DIY Healthy Chocolate Chips


Every time I was in my local health store, I would look at the packets of healthy choc chips longingly, thinking of all the yummy treats to which I could add them – like my ice cream, brownies, slices, even biscuits.

But at $24 a pop for a little packet, that seemed a little indulgent to me – I want healthy ingredients, but that’s a bit ridiculous. And the non-healthy ones were not at option.

I make my own chocolate as you know, so the only thing that was missing was a way to get them into itty-bitty bits.

Then I was cruising the novelty colourful kitchen gadgets at Kmart, as I am a sucker for a silicon mould or 10, and found this pot holder (the one at the top)….


Only $2 and I think you can guess that it won’t be holding any pots!

Look at the cute little squares.

So now when I make a batch of my Chocolate Tweets for any other purpose, I fill up one of these too and whack it in the fridge to set. Once set, I pull them out and store in a container until the recipe calls for Choc Chips. Yum!

Like my Raw Coconut Cookies


The choc chips instead of dried blueberries made them taste a little like heaven!

The only thing is – don’t get one unless you have a dishwasher – otherwise cleaning every little tiny square would be a nightmare.

And here is a link to my Chocolate recipe just in case you haven’t made it before.

Now what should I add them to next? Brownies? I think so!

Happy healthy cooking!


Kristy x


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