Banana Buzz Smoothie (hint, hint – coffee!)


SmoothiebananacoffeeSo I’m back from Cherry Blossom gazing in Japan and wow(!) what an amazing place that is for a number of different reasons. Will elaborate more in a coming post but for now, I just wanted to show you my latest breakfast-on-the-run creation.

With both more fruit and coffee coming back into my life, start the day with a Ka –BANGO!

Banana Buzz Smoothie

1 banana

½ cup freshly brewed coffee (or 1 tsp liquid coffee concentrate)

2 cups skim milk

2 TBS coconut sugar

Handful of ice

Optional extras

1 TBS Gelatin Hydrolysate (non gelling)


A great easy-to-digest blend of protein, carbs and fats will keep you buzzing for hours.

Blend and enjoy. Sip slowly.

Happy coffee buzz,


Kristy x

Update 2019: Enjoying coffee back in my life but noticing head spins and dizziness if I don’t fuel up with enough carbs first to help with the increase in metabolism and to process the caffeine. Some say as long as you have coffee with milk and sugar you’re fine, but it’s actually not true. Apparently it takes 50g carbs to process a standard cup of coffee – that’s 12 tsp sugar!

And this is why this smoothie works so well, because you get about 30g carbs from the banana and another 8g from the extra sugar – so you’re nearly there!

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