Potato Shortbread Cookies (Gluten free, 4 ingredients)

potato starch, shortbread, coconut, gluten free, 4 ingredients

Since I’ve discovered that heating nut flours like almond flour etc actually increases the oxidisation of PUFAs (poly unsaturated fatty acids) in them and kind of makes them toxic (eek!), you can understand why I’m not so keen to continue making up recipes with these nutty flours in it.

So the best choice I’ve found that isn’t a grain either and doesn’t stack up your gluten overload is Potato Starch. I use it for cookies, for the crumble part on apple crumble and to thicken up sauces. I haven’t tried it in pancakes or cakes yet, so that may be next!

There is Potato Starch, which is completely white and made only from the white potato and tends to give a light and fluffy texture. And Potato Flour, which is a creamy colour and made using the skins as well. Apparently the flour is a heavier weight, which would make your baked goods a bit dense and gummy.

So the starch is definitely what I use. The only problem is just to confuse everyone more, they name it ‘flour’ for both sometimes – like this one I buy…

potato flour, potato starch, gluten free

It’s definitely the starch despite what it says on the packet! I get it from my local Coles. And on the back it says “Potato Flour is sometimes known as Potato Starch” Bahaha! Maybe for those who don’t know what they’re talking about!!

Anyway back to cookies… the best traditional shortbread biscuits have only 3 ingredients, flour, butter and sugar – it’s just getting the proportions right and cook time that can be tricky. I tried it with more butter first and it was just a bit too rich and completely spread out on the tray.

My taste testers gave the ‘yum’ approval for this final version, as they are light and almost powdery tasting and when a junior taste tester came back for more, I knew I was onto a winner. (Even though they look a bit boring!)

I love the coconut sugar in this too, as it gives a rich malty flavour, but really you could use any sugar. (Not so sure about honey etc – perhaps if you try it, let me know if works.)

Here’s what you need…

2 cups potato starch

½ cup butter

½ cup coconut sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 180C.

Melt butter and vanilla.

Pour butter mix into flour and sugar. Mix until well combined and forms a dough.

It may feel a little crumbly, but as long as it can press together in the next step, then it’s fine. (If it doesn’t, then add a little more butter until you’re happy.)

Take teaspoonsful and roll into a ball in your hand and place on a parchment paper lined tray.

Flatten to suit. (I use the bottom of a glass with a flat edge.)

Cook at 180C for 10 mins, just until slightly browned.

Remove from oven and allow to cool before touching or you will wreck them!

potato, potato starch, gluten free, 4 ingredients

Store in an airtight container in the pantry for up to about a week. (Mine lasted about 2 weeks as I only eat them slowly, so it does last that long.)

A beautiful sweet bite with a cup of tea.

Happy baking!


Kristy x



For anyone who is concerned about the sugar content or ‘white’ flour in this recipe, turns out these two ingredients are more easily digestible than some ‘health’ foods and certain levels of sugars and carbs eaten with high levels of nutrients are actually recommended for optimal body health. Please read my previous posts on this – Pro-metabolic Eating The OUT List http://slimbirdy.com/2017/02/03/the-switch-from-very-low-carb-to-pro-metabolic-eating-part-2-the-out-list/ and Pro-metabolic Eating The IN List http://slimbirdy.com/2017/01/20/the-switch-from-very-low-carbketo-to-pro-metabolic-eating/ for more information on my new eating direction.

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