into Dates and Prunes again as a sweetener as they, without doubt, have the highest content of minerals to go with their sugar content and fibre to boot. But if you pair them up with Chocolate or Nuts – which most people do in their ‘healthy’ bars and raw dessert creations, then you may as well have used refined sugar because you’ve just blocked all the minerals in the Dates anyway.

So bottom line, it doesn’t mean you should never eat these foods, just be aware and eat accordingly, so you give your minerals a chance to absorb.

Which is why this week, I’ve included Dates & Prunes and made a Fridge Fudgy Bite and left out dark chocolate or nuts. (Apparently the white cacao butter doesn’t have Phytic Acid and neither does Coconut.)

So lets get melting & mixing…

White Choc Fruity Bites

¼ cup Cacao butter

¼ cup Coconut oil

½ cup Coconut butter

¼ cup Grassfed butter

1 TBS Honey

1 tsp Vanilla

10 x Prunes

5 x Medjool Dates

1 cup Shredded coconut

How you do it…

In a double boiler, carefully melt the top 6 ingredients.

Remove pitts from prunes and dates and chop into small pieces.

Add dates and prunes to melted mixture.

Add coconut and mix through. At this point check the mixture and see if it can hold more shredded coconut, as you just want the oil mix to hold everything together. Add another half cup of coconut if you think it can.

Spoon into moulds or a parchment paper lined tray and set in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Cut and serve directly from the fridge. (Not lunchbox friendly unfortunately as it will melt.)

Enjoy with all your minerals intact and perhaps a cup of herbal tea. (Not coffee or hot choc or you will ruin everything!)

Yay for awareness!

Kristy x

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