What’s your temperature? And what does it have to do with weight loss?

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Do you know what your resting temperature is?

How about 30 mins after you eat food?

Why does it matter anyway?

Well turns out your body temperature and heart rate are like a little window into your metabolic system and gives a good indication if it’s cranking properly or spluttering to a halt. Health professionals are using these measures along with blood work and checking a list of symptoms, to give a true picture of what’s working, what’s not and if your hormones and thyroid may be out of whack.

It’s awesome to be aware of your own body and health, so of course, I dashed down to the chemist to buy a thermometer!

So optimal resting temperatures are supposed to be:-

36.6 – 37 degrees C (97.8F – 98.6F)

Basal temperature is what we are after, which is first thing in the morning before you get up.

At the start, mine consistently was a low 35 degrees (95F) – which was terrible! It sure explained why I was ticking many of the low thyroid symptoms. (See list here.)

Another measure is your temp 30 mins after food – apparently food that works well with your body will cause your temperature to increase while it’s digesting. If your temperature happens to decrease after certain food, it’s meant to be an indicator that your body is struggling and it may not be ideal for your optimal health.

Interesting stuff and I need to do more testing myself on this.

The next measure is your heart rate.

Again optimal is supposed to be: 70-80 bpm

Mine came in at 60 bpm.

But athletes have slow resting heart rates I hear you say! And yes, this is true as the body slows everything down, conserving energy to adapt to the intense exercise to which it’s subjected. It’s a survival mechanism, but if weight loss is your aim, you don’t want your body to hang on to energy stores.

Where I’m at now…

So with the changes to my diet over the last few months I have managed to increase my resting temperature into the low 36C (97F) consistently, which is a darn site better than what it was! Also heart rate has gone up to 70 bpm. So it’s totally working. Yay!


Recent trip to Tassie!

So in a future post I will tell you what I’m eating that’s different, but for now – get measuring and testing and see where you’re heading! As they say, weight loss favours a fast metabolism, so trying to lose weight while your metabolism is damaged is pretty useless. So let’s fix that first!

Moving forward though keep your mind open, because once again all this information challenged everything I thought was true!

Live and learn!

Kristy x

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