Raw ‘Coconut Butter’ Bounty Cookies

coconut butter, paleo, raw diet, healthy, ketoAfter I nixed the peanut butter for peanut powder – less damaging unsaturated fat – I ventured to try Coconut Butter. So that’s not the oil but just the coconut meat mixed together to make a kind of butter.

So brought the jar home from my local health shop and was excited to try it. Open it up and… it is as hard as a rock! What the…

Jumped onto google to see what was going on and yes apparently you have to melt it to use it. (insert eye roll here.) So the suggestions were microwave – no thanks – or stand it in a pot of boiling water. So I did that and man it’s still tough to maneuver.

Takes forever and you kind of have to keep scraping the sides to get some out. (It would actually be better in a block like butter, so you could slice a chunk off and melt it in the double boiler like cacao butter – if anyone out there who supplies this stuff is listening??!!!!)

I had put a bit in my chocolates instead of peanut butter and it was pretty nice but I wondered if I could work the ‘super rock like’ quality into a recipe where it was advantageous.

Turns out…oh yes we can!

Crunchy raw cookies.

I wanted to try a simple few ingredients first and bingo! Jackpot straight away. So delish.

Now you try and just be prepared for the scraping – it’s so worth it though!

coconut butter, coconut cookies, cookies, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, healthy, raw cookiesRaw ‘Coconut Butter’ Bounty Cookies

Before I start, I wanted to explain why I put inverted commas around the Coconut Butter. It’s because while searching online for a similar recipe (couldn’t find any,) but what kept coming up was Coconut Butter Cookies, where the recipe started with… flour, sugar, butter and there must have been some desiccated coconut in there somewhere, for it to get it’s name.

But this recipe is soooo not that one at all – no flour, no sugar and no actual butter. Just so you know. It actually tastes more like the inside of a Bounty Bar – so said the taste testers – hence the name.

½ cup Coconut Butter melted

1 cup shredded coconut

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 TBS raw honey

Once you get the coconut butter melted enough (jar in a pot of boiling water, scraping bits out as it melts), then add the rest of the ingredients and stir through.

Take teaspoons full and place on a parchment-lined tray, and flatten out a little.

Pop in the fridge for 2 hours or more and enjoy as is. Or whip up some Chocolate Tweet mix and drizzle over the top or dip it in, or whatever works for you!

Yum.coconut, coconut butter, raw cookies, paleo, vegan, vegetarianSo these are eat from the fridge cookies. They will soften if left at room temperature however without the chocolate on it, they don’t actually completely melt like the other types of fudge or slice, which have coconut oil in it.

Can’t wait to keep trying different variations of them.

Healthy goodness.


Kristy x

** Images by www.adrianalfordphotography.com

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