Banana Buzz Smoothie (hint, hint – coffee!)


SmoothiebananacoffeeSo I’m back from Cherry Blossom gazing in Japan and wow(!) what an amazing place that is for a number of different reasons. Will elaborate more in a coming post but for now, I just wanted to show you my latest breakfast-on-the-run creation.

With both more fruit and coffee coming back into my life, start the day with a Ka –BANGO!

Banana Buzz Smoothie

1 banana

½ cup freshly brewed coffee

½ cup skim milk  (or coconut milk)

1 TBS coconut sugar

Handful of ice

Optional extras

2 TBS Gelatin Hydrolysate (non gelling)


1 TBS vanilla protein powder

A great easy-to-digest blend of protein, carbs and fats will keep you buzzing for hours.

Blend and enjoy. Sip slowly.

Happy coffee buzz,


Kristy x

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